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The Best Easy Cowgirl Birthday Party Ideas

Simple and easy cowgirl birthday party ideas that are easy to create at home. A cowgirl party is the perfect idea for little girls that love the idea of a Western theme party. Image: Cowgirl...

Simple and easy cowgirl birthday party ideas that are easy to create at home. A cowgirl party is the perfect idea for little girls that love the idea of a Western theme party.

Cowgirl Party Ideas Image: Cowgirl Party Ideas

Do you have a little cowgirl at home? A cowgirl birthday party is perfect for those little ones that love horses or the Wild West.

Invite all the girls' friends to dress up in their jeans, boots, and Western-style shirts to set the mood for the party. It will help them to really interact with the fun theme.

Decorations for a Cowgirl Birthday Party

Whilst party decorations can be tailored and adapted to a specific spin of a party theme, there are some decorations that will still work perfectly regardless of how you interpret the theme.

Some great suggestions for a cowgirl birthday party include the following:

  • Hang up some Wild West or "Wanted" posters.
  • If you are able to grab some hay bales, this will instantly help set the scene. They are perfect for use for seating and game playing.
  • Set up a party backdrop behind the food table. This helps to highlight the focus area of the party and is a great way to integrate the colors chosen for the party. If stuck for what colors to choose, red (or pink), white and brown or black would work perfectly for a girls party.
  • Serve food on tin plates and silver metal pails.
  • Have cowboy hats and bandanas scattered around which can double up as party decor, but also be given to the kids for extra dress-up.

Cowgirl Party Favors Image: Cowgirl Party Favors

Unique Cowgirl Birthday Party Themes

The following parties will provide you with some inspiration for how to narrow down a theme for your cowgirl birthday party.

Use these ideas to make your party perfect and specific for your little girl.

1. Vintage Cowgirl Birthday Party

Source: Craftiness is not optional

This cowgirl party is super sweet and has all the little details you would expect from a cowgirl party. It is also a great example of how the straw hats and bandanas are given to the kids on arrival at the party.

The combination of a simple party setup, fun games, and an even more fun photo booth help make this an awesome cowgirl party.

Cowgirl Party Favors Image: Cowgirl Party Favors

2. Toy Story Inspired Cowgirl Party

Source: Strawberry Mommy Cakes

Does your little girl love Toy Story? If so, this party would be an absolute hit for her.

It is bright and colorful and a whole lot of fun. The dessert table is certainly very impressive.

Toy Story inspired cowgirl birthday party Image: Toy Story inspired cowgirl birthday party

3. Jessie and Woody Cowgirl Party

Source: Beth Kruse

Following on from the Toy Story theme, there is this Jessie and Woody specific party.

This party has a lot of ideas to help keep the kids entertained during the party.

Jessie and Woody cowgirl party Image: Jessie and Woody cowgirl party

4. Pretty Cowgirl Party

Source: Home Made By Jill

Looking for something pretty and sweet? This party is the right one for you.

It has all the elements for a cowgirl party whilst also being feminine and pretty.

There is also a photo booth that would easily keep the kids entertained.

Cowgirl Birthday Party Ideas Image: Cowgirl Birthday Party Ideas

5. Sweet And Shabby Cowgirl Party

Source: Marigold Mom

This shabby chic cowgirl party is simply adorable. The cowgirl boots just say it all!

Everything in this party has been put together beautifully, and you have to take a peek at the cowboy and cowgirl photo props. They are awesome!

Shabby chic cowgirl party Image: Shabby chic cowgirl party

Cowgirl Party Games

Once you have decided what your party will actually look like, it is important to remember the games.

Kids of all ages love games, and a party that is run with games is so much more fun for everyone than those parties where the kids are just left to mingle.

Some great ideas for cowgirl party games include:

  • A sack race. This race will cause a lot of laughs, and kids young and old enjoy playing it.
  • Instead of playing musical statues, have a bit of "Cotton Eyed Joe" playing and get the kids to show you their best cowgirl moves.
  • If the kids love to sing, why not have a karaoke available?
  • Let the kids have a team race with some stick ponies. If you buy one for each child, then they can also double up as a party favor.
  • "Pin the tail on the donkey" is an absolutely perfect game for young kids.
  • A photo booth is always a lot of fun, and it's easy to obtain some Wild West props for extra fun.

These games will be great to get your party started. However, there are a lot more Wild West party games if you need some more inspiration.

A cowgirl birthday party is certainly one that will be a lot of fun and enjoyed by girls and boys. Kids can really get into the character of being in the Wild West, and the party can be made as grungy or as pretty as you like.

Use these party ideas to create a cowgirl party that is perfect for you.

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