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The Best Wedding Car Decorations: Creative Ways to Celebrate the Happy Couple

If you're in charge of decorating the wedding car, you have a unique opportunity to add a fun and creative touch to the celebration. Traditionally, the best man, along with the maid of honor, groomsmen,...

Wedding Car Decorations

If you're in charge of decorating the wedding car, you have a unique opportunity to add a fun and creative touch to the celebration. Traditionally, the best man, along with the maid of honor, groomsmen, and bridesmaids, would sneak out of the reception to adorn the car. Nowadays, even the bride and groom themselves want to be part of the fun.

In the past, old shoes were tied to the back bumper to ward off evil spirits and keep the couple safe. Tin cans were also popular, creating noise and drawing attention to the newlyweds. However, with the increased use of rental limousines, it's important to find alternative decorations that won't harm the car.

Best Wedding Car Decorations

You can get creative and use a wide range of items to decorate the couple's wedding car. Here are some popular ideas:



Streamers are a cheap and easy way to add a festive touch to the car. You can choose crepe paper streamers in the couple's wedding colors or opt for unique metallic streamers that glisten in the sunlight. Tie them to the antenna, side-view mirrors, door handles, or the car's hubcaps. You can even create your own streamers in various ways.

Window Markers or Liquid Chalk or Glass Markers

Window Markers

Use window markers to write messages on the car's windows. Make sure to write in clear, large letters that can be easily read from a distance. You can even use stencils for a more polished look. Popular phrases include "Just Married" or "Honk! We're Married!"

License Plates or License Plate Frames

License Plates

Decorating the car with personalized license plates or frames is a great way to give the couple a lasting memento. You can find "Just Married" license plates in party stores or online, some of which can be engraved with the couple's names and wedding date. Attach it to the front of the car or place it in the rear window.



Balloons add a fun and colorful touch to the wedding car. Choose balloons in the wedding colors or opt for classic red or white. You can also incorporate heart-shaped balloons or even stuff the car with balloons. Just make sure to remove them after the celebration to avoid any damage to the car's paint.

Pom Poms

Small plastic pom poms are an affordable option for decorating the car. Line the hood, bumper, and windows with the pom poms, using the couple's wedding colors or contrasting colors.

Silk Flowers or Fresh Flowers

Using fresh flowers is a classic and traditional way to adorn the wedding car. Tie a beautiful bouquet to the hood or create a heart-shaped flower wreath. Alternatively, you can use silk flowers that will last longer and withstand the elements better.

Car Flags

Decorate the car with stick flags, similar to those used in presidential motorcades. You can even order personalized stick flags as a lasting memento of the couple's special day.

Banners & Pennants

Banners and triangle-shaped pennants are less formal options that can be used to spell out messages. Magnetic banners or banners tied onto the vehicle can be placed on the car windows, doors, hood, or bumper.


Using ribbons gives the car an elegant and classy feel. You can attach ribbons around the car or create bows. Combine tulle, ribbon, and fresh flowers to add variety to the decoration.

Window Clings

Window clings provide a sophisticated way to decorate the wedding car. Personalize them with the couple's names or choose from a variety of colors and sizes.


Create signs with computer graphics or decorate them by hand. Use fun sayings like "Newlyweds On Board" or "Just Married." You can even make your own signs using pictures of the couple at different stages of their lives. Attach the signs to the car's windows for everyone to see.

Wedding Car Decorating Kit

Save time and money by purchasing a kit that includes various wedding car decorations such as window markers, clings, balloons, streamers, pom poms, paper wedding bells, and more.

Silly String

Silly string adds a touch of creativity to the car. However, remember to remove it promptly, as it can damage the car's paint if left on for too long.

Noise Makers

Tying noise makers like tin cans or plastic soda bottles to the bumper will definitely draw attention to the newlyweds as they leave. Just be sure to avoid using any materials that could damage the car.

After You've Finished With the Wedding Car Decorations...

Once you've completed the decorations, step back and evaluate your work. Additionally, ensure that the driver has clear visibility from the car. Sit behind the wheel and check if the rearview mirror and side mirrors are unobstructed.

Lastly, remind the bride and groom to remove any adhesive materials from the car's windows or body as soon as possible. Glues and chemicals in products like silly string, shaving cream, and shoe polish can damage the car's paint job if left on for too long. It's also important to avoid using spray paint, whipped cream, and electrical or masking tape, as they can cause similar damage.

Wedding Car Decorations

Decorating the wedding car is a wonderful opportunity to add a personal and festive touch to the couple's big day. Let your creativity shine and make sure to choose decorations that will not only enhance the overall look but also create lasting memories for the newlyweds.