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The City: A New Era in NBA 2K23

Hello, NBA 2K community! Get ready for an incredible gaming experience with NBA 2K23! I'm Erick Boenisch, the Executive Producer and VP of NBA Development at Visual Concepts, and I can't contain my excitement for...

Hello, NBA 2K community! Get ready for an incredible gaming experience with NBA 2K23! I'm Erick Boenisch, the Executive Producer and VP of NBA Development at Visual Concepts, and I can't contain my excitement for you to dive into the amazing work our team has put into MyCAREER and the City experiences. We've received valuable feedback from our community, and we've made significant improvements to make NBA 2K23 the best version yet!

The City: A Community United

The City, which was introduced in NBA 2K21 and enhanced in NBA 2K22, has undergone a remarkable transformation based on your feedback. Our goal was to create a larger community and foster competition among various groups like never before. One of the main concerns raised in NBA 2K22 was the lengthy traversal times required to progress in your career or move between different affiliation court areas. We've addressed this feedback in two significant ways:

  1. Smaller and More Meaningful: NBA 2K23's City is approximately 30 percent smaller than its predecessor. We have eliminated unused buildings and reduced distances between destinations, creating a tighter and more engaging City experience.

  2. Fast Travel: Say goodbye to long runs or skateboard rides! We've introduced Subway Stations throughout the City, allowing you to quickly jump to different locations. By pressing R1 on your PlayStation®5 controller, you can easily locate the nearest Fast Travel station and instantly travel to any other Fast Travel location in the City. No loading screens - travel is instantaneous!

![South City Vipers][1]

[1]: South City Vipers

Explore the South City Vipers' jungle-inspired setting

Embracing Thematic Affiliation Boroughs

In NBA 2K23, we've retired the generic nooks that represented affiliations' "home base" in NBA 2K22's City. Instead, we've created thematic destinations that truly embody the spirit of each community:

South City Vipers

Immerse yourself in a sprawling jungle setting that will transport your senses to another world. The centerpiece of the Vipers' area is a massive temple flanked by two towering Viper statues, with water streaming from their mouths into pools below. Explore the village, equip your MyPLAYER with Vipers gear, and enjoy the breathtaking surroundings that include bonfires, crashed planes, and picturesque ponds.

North Side Knights

Travel back in time to the Middle Ages as you step into the new home of the North Side Knights. Set in a castle complete with elaborately designed wooden baskets, coats of arms, and wall-mounted torches, this setting offers a truly magical experience. Don't miss the stunning sunset that casts a golden glow across the courts.

Western Wildcats

Embark on a journey through the scenic canyon vista of the all-new Wildcats borough. The semi-desert landscape is defined by a giant pillar at its heart, surrounded by plateaus featuring playable courts. Experience the breathtaking view of the tallest buildings in the City, including the new Pink Diamond Plaza, as you ascend to the highest plateau.

Beasts of the East

Enter the caldera of a once dormant volcano and prepare for the heat the Beasts will bring in NBA 2K23. Encounter molten lava walls, cracks, and fissures, creating a vibrant red glow that dominates the landscape. The courts feature baskets with molten cores, perfectly capturing the essence of this rugged environment.

![North Side Knights][2]

[2]: North Side Knights

Embark on a journey through time in the North Side Knights' castle setting

The Block: The Ultimate Hub of Competition

Located in the heart of the City, The Block serves as a mecca of competition where you can indulge in various gameplay modes. Get ready to explore:

  • The Theater: A dynamic location for instant matchmaking games. Enter the lobby and choose your theater/auditorium to start playing seamlessly.
  • Pro-Am: Discover an all-new building featuring unique 3v3 and 5v5 experiences.
  • The REC: Engage in intense matches within the revamped exterior and interior of The REC.
  • Ante-Up: Test your skills and wager virtual currency against formidable opponents.
  • Club 2K: Immerse yourself in an exclusive club environment with live DJs and exciting events.
  • Black Lives Matter court: Experience a new design and enjoy the 3v3 gameplay.
  • Kobe court: Pay homage to a basketball legend in the redesigned Kobe court, also featuring a 3v3 experience.

![The Theater][3]

[3]: The Theater

Experience instant matchmaking games in The Theater

The Theater: Your Gateway to Seamless Gameplay

Get ready to be blown away by NBA 2K23's all-new Theater! Replacing the Warehouse buildings from NBA 2K22, this central location offers a seamless and dynamic way to play instant matchmaking games. The Theater is designed to resemble a movie theater from the outside, with four giant "movie posters" displaying the ongoing events inside. Step into the lobby and select the theater/auditorium you wish to play in. What makes the Theater truly special is its ever-changing nature. Every Friday morning, the event playlist completely swaps out, ensuring a fresh and thrilling experience week after week.

