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The Best Wedding Gifts for Every Budget and Couple

Photo by: Shapes And Faces If you've checked your mail lately, you may have come across a wedding invitation—or twelve. With couples continuing to make up for lost time, experts estimate some 2.2 million brides...

Best Wedding Gift Idea: A Custom Couple Photo by: Shapes And Faces

If you've checked your mail lately, you may have come across a wedding invitation—or twelve. With couples continuing to make up for lost time, experts estimate some 2.2 million brides and grooms will tie the knot this year. In other words, you'll probably be buying a lot more gifts for weddings—and maybe even planning a romantic celebration of your own.

Whether you're gearing up to watch loved ones say "I do" and looking for something special to mark the occasion or adding one-of-kind finds to your own Etsy Registry, we've rounded up some of the best wedding gifts out there. From thoughtful wedding gift ideas for friends (like colorful bud vases to house their leftover reception arrangements) to personalized wedding gifts perfect for family (hello, hand-painted doormat), these wedding present ideas are anything but ordinary—just like the brides and grooms-to-be. Read on for unique wedding gift inspiration for every couple, conveniently broken down by budget—and click here to easily add our picks to your own Favorites or registry, pronto.

Unique wedding gifts under $50

To help nail down the best wedding gifts on Etsy, we went straight to the source: our very own gifting merchandising lead and in-house expert, Adam Halvorsen. One question on the top of our minds: For those moments where you're looking for something heartfelt that won't break the bank, what makes a good small wedding gift? "A good small wedding gift is anything that's useful, beautiful, and most importantly unique," says Adam. "I always encourage couples to add pieces to their registries that they can imagine reaching for in their daily lives—and that bring a smile to their face just by looking at them."

A personalized cutting board

Personalized cutting board wedding gift SHOP: Personalized wooden cutting board from Adirondack Kitchen, from $45

Useful? Check. Beautiful? Check. Unique? Check, check, and check! This handcrafted cutting board—which comes in your choice of walnut, maple, or cherry, and can be personalized with the couple's names, wedding date, and location—ticks all the boxes.

Colorful bud vases

Colorful bud vase wedding gift SHOP: Colorful glass bud vases from Maria Ida Designs, $50 each

These swirly speckled bud vases are bursting with happy hues—and that's before you even add your peonies, poppies, and petunias. We can already picture them on the coffee table.

Statement-making textile decor

Macrame wall hanging wedding gift SHOP: Yellow dip-dyed macramé wall hanging from Handmade By Uruba, from $35

Speaking of happy hues, it doesn't get peppier than this boho macramé wall hanging, which promises to add a pop of sunny style to even the grayest of days.

A custom star map

Star map wedding gift idea SHOP: Printable custom star map print from NUAGE, $16

For a thoughtful wedding gift idea for friends, this custom star map tops our list. Commemorate the night sky on the "I do" date, first date, or other memorable moment for a keepsake to cherish—all you have to do is print it out and pop it in a pretty frame.

Printed linen napkins

Linen napkins wedding gift idea SHOP: Linen napkins from Julie Peach, from $28

Table linens are a traditional wedding gift for good reason, but we love the unique spin of these block-printed beauties. Featuring an original wave illustration that's been hand-carved into the blocks, they promise to bring soothing seaside vibes to every mealtime moment.

Engraved coasters

Personalized coaster wedding gift idea SHOP: Personalized coasters from Shop Ingrained Goods, $35 for set of four

For a final dining table touch, a sophisticated set of coasters is hard to beat. One of our favorite personalized wedding gifts, these laser-engraved hexagon staples are hewn from mango wood and marble—a timeless and truly breathtaking combo.

Personalized wedding gifts under $100

When it comes to gifts for weddings, figuring out how much to spend—or to ask your guests to spend—can be tricky territory to navigate. "The most appropriate wedding gift to give depends on the guest's relationship to the couple, as well as on their own personal means, with most folks using $50 as a loose minimum threshold," says Adam. That said, there are plenty of ways to make a present with a smaller price tag feel extra-special—including opting for personalization. "Personalized wedding gifts are my hands-down favorites. For guests, picking something custom-made shows that you thought to plan ahead, and for couples it means you end up with something truly one-of-a-kind." The best part? Many personalized presents are more affordable than you might think!

A wedding venue sketch

Wedding venue portrait wedding gift idea SHOP: Custom wedding venue watercolor portrait from Jen Russell Smith, from $85

Cue the feels! From stately courthouses to dreamy castles, this custom wedding venue watercolor will capture the place where it finally became official, making it one of the most sentimental wedding gift ideas for couples in the game.

Matching luggage tags

Luggage tag wedding gift idea SHOP: Personalized matching leather luggage tags from Create Gift Love, $52

The only thing better than gifts for weddings? Gifts for honeymoons! And these personalized leather luggage tags make the perfect special something for any globetrotting couple with a big trip on the horizon.

A custom keepsake box

Keepsake box wedding gift idea SHOP: Personalized wooden keepsake box from Wayfaren, from $95

When memories of the big day start to fade, it's nice to have something to look fondly back on. Enter this handsome black walnut keepsake box, engraved with the seal of your choice and boasting ample room to store cards, corsages, and any other mini meaningful mementos. Want to really tug on those heartstrings? Add a secret bonus engraving on the underside of the lid.

An heirloom holiday ornament

Custom ornament wedding gift SHOP: Custom holiday ornament from MAERRIMENT, from $65

Make the holidays feel extra festive this year with a celebratory personalized couple's ornament. Made to order featuring a custom message, this classic bauble will be one that gets passed down to the grandkids.

