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The Best Hashtags in the Event Industry in 2020

The event industry has undergone a significant transformation in recent times. As the world shifted online, venues stood empty or were transformed into hospitals. Event professionals found themselves adapting to a new work environment, with...

The event industry has undergone a significant transformation in recent times. As the world shifted online, venues stood empty or were transformed into hospitals. Event professionals found themselves adapting to a new work environment, with events either postponed, cancelled, or moved to the virtual space. This shift has led to a surge in the use of social media, webinars, digital marketing, and technology within the meeting industry.

In this article, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive list of the best event hashtags to ensure the success of your event. We have categorized these hashtags into different social media categories that we believe are crucial in the event industry. If you come across any hashtags that we have missed, please let us know in the comments below, and share your favorites with our blog readers and fellow event professionals.

Hashtags for Postponed, Cancelled, and Virtual Events

If you have had to cancel, postpone, or pivot to virtual for your event, it is crucial to keep your audience engaged. The following hashtags are ideal for maintaining engagement and reaching a wider audience. As we look towards the post-COVID-19 scenario, it is evident that events will likely be hybrid, with social media playing a vital role. Using the right event hashtags can be instrumental in reaching your target audience and connecting with their queries.

Promote Your Event with Hashtags

Event hashtags also play a significant role in event promotion. They provide increased visibility and improve search engine optimization (SEO). By using hashtags, you can enhance brand awareness, attract potential attendees, and create meaningful discussions.

How to Create Your Event Hashtag

To further promote your event, we recommend creating your own unique hashtag. For example, #(your company name/at/event name). Creating a custom hashtag allows you to measure your brand's share of voice during the event promotion. You can also use it to run competitions, attract visitors to your stand, and engage with your audience through live chats and live availability updates on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Platforms That Support Hashtags

Hashtags are widely used across various social media platforms. Twitter, being the creator of hashtags back in 2006, is still the most prominent user of hashtags. Facebook started incorporating hashtags in 2013, while Instagram allows hashtags to complement the images you share. Other platforms such as Tumblr, Pinterest, and LinkedIn also support hashtags, making them valuable tools for networking and content discovery within the event industry. Additionally, hashtags are used on Vine and Flickr, as well as in YouTube comments.

Event Industry Hashtags Image: Event Industry Hashtags

The Best Hashtags for Events

Now that we understand what hashtags are and how they work, let's dive into the list of the most popular hashtags in the event industry for online use:

This hashtag, started by Lara McCulloch—a brand consultant, blogger, and podcaster in 2009—is one of the industry's leading hashtags. It has gained widespread recognition and is now used in industry magazines and offline conversations to describe the event industry as a whole.

This hashtag is specifically important for the UK market, with 121k posts on Instagram.

These hashtags are specifically relevant for event staffing agencies and trade shows, respectively.

These hashtags cater to the hospitality industry and are ideal for meeting planners and professionals.

The Best Event Hashtags on Social Media





Most popular Instagram Virtual Event hashtags:

The #WeMakeEvents Campaign

For the #WeMakeEvents Campaign, please use the following hashtags:

Include #WeMakeEvents in the first sentence of your post, and add the following hashtags at the end:

In Conclusion

Event organizers, planners, managers, and marketers can leverage hashtags to enhance engagement, customer service, satisfaction surveys, and broadcast media. Hashtags provide opportunities for opinion polls, deal-based marketing, social media monitoring, and social media listening, allowing you to gather insights about your product, service, brand, or company.

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