Here's what you can expect in Week 1 of the Theater:

  • Theater 1: Loser's Out - A 2v2 experience where the opposing team gains possession after made baskets.
  • Theater 2: Hustle - A high-paced 3v3 experience with a 12-second shot clock.
  • Theater 3: Comp: Squads Only - Join forces with your crew and compete in a challenging 3v3 environment.
  • Theater 4: Rooks: No Squads - A 3v3 experience exclusively for players rated 75 and under, providing a great opportunity to level up your MyPLAYER.

![The Arena][4]

[4]: The Arena

Experience the thrill of NBA games at The Arena

The Arena: Where Legends Are Made

As you explore the City, you won't miss the NBA Arena, a full-scale arena that sets the stage for your NBA games in MyCAREER. The sprawling plaza outside the arena is bustling with people eagerly waiting to watch you in action. Enter through your exclusive Player's Only entrance and find yourself in a new area designed specifically for NBA 2K23. Prepare for your games, make a fashion statement in front of the media, complete quests, and more. After each game, navigate through the intricacies of the arena to meet the press in the Press Conference Room. The Arena blends seamlessly with the City, grounding your MyCAREER experience.

Dreamville, Featuring J. Cole

In the southeast region, near the Beasts' borough, you'll discover a new studio that has made its way to the City in NBA 2K23 - Dreamville Studio. Founded by Grammy-nominated artist and producer J. Cole, Dreamville Studio provides a unique opportunity for your MyPLAYER. To gain access, you'll need to prove yourself and meet J. Cole. Along your journey, you'll encounter Dreamville artist Bas, who will assist you in catching J. Cole's attention. As a skilled basketball player himself, J. Cole might just become a valuable ally in your quest to win over the City.

The Event Center: Where the Action Unfolds

The Event Center returns in NBA 2K23 with a fresh look and design that adds even more flair to this significant building. Get ready for exciting events and enticing prizes that will keep you hooked. The building itself undergoes a transformation, expanding to its full size with a spectacular fireworks show to signal the start of each event. We have some amazing content planned for the Event Center, including events in partnership with the 2K League. You won't want to miss out!

![Jordan Challenge Building][5]

[5]: Jordan Challenge

Conquer the Jordan Challenge in this iconic building

The Jordan Challenge Building: Never-Before-Seen Moments

Standing opposite The Block, the Jordan Challenge building dominates the skyline with its eye-catching red glow. This iconic structure grants you access to NBA 2K23's Jordan Challenge game mode. Immerse yourself in nostalgia as you complete 15 challenges that recreate Michael Jordan's career-defining moments. By conquering these challenges, you'll unlock three exclusive items for your MyPLAYER: a UNC Michael Jordan jersey, a gold Jumpman necklace, and a No. 23-emblazoned calf sleeve that provides a +1 boost to your MyPLAYER's Dunk rating. These unique rewards are a testament to your mastery of Jordan's legacy.

Becoming a Legend: A New Journey Awaits

Are you ready to become a Legend? NBA 2K23 introduces a revamped path to Legend status based on community feedback. Instead of reaching Level 40 in four different seasons, you'll face four distinct objectives that demand time, skill, and determination. These new challenges offer a blend of cosmetic and performance-enhancing rewards, ensuring a truly prestigious status for those who persevere. Can you conquer the challenges and become a Legend in NBA 2K23?

Seasons: Elevate Your Experience

Seasons made a splash in NBA 2K22, providing players with an exciting way to earn rewards by simply playing the game. We're thrilled to announce that Seasons will be back in NBA 2K23, offering even more value and a fresh set of rewards every six weeks. Access new content and unlock rewards in NBA 2K23's City without any additional cost. Prepare for Season 1, and stay tuned for more details!

Closing Remarks: Thank You for Being a Part of our Community

On behalf of the Visual Concepts development team, I want to express my gratitude to the entire NBA 2K community. Your passion and feedback drive us to create the games you love. NBA 2K23's MyCAREER and the City are the culmination of tireless efforts and continuous collaboration with our community. Remember, we're always eager to hear your feedback and make improvements based on your desires. Get ready to experience the City at its finest, and we'll see you out there!

Erick Boenisch

Now, it's your turn! Join our Discord server and let us know what you think about The City in NBA 2K23!

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