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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Garland

Image Source: Alicia Garside/Shutterstock.com Flowers and greenery are the heart and soul of any wedding. They bring beauty, vibrancy, and a touch of nature to the ceremony and reception. Among the various ways to incorporate...

Aerial view of winter green garland on a wedding receptions head table with gold place setting and candelabra. Image Source: Alicia Garside/Shutterstock.com

Flowers and greenery are the heart and soul of any wedding. They bring beauty, vibrancy, and a touch of nature to the ceremony and reception. Among the various ways to incorporate flowers into wedding decorations, garlands have emerged as a top choice. These long chains of flowers and leaves offer versatility and charm, effortlessly adorning any part of the wedding venue. If you're planning your dream wedding, a garland is a must-have addition to your decor.

Why Choose a Wedding Garland?

Garlands have been a part of weddings for centuries, symbolizing love, unity, and good fortune. They add a touch of lushness and elegance to your special day, allowing you to personalize your wedding decor. Whether you want to wrap them around arches, hang them from walls, or lay them across tables, garlands offer endless possibilities. With countless options of flowers, plants, and leaves, you can find a garland that perfectly matches your wedding style and theme.

What to Look for in a Wedding Garland?

Choosing the right wedding garland involves considering several factors:

  • Length: Garlands are typically long, ranging from 5 to 12 feet. Consider the space where you plan to place the garlands and ensure they fit properly. If you intend to wrap them around objects, account for the extra length needed.
  • Plant Type: Garlands can be made of real or faux flowers, leaves, and plants. Decide if you want flowers in your garland and consider the colors and varieties that match your wedding theme. A greenery garland made of ivy or eucalyptus is a popular choice, but you have endless options to explore.
  • Quantity: Determine how many garlands you need based on your decoration plans. Whether you want one for the arch, several for the tables, or numerous garlands for the walls, knowing the quantity will help you make an informed purchase.

Faux Garlands vs. Real Ones

While both faux and real garlands have their advantages, faux garlands offer notable benefits. Apart from being more cost-effective, faux garlands eliminate concerns about wilting or losing petals. They are lightweight, easy to transport, and reusable for future events. Faux garlands also offer a wider range of colors, allowing you to find the perfect match for your wedding theme. Additionally, some flowers or plants may be challenging to source in certain areas, making artificial garlands a practical choice.

Our Picks for the Most Decorative Wedding Garlands

1. Faux Silk Wisteria Flower Garland

Pros: This garland captures the flowing beauty of wisteria flowers, adding an enchanting touch to your wedding. It comes with four garlands, each over 7 feet long. The realistic-looking faux silk flowers are available in four colors. Perfect for wrapping around arches or draping from chandeliers.

Cons: Slightly pricier than other garland sets. Multiple bunches may be needed for a full, lush look due to thin leaves and vines.

Bottom Line: If you desire the elegance and symbolism of wisteria flowers, this faux wisteria flower garland is an excellent choice.

2. Faux Eucalyptus Greenery Garland

Pros: Simple and versatile, this garland resembles eucalyptus leaves and offers an authentic appearance. You receive a pair of 6-foot garlands that can be used separately or easily tied together. Waterproof and UV resistant, they are perfect for outdoor ceremonies and receptions.

Cons: The garlands are coated in a white powder, so be cautious when opening them to avoid any mess.

Bottom Line: If you prefer a garland focused on greenery or want to customize it with additional flowers, this faux eucalyptus garland is a reliable option.

3. Artificial Rose Garlands

Pros: For vibrant and striking wedding garlands, these artificial rose garlands are perfect. Available in six colors, each garland features multicolored roses in various shades. The garlands are thick, lush, and over 8 feet long. They can be woven together for a more dramatic effect.

Cons: The flowers are not glued into place, so occasional reattachment may be necessary.

Bottom Line: If you want eye-catching and colorful garlands, these artificial rose garlands will beautifully enhance your wedding decor.

4. Faux Eucalyptus Garland with LED Lights

Pros: This garland comes with a string of LED lights included, providing a warm and romantic glow. The 6-foot garland with 96 warm white LED lights is flexible, allowing you to arrange it as desired. It's available in various designs to match different plant aesthetics or seasonal themes.

Cons: The garland and lights are not feature-rich, and batteries are not included.

Bottom Line: If you want to combine garlands with string lights, this light-up faux eucalyptus garland offers the best of both worlds.

5. Silk Rose Garland

Pros: For a classic and romantic touch, this silk rose garland is a perfect choice. The garland is entirely made of silk, providing a high-end and realistic texture. The large flower heads create a fuller look, and there are five color options available. Each purchase includes two garlands.

Cons: Not suitable for outdoor use due to lack of waterproofing and UV-resistance.

Bottom Line: This silk rose garland adds a touch of classic elegance to your wedding decor, perfect for a traditional aesthetic.

Final Thoughts

Garlands are a stunning addition to any wedding, adding color and greenery to your ceremony or reception. With endless options to choose from, we've presented a collection of beautiful garlands to consider for your special day. Select the one that perfectly complements your vision and creates a truly magical atmosphere.