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The Marketing Society Annual Conference 2022: Ignite the Spark of Change

At The Marketing Society, we believe in bringing people together to listen, learn, and ignite change. Our Annual Conference is a testament to that philosophy. Marketers are the driving force behind positive transformations in our...

At The Marketing Society, we believe in bringing people together to listen, learn, and ignite change. Our Annual Conference is a testament to that philosophy. Marketers are the driving force behind positive transformations in our companies, our customers' lives, and our communities. Join us at the conference to hear stories from the fire-starters and motivation inspirers who create sparks that turn into revolutionary engines of growth – the changemakers who unite and ignite.

Unleashing the Power of Changemakers

The Marketing Society Annual Conference is a powerful day filled with inspiration, ideas, and energy. It brings together entrepreneurs, creatives, marketing leaders, and pioneers who will light the fire within you and your team, reminding you of the incredible impact that good marketing can achieve.

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Our esteemed host this year is none other than the acclaimed broadcaster from BBC News, Mishal Husain. She will expertly guide you through the day, introducing, probing, and interviewing our exceptional lineup of speakers. Get a sneak peek of the full programme here.

Speakers Speakers at The Marketing Society Annual Conference

"It’s about owning the future impact you want to create. Once you know that, you can systematically unblock obstacles and challenges that you need to overcome. Hunger for outside thinking, inspiration, and an ability to join dots in new and interesting ways allow you to unlock new ways forward. Finally, action is fundamental – be a maker – unleash your thinking into the world, create momentum, and make your impact felt."

  • Scott Morrison, Founder, The Boom!

"A changemaker for me is someone who sees a problem, is motivated by empathy for people affected, and can bring lots of people together to unite behind the change that needs to take place. I see this every day in each of our food banks. Food banks are run by people who see hunger and poverty in their communities, are motivated by compassion and a desire for justice, and then bring people together to take action and bring about change. For me, they are the ultimate changemakers!"

  • Emma Revie, Chief Executive, The Trussell Trust

"It means – metaphorically – standing up when something needs to be done, rather than sitting down and hoping that someone else stands up."

  • Stuart Russell, Professor of Computer Science, University of California

Read Our Changemakers' Interviews in Full

Dig deeper into the minds of our inspiring changemakers by reading their full interviews here.

Watch the Conference Highlights

If you need further convincing, check out the highlights from our previous conferences here.

"And if that hasn’t whet your appetite, here’s what delegates from last year’s conference had to say:

  • "The Marketing Society Conference has shown once again that it really is the unmissable event of the year."
  • "Inspiring, challenging, emotional (that standing ovation!) all in one day."
  • "I feel privileged to have attended. Really inspiring speakers, great conversations had."
  • "I genuinely left feeling I could (and should) change the world for the better, that something large or small I could do might make a difference."

Only a Handful of Tickets Remaining

Book your tickets today to secure your spot at this extraordinary event. Prices are as follows:

  • Member Ticket: £795 +VAT
  • Member + Guest: £1,590 +VAT
  • Member + 2 Guests: £2,385 +VAT
  • Non-member Ticket: £900 +VAT

If you prefer to join us virtually, ticket information can be found here.

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Download our app now and start making connections, exploring the full programme, and getting to know our incredible speakers. The app is a Conference must-have, allowing you to view the full programme, learn more about our changemakers, connect with fellow attendees, and make the most out of your experience.

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Don't miss out on this game-changing event. Join us at The Marketing Society Annual Conference 2022 to ignite the spark of change and unleash the true potential of your marketing.

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