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The Ultimate Mehendi Checklist for Your Special Day

Mehendi, a joyous and laid-back event in your wedding week, holds immense importance. While the bride gets to sit back and enjoy the festivities, proper planning is essential to make the event a memorable one....

Mehendi, a joyous and laid-back event in your wedding week, holds immense importance. While the bride gets to sit back and enjoy the festivities, proper planning is essential to make the event a memorable one. To help you prepare, we have created the ultimate detailed checklist for your mehendi celebration!

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Talk to Your Mehendi Artist Before Booking Them

When finalizing the price for your mehendi, remember that it's not just about the length but also the design. Share your desired design references with the mehendi artist before making any decisions. Explore thousands of stunning mehendi designs to find the perfect one.

Call Your Bridal Mehendi Artists Before Your Guests Arrive

The bridal mehendi takes the longest time, so it is advisable to start before the rest of your guests arrive. This way, you won't be occupied throughout the entire event. Some brides even choose to get their mehendi done a day prior to the event to ensure they can fully enjoy the celebration. Make sure to book your mehendi artist in advance to avoid any last-minute hassle.

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Make a Separate Folder for Your Mehendi Designs

Create a separate folder on your phone to organize all your reference images for the mehendi design. Share this folder with your main artist before the event, allowing them to have a clear understanding of your expectations.

Prepare a List of Items for the Mehendi Artists

Most mehendi artists require pillows to keep your hands steady and stools for your feet mehendi. Consult with your mehendi artist to determine the number of pillows and stools needed based on the number of guests. Arrange these items one night before the event to ensure a smooth experience.

Choose a Comfortable and Stylish Mehendi Seat

Your seat during the mehendi application is where you will spend most of your time. Create a beautiful setup around your seat and prioritize your comfort. Since all eyes will be on you, make sure you feel at ease and enjoy the moment.

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Have a Mini Meal Before the Mehendi

While others might offer you food, it's advisable to have a small meal, like a sandwich or parantha, before sitting for your mehendi. This way, you will feel comfortable, and once your mehendi is done, you can indulge in a proper meal.

Complete Salon Appointments Prior to the Mehendi

Ensure that you have completed your wedding manicure and pedicure before applying your mehendi. You wouldn't want to compromise the design by dipping your hands in water for too long after the mehendi is done. The same goes for waxing; schedule it before your mehendi to avoid any inconvenience.

Have a Dedicated Friend or Sister by Your Side

Choose someone reliable and close to you who can assist you during the mehendi application. They can help with tasks like bringing sugar water for the mehendi or even feeding you a pani-puri when needed.

Image via Harsh and Suhasini Image via Harsh and Suhasini

Plan Your Mehendi Around Your Theme

If you have a specific theme for your mehendi, align the favors and food catering accordingly. For a Holi-themed mehendi, include chaat stalls and jalebi counters. For a bohemian mehendi party, a fun cocktail bar and macramé favors would be perfect.

Opt for Finger-Friendly Food

Since everyone will have mehendi on their hands during the event, make sure to plan a menu with easily bite-sized and finger-friendly food. Avoid dishes such as tacos and nachos that require guests to get their hands dirty.

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Choose Your Outfit and Jewellery Wisely

Selecting the perfect outfit is crucial to avoid staining your favorite lehenga with mehendi. Opt for comfortable fabrics as you will be sitting for a long time. If you plan on wearing real jewellery, have someone trustworthy assist you in removing bangles and rings when it's time for mehendi application.

Plan Your Bridal Entry

If you want to make a grand entrance or have a couple's entry, make sure to coordinate with your wedding planner or friends. They can manage the music and ensure the photographers capture the perfect moments.

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Prioritize Safety with a Covid-Friendly Environment

Set up a sanitizer station for your guests and encourage everyone to wear masks before entering the venue. If some guests are uncomfortable sitting for mehendi application, consider providing sticker mehendis for them to enjoy the fun.

Assemble a Team of Coordinators

If you don't have a wedding planner, have a small team of 2-3 people on the day of the mehendi to help with coordination. Assign one person to manage the vendors, such as décor and catering, another to welcome guests with your family, and someone to handle entertainment, like music or dance.

Keep Floral Jewellery Fresh in the Fridge

If your mehendi is scheduled for the evening, store your floral jewellery in the refrigerator until it's time to wear it. This will ensure the blooms remain fresh and vibrant.

Image via Malika and Akshay Image via Malika and Akshay

Select Mehendi Favors that Delight Your Guests

Choose favors that are both useful and visually appealing. Explore our collection of over 30 mehendi favors that your guests will love.

Prepare Your Bridal Emergency Kit

Pack a bridal emergency kit with essentials like spare juttis for when you want to switch out of your heels, an extra outfit in case of stains, and everyday items like hand sanitizer, breath mints, safety pins, and hairpins.

Post-Mehendi Care for Darkening the Color

To ensure a beautifully dark stain for your mehendi, follow these tips and hacks. Remember to avoid water contact after the mehendi application. You can also check out our article, "6 Hacks to Darken Your Bridal Mehendi."

Lastly, communicate with your partner and update them on all the preparations. If you're not available, they can be the point of contact for any emergencies.

Don't forget to explore our collection of gorgeous white mehendi designs that we love!

With this comprehensive checklist, you can focus on enjoying your mehendi celebration while ensuring everything is perfectly organized. Cheers to a memorable and joyous event!