The Best Event Planning Apps to Spice Up Your Next Party

If we were to tell you that event planning apps can boost your productivity by 20% or more, would you be intrigued? These apps not only enhance attendance and productivity but are also mostly free!...

If we were to tell you that event planning apps can boost your productivity by 20% or more, would you be intrigued? These apps not only enhance attendance and productivity but are also mostly free!

Planning an event, big or small, can be overwhelming. The responsibility falls on the event planner, and any mishaps can reflect poorly on them. But fret not, because technology has come to the rescue! Event planning apps have made the entire process more manageable, whether you're organizing a small gathering or a large corporate bash.

In this article, we have curated a list of event planning apps that you and your team will absolutely love. But before we dive in, here are a few tips to help you navigate the app market and choose the right one for your next event.

Choosing the Right Event Planning App for Your Next Event

When selecting apps for planning purposes, it's important to consider different aspects of organizing an event. Here are the key categories to focus on:

Communication App

Communication apps allow event planners to connect with stakeholders, team members, industry partners, and attendees. These apps provide features for sharing information, granting access to specific individuals, and managing messages effectively.

Event Planning App

Event planning apps serve as project management tools for team collaborations. They enable team members to exchange ideas, track to-do lists, and host virtual meetings. With assigned tasks listed within the app, event planners or project managers can easily monitor progress.

Organization App

Organization apps are essential for the entire event planning team. Choosing an app that enables the team lead to sync with team members is a valuable asset. These apps typically offer features like a running calendar with notifications and alerts. They can remind key players of appointments with vendors, caterers, entertainment specialists, and the event venue.

Party Planning App

Party planning apps ensure you have everything you need to throw the perfect bash. They include features for sending and receiving invitations, tracking RSVPs, and issuing tickets. Look for a party planning app that allows you to create custom invites and landing pages. Additionally, it should offer the capability to create links to registries and allow guests to add additional attendees.

Now that we have a clear roadmap, let's explore some of the best event planning apps to strengthen your team and boost productivity.


Accelevents Accelevents - All-in-One Event Planning App

Accelevents is an all-in-one event planning app that provides users with tools to plan every aspect of an event. From registration to branding, experience to analytics, integrations to support, this app has got you covered. Whether you're organizing a virtual or in-person event, Accelevents offers tailored solutions. With different price points for private and corporate events, you can customize your experience by adding valuable add-ons such as customer support, translation, and privacy features.

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan, a part of the Adobe suite of communication apps, is a game-changer for event planners. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to send a signed document to a vendor but didn't have access to a printer or time to deliver it? With Adobe Scan, that's no longer a problem. This app allows users to scan and send important documents directly from their Android and iOS devices. Recipients receive high-resolution images that can be printed into full-size documents. Plus, with e-signature capabilities, Adobe Scan ensures seamless document management.


Asana Asana - Global Organization App

Asana is a global organization app that comes in handy when planning any event. It facilitates coordination among teams, regardless of their locations worldwide. This app allows team members to stay connected, host collaborative events, and keep track of important strategic initiatives. With features like task assignment, Kanban board organization, streamlined approvals, workload management, and project outcome visualization, Asana simplifies the event planning process and ensures stakeholders have full visibility.


Bizzabo Bizzabo - Elevating Event Experiences

Bizzabo, committed to providing its communication app globally, has opened a London office to improve event experiences for marketers everywhere. This all-inclusive event planning app offers a variety of tools, including content management, engagement features, event management capabilities, event marketing solutions, networking opportunities, and sponsor management features. Bizzabo users gain access to an extensive online community, insights, data analytics, and knowledge-based training through hosted events. Elevate your event experience with Bizzabo!

These are just a few of the event planning apps that can transform your next event into a roaring success. From managing attendees and communication to streamlining tasks and tracking progress, these apps provide an all-encompassing solution to make your planning process a breeze.

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