10 Smart Sites for Effortless Event Planning

A long, long time ago during the analog ages, planning an event involved mailing paper invitations to guests and anxiously awaiting a reply. Fortunately, the digital age has brought us numerous fun and efficient ways...

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A long, long time ago during the analog ages, planning an event involved mailing paper invitations to guests and anxiously awaiting a reply. Fortunately, the digital age has brought us numerous fun and efficient ways to plan events. Whether you're hosting a personal gathering or a professional function, we've gathered a list of 10 exceptional sites that will make event planning a breeze. Take a look at these smart platforms and start organizing your next event hassle-free. If you have any other recommendations, don't hesitate to leave them in the comments!

Splash - The Trendsetter's Choice

Splash's well-designed interface will make even the trendiest event planner drool. With a free account, you'll gain access to an event page, event planning tools, analytics, and mobile check-in for guests. Upgrade to a paid pro account for a custom URL, removal of branding, and additional email credits. Splash is the perfect option for throwing your next party with style.

Eventbrite - The Online Event Guru

Eventbrite has quickly become a leader in online event planning and management. Their platform offers event pages, easy event promotion, detailed analytics, and efficient event management tools. Whether you're planning free or personal events, Eventbrite has got you covered. Keep in mind that while hosting free events is cost-free, paid events incur a 2.5% service fee ($0.99 per ticket) and a 3% credit card processing fee.

EventO - Your All-in-One Event Management Tool

EventO is a full-service event management tool suitable for events of any size. Whether you organize small gatherings or large-scale conferences, this platform is tailored to meet your needs. EventO provides event registration, ticketing, promotion, post-event surveys, and valuable analytics. Their user-friendly interface is accessible across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Pricing options vary, ensuring a suitable solution for every event planner.

Planspot - The Marketing Answer to Event Planning

Positioning itself as the marketing solution for event planning, Planspot offers a comprehensive range of media-driven event management resources. With a free 14-day trial of their full account, you can explore their features before committing. Planspot's pro accounts, starting at $49/month, include media promotion, publication tracking, email credits, social media integration, and basic statistics. For advanced insights, opt for the $99 account, which provides enhanced analytics for your events.

DoAttend - Simplicity at Its Finest

Looking for a simple and user-friendly option for event planning? Look no further than DoAttend. This platform offers free accounts for ticket registration, discount options, and the collection of attendee data. If you choose to charge for tickets, a minimal fee of 1.5% per transaction plus $0.49 when using PayPal will be applied. DoAttend simplifies the entire event management process, making it a reliable choice for any event organizer.

Paperless Post - Beautifully Organized Personal Events

For those looking to organize a remarkable personal event, Paperless Post is a perfect choice. In addition to online invites, the platform offers the option to order and send physical invitations. With an extensive selection of aesthetically pleasing designs sourced from artists around the web, Paperless Post ensures that your event stands out. Easily track RSVPs and manage your guest list through their intuitive interface. Pricing varies, with some online cards available for free.

Pingg - Your Go-To for Professional Events

Pingg offers a wide array of offline and online invitations and greeting cards for every occasion. Particularly notable is their fantastic collection of professional event invitations. Pingg showcases the designers and artists behind their cards, adding a touch of creativity to your event. Additionally, the platform provides party tips and a directory of all events being hosted. Pricing varies, so you can choose the option that best fits your event planning needs.

Punchbowl - An Array of Digital Solutions

Punchbowl offers an extensive range of digital card designs and additional party planning resources. Their platform includes features such as a date decider, potluck organizer, contact import, RSVP management, cocktail polls, and message boards. While a free account offers essential services, Plus, Premium, and Platinum accounts (available at various prices) allow access to additional features like adding co-hosts, removing advertising, and priority tech support.

Evite - The Reliable Classic

With its longstanding reputation, Evite remains a prominent platform for online invitations and cards. Their services extend beyond invitations, encompassing party favors and supplies as well. Optional features for invitations include tracked RSVPs, polls, allowing guests to select items to bring, and even allowing guests to invite friends. Evite's pricing varies based on your specific requirements, ensuring a customizable solution for your event.

Eventzilla - Your Trustworthy Event Companion

Eventzilla offers a user-friendly platform to create professional registration pages, promote events through social media channels, set up waiver forms, deliver tickets online, send email notifications, and manage cancellations. For profitable events, Eventzilla charges a flat rate of $1 per ticket sold. With its ease of use and impeccable reputation, Eventzilla is ideal for personal and professional events alike.

Good luck, and happy planning!