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The Sweetest First Birthday Girl Theme: ONEder the Sea!

Are you looking for the most adorable first birthday girl theme? Look no further! We present to you our ONEder the Sea party ideas, inspired by our daughter Sage's mermaid-themed celebration. From invitations to party...

Are you looking for the most adorable first birthday girl theme? Look no further! We present to you our ONEder the Sea party ideas, inspired by our daughter Sage's mermaid-themed celebration. From invitations to party favors, we're excited to share all the details of her memorable first year!

ONEder the Sea Party Image source: Star Event

Time flies, and we can't believe our little Sage is turning two soon! It feels like just yesterday when we celebrated her first birthday. As we prepare for her upcoming milestone, let's take a trip down memory lane and revisit the excitement of planning and hosting her first-year bash.

There are countless creative and adorable first birthday girl themes out there, but for Sage, we chose the charming and enchanting ONEder the Sea! This theme perfectly complemented her love for mermaids, and we were fortunate to have kept beautiful mermaid decorations and seashell plates from my own mermaid-themed bridal shower. It was a match made in underwater heaven! We went all out because you only turn one once, right?!

ONEder the Sea Decorations ONEder the Sea Decorations

First Birthday Decorations

To set the tone for the celebration, we found an adorable editable Oneder the Sea Mermaid Birthday Invitation on Etsy. It beautifully captured the essence of the theme. Our party decorations were mostly sourced from Amazon, including seashell plates and bowls, jellyfish paper lanterns, mermaid tail balloons, tablecloths, and mermaid garlands. Pro tip: Keep the packaging in case you don't use something so you can easily return it!

We discovered a cute mermaid-themed birthday banner on Etsy and found bowls and large platters at HomeGoods. Similar items are available on our Amazon 'first birthday party' list. Additionally, we stumbled upon lovely ocean-themed beaded pillows at HomeGoods, which we can repurpose for future summer decor. A family friend assembled a mesmerizing balloon mermaid tail, and for flower centerpieces, we visited our local grocery store, where we found stunning and affordable bouquets. We arranged them ourselves using vases we already had. Lastly, we grabbed a couple of discounted table runners from JoAnn Fabrics to add a touch of elegance to the setup. We proudly displayed pictures of our beautiful girl and showcased her cake smash photo on our Samsung FrameTV!

ONEder the Sea Decorations

First Birthday Cake

Ah, the cake! We were absolutely obsessed with Sage's under the sea-themed cake. Drawing inspiration from Pinterest, we shared pictures with Sweet Solutions, our chosen bakery in Canandaigua, NY, and they perfectly captured the essence of the theme. To complement the cake, we also had adorable under the sea cookies made!

ONEder the Sea Cake

First Birthday Party Outfit

For our little birthday princess, my mom found an adorable rainbow tulle dress from elestory.com. As of writing, it is still available! To complete her regal ensemble, we purchased a beautiful mermaid-themed 'one' crown from Etsy.

First Birthday Outfit

First Birthday Party Food

To align with the under the sea theme, we served fun and creative snacks. We had "fish" in the form of goldfish and Swedish fish, "driftwood" represented by pretzel sticks, "oysters" in the form of oyster crackers, and many more delightful treats! For the main dishes, we indulged in sushi and subs, which perfectly complemented the aquatic ambiance.

Party Food

First Birthday Party Favors

We discovered cute and affordable sand toy sets at TJMaxx, making them the perfect party favors for Sage's friends. It was a delightful surprise for the little ones to bring some of that beachy magic home!

If we missed anything or if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section. Let us know if you're considering the ONEder the Sea theme for your little one's first birthday celebration!

Party Favors

As I reflect on these memories, I can't help but feel sentimental as we approach Sage's second birthday. Time truly flies, and I'm going to cherish these last few weeks before my baby girl turns two. Excuse me while I go and soak up all the love and joy!

Happy Birthday