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The Ultimate Guide to Vaping at a Non-Vapers Party

May 01, 2019 Caption: Two friends enjoying vaping at a party You're an avid lifestyle vaper and have been invited to a party... hosted by someone who doesn't vape. While it might be different from...

May 01, 2019

two women vaping at partyCaption: Two friends enjoying vaping at a party

You're an avid lifestyle vaper and have been invited to a party... hosted by someone who doesn't vape. While it might be different from the usual vaper's party where you can show off your vape collection and create vape-rings, there are still ways to enjoy vaping in this crowd. Etiquette is key when vaping at a non-vapers party, and we're here to help you navigate it with style.

Prepare Your Vape to Party

The first step is to ensure your vape is ready for the event. The last thing you want is a leak or battery failure in the middle of the party. Follow these tips to avoid any mishaps:

Tighten Your Gaskets

Take apart your vape, clean it, and put it back together, ensuring everything is tightened. This will make your vape air-tight and leak-free, allowing you to confidently showcase your flashing mod box and blow big billowing clouds without any hiccups.

Pack A Refill Bottle and Spare Batteries

Be prepared for any situation by packing a refill bottle and some spare batteries. You never know if you'll vape more than usual or if your friends will want to try your vape. Having extra supplies ensures that your vaping experience doesn't come to an abrupt end.

Pick Your Favorite Vape Charm

Don't forget to dress up your vape for the party! Apply your favorite skin, accessorize with a bejeweled belt pouch, or attach a trendy vape charm to show off your unique style. Alternatively, you can opt for your old beat-up vape, embracing your authentic self.

Choose the Right Vape Holding Solution

Consider how you'll be carrying your vape throughout the night. You don't want to be stuck holding it all evening or discover that your pockets are too tight. Decide on a secure method that works for you, whether it's a pocket, a neck pouch, a belt pouch, or clipped onto your bag.

The Outdoor Nicotine Courtesy Check

If you vape nicotine, it's essential to be aware of the special courtesy rules when bringing nicotine to a party. Usually, hosts prefer nicotine vaping to be limited to the outdoors. Some may even ask non-nicotine vapers to take it outside. It's always a good idea to check with your host and respect their preferences regarding vaping locations.

Sharing Nicotine With Care

If you vape nicotine, it's easier to share with smokers who are considering making the change. However, it's important never to accidentally offer a nicotine-loaded device to someone who is not aware or doesn't intend to absorb nicotine. Be mindful of who you share your vape with and ensure they understand the potential nicotine content.

person holding vape and sunglassesCaption: A person holding a vape and wearing sunglasses

Vaping Etiquette in a Non-Vaping Crowd

Now let's dive into the real vape etiquette. You've arrived at the party, ready to blow some clouds. Whether you find yourself next to the punch bowl or outside on the deck, remember these tips to navigate the non-vaper crowd:

Avoid Blowing Vape in Faces

Respect personal space and never vape directly in someone's face unless they have explicitly given you permission. Blowing clouds in a stranger's face or someone who isn't comfortable with it is considered rude. Always be mindful of where your clouds go and ensure they don't disrupt conversations or cause any discomfort.

Show Off Your Vapor Tricks

Vapor tricks are a fantastic way to entertain your party guests. Impress them with your skills by showcasing tricks like swirling vape inside a wine glass or shining a light or laser through a cloud. Blow O's to amaze your fellow partygoers and turn your desire to vape into an enjoyable form of entertainment.

Offer Puffs - With Guidance

If someone shows genuine curiosity or expresses interest in trying your vape, offer them a puff. Remember what it was like when you took your first puff and provide guidance on how to inhale properly, avoid coughing, and even perform some cool tricks. You might end up with eager newcomers ready to learn and share their own vaping experiences.

Entertain with Vaping Factoids

While enjoying your vape, take the opportunity to educate others with intriguing vaping facts. Non-vapers are often fascinated by vaping-related information, especially when it challenges the scare-tactic misinformation frequently found in the media. Share your knowledge and let them see vaping from a different perspective.

Bring Enough for the Whole Class

Don't be surprised if your vape becomes a hit at the party. One person trying it might lead to everyone wanting a puff. If you're an experienced party vaper and vape ambassador, come prepared by bringing enough supplies for everyone. Consider carrying extra refill juice and even additional devices to pass around. Sharing the joy of vaping can make the party even more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Whether you're vaping with fellow vapers or introducing non-vapers to the world of vaping, bringing your vape to a party is a guaranteed way to have a great time. For more valuable insights into the vaping world and becoming a world-class vaper, stay connected with us through our blog!