A last-name sign

Last name sign wedding gift idea SHOP: Personalized last name sign from Heritage Sign Co., from $54

For the couple who plans to change their name, a personalized wooden last-name sign, lettered in an elegant hand-drawn script, makes just the tasteful new addition to the newlyweds' entryway.

A brand-new doormat

Personalized doormat wedding gift SHOP: Personalized hand-painted doormat from Color Love Studio, $43

Ensure the warmest of warm welcomes with an oversized, rubber-backed doormat emblazoned with the couple's name and "established" date—aka the year they kicked off a lifetime of marital bliss.

Meaningful wedding gifts under $150

"Thoughtful wedding present ideas are in no short supply on Etsy," says Adam, "but when it comes to finding the best gift for a wedding, there's no one-size-fits-all answer—it all depends on the newlyweds in question and their unique personal style." Meaningful wedding gifts come in all shapes and sizes, but one rule holds true across the board: If a couple has a registry, it's best not to stray from the list. "Etiquette says: Stick to the registry," confirms Adam, "which means brides and grooms should ensure they have a robust selection of gifts for guests to choose from—and that they're taking a range of budgets into account, too." But what if no registry exists, you ask? "In that case, guests have full permission to get creative! And any of the picks on this list are a great place to start."

A ceramic serving platter

Ceramic handed serving platter wedding gift SHOP: Ceramic handed serving platter from Epalladio Ceramics, from $145

Whether it's piled high with just-baked scones or an artfully arranged charcuterie spread, this gorgeous handled platter serves major elegance—and makes an inspired wedding gift idea for friends who love to entertain.

A dazzling table lamp

Table lamp wedding gift SHOP: Adjustable table lamp from MODCREATION Studio, from $135

Light up any room with an eye-catching adjustable table lamp that's equally at home as part of a stylish WFH desk setup or perched on an end table or nightstand.

A personalized couple's portrait

Digital custom couple SHOP: Digital custom couple's portrait from Shapes And Faces, from $150

Bottle up the magic of this special chapter with a personalized couple's portrait that captures the lovebirds in their element. This delightful digital version includes a custom background you can co-design with the seller to reflect the things that make them them.

A creative candle holder

Terracotta clay candle holder wedding gift SHOP: Terracotta clay candle holder from Mara Look Ceramics, $125

You could argue there's a subtle symbolism in the dual flames of this stunning hand-sculpted candle holder in earthy, unglazed terracotta—but even if you don't decide to take it that far, the striking design is undeniable.

An ultra-cozy throw blanket

Knit blanket wedding gift SHOP: "So Very Loved" knit blanket from Calhoun & Co., $134

The best wedding gifts are the ones you use over and over and over again—like this plush throw blanket, printed with a heartwarming message, that's perfect for cuddling up on the couch every night together.

A set of vintage glasses

Vintage glassware wedding gift SHOP: Vintage green glassware from AVAZAVA, $120 for set of six

Celebrate a love that's sure to stand the test of time with a spectacular set of retro olive green wine glasses that's done the same.

Newlywed gifts over $150

Special situations call for special items—say, for example, when you're looking for a bigger-ticket item for an extra-close loved one, or going in on a group gift. And gift seekers take note: these finds are equally lovely ways to recognize a couple who may not have had a traditional wedding. "Say the couple had a courthouse wedding or eloped and didn't have a registry," says Adam. "That doesn't mean you can't surprise them with a thoughtful newlywed gift to recognize their major milestone!" These splurge-worthy finds are heirlooms in the making, so if you're getting hitched yourself, adding a few to your registry for consideration is totally fair play. Just be sure to balance them out with some of the more affordable best wedding gift options from the sections above.

Colorful linen bedding

Linen bedding set wedding gift SHOP: Moss yellow linen bedding set from MagicLinen, from $257

We can't get enough of the distinctive moss-yellow hue of this lightweight linen bedding set—and we're hard-pressed to imagine a more cheerful bedroom refresh for a couple of just-married honeys.

Sleek record storage

Vintage-inspired record storage case wedding gift SHOP: Vintage-inspired record storage case from Oshoom, from $263

If music is a shared passion, a vintage-style record storage case made from solid pine will make a welcome addition to the living room or den. Pro tip for guests: Pair it with a record featuring the couple's first dance track to open the memory floodgates.

A magnetic knife holder

Magnetic wooden knife holder wedding gift SHOP: Magnetic wooden knife holder from Untitled Design Co., $220

Meet the must-have wedding gift idea for couples who love to cook: a wooden wall-mounted magnetic knife holder with a pretty polka-dot pattern inlay that doubles as kitchen decor.

A classic decanter set

Glass decanter set wedding gift SHOP: Glass decanter set with two lowball glasses from Pretentious Beer Co, $248

Raise a glass to a happy future with a timeless textured glass decanter set—the crown jewel of newlywed gifts for any couple with a perennially stocked bar.

A steel fire pit

Steel fire pit wedding gift SHOP: Steel fire pit from HBee Fire, from $298

Add it to the list of unexpected wedding present ideas that just makes sense: an easy-to-assemble fire pit crafted from steel that will develop a beautiful weathered patina over a lifetime of backyard bonfires.

A statement mirror with fringe

Fringed statement mirror wedding gift SHOP: Fringed statement mirror from Candice Luter | Art + Interiors, from $325

Add instant interest to any blank wall with a half-circle mirror trimmed with festive fringe. Functional fiber art? Don't mind if we do!

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