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Maximize Attendance and Engagement with the Best Event Email Templates

Event email marketing and event email templates are more powerful than ever. In fact, email marketing has provided the highest return on investment (ROI) over the past 10 years. With 4 billion people using emails...

Event reminder email cadence

Event email marketing and event email templates are more powerful than ever. In fact, email marketing has provided the highest return on investment (ROI) over the past 10 years. With 4 billion people using emails every day, it's no wonder that event marketers are leveraging email campaigns to maximize attendance and engagement.

To help you succeed in your event email marketing efforts, we have curated a list of the best 18 event email templates. These templates are adaptable to any industry and any kind of event, whether virtual, in-person, or hybrid. By following these event email marketing best practices and using these templates, you can turbocharge attendance and create a memorable experience for your attendees.

Event Email Marketing: What is it and Why are Event Email Templates Important?

Event email marketing is simply sending emails to market your events. It is a cost-effective and direct way of reaching your specific audience. Unlike social media marketing, where you rely on the right people seeing your content, event emails allow you to contact your audience directly.

Event email templates are crucial because they help you stand out from the competition and maximize attendance and engagement. By using carefully crafted event email templates, you can create excitement, send exclusive invites, share event details, and showcase content from past events.

The Best 18 Event Email Templates to Maximize Attendance and Engagement

To run a successful event, you need to maximize attendance and engagement. The following 18 event email templates are sure to help you achieve that:

Pre-event Email Templates

1. Upcoming Events Email Template

Generate interest and start a conversation with this event email template. Use language like "Coming Soon" or "First-Ever" to create a sense of excitement. Keep some of the event details a mystery, but use bold images and text to draw in and excite your readers.

Why it works: This template adds flair and builds anticipation, helping you avoid the fear of missing out (FOMO).

2. Event Announcement Email Template

Make a big announcement with a simple and clear message. State "Save the Date" and include the event date with a bold button to "Learn More" or an embedded promotional video. Keep the details minimal, and end with a friendly remark.

Why it works: This template is effective and generates interest while sharing the most exciting parts of the event.

Event announcement event email template

3. The Exclusive Early Bird Invitation Event Email Template

Offer an exclusive invitation to a select group of people. Provide them with incentives such as ticket discount codes, group rates, VIP access, or special networking privileges.

Why it works: Exclusive opportunities feel special, and personalized incentives increase the chances of attendees responding positively.

4. The Countdown Event Email Template

Create a sense of urgency by using countdown timers. Highlight limited-time offers, early bird registration dates, or the limited availability of VIP tickets. Include reminders for essential event details such as agenda, accommodation, and directions.

Why it works: The sense of urgency prompts attendees to take action before time runs out.

5. The Event Invitation Email Template

Invite participants to your event with a clear subject line, a friendly tone, and all the necessary information such as date, time, duration, location, and event content. Highlight what attendees can expect and how the event will benefit them.

Why it works: By clearly showcasing the event's value, attendees are more likely to sign up.

Event invitation event email template

6. The Event Promotion Email Template

Convince potential attendees who haven't signed up yet. Highlight the reasons why they should attend and how it will be beneficial for them. Answer basic questions and consider offering a promo code or other incentives.

Why it works: This template provides the necessary information attendees need to make their decision, while offering additional incentives to sweeten the deal.

7. The Last Chance Email Template

Create a sense of urgency by mentioning the number of people already signed up or sharing a relevant statistic related to the event topic. Highlight that time is running out, urging readers to sign up before they miss out.

Why it works: Fear-based marketing can drive last-minute signups and boost attendance.

8. The Event Registration Email Template and Event Calendar Email Template

After people register for your event, send a confirmation email with a friendly tone to get them excited. Include a button allowing them to add the event to their Google or Outlook calendars.

Why it works: This email template builds anticipation and ensures attendees don't forget about the event.

Event registration event email template

9. The Refer a Friend Event Email Template

Encourage attendees to refer friends or colleagues who might be interested in attending. Make it easy for them to forward the email or share the event details. Offer rewards or incentives for successful referrals.

Why it works: Attendees are more likely to refer others if it requires minimal effort and offers additional benefits.

10. The Speaker Announcement Email Template

Share interesting facts and FAQs about your brand and the event. Include information about previous speakers or vendors, along with relevant photos or headshots. Highlight statistics from previous events to generate excitement for the upcoming event.

Why it works: This template builds interest, community, and showcases your brand's growth.

11. The Pre-event Engagement Email Template

Engage participants before the event by giving them access to an activity feed or interactive features. Encourage them to select sessions, take pre-event knowledge quizzes, or share their experiences on a specific topic.

Why it works: Engaging attendees before the event increases their likelihood of attending and builds anticipation.

During-the-event Email Template

14. The Staying Connected Event Email Template

Keep attendees connected and informed during the event by sending mini digests. Address questions, highlight sessions, and promote upcoming content. Share funny, significant, or heartwarming moments, and promote other events or services.

Why it works: This template fosters engagement, creates a sense of community, and showcases your team's dedication to a seamless event experience.

Post-event Email Templates

15. The Thank You for Attending Event Email Template

Send a heartfelt thank you email to attendees, acknowledging their contribution to the event's success. Include photos, videos, event statistics, and links to on-demand content. Encourage sharing and provide a post-event knowledge quiz for feedback.

Why it works: Showing gratitude and providing valuable post-event content strengthens attendee relationships and generates positive reviews.

16. The Post-event Follow Up Email Template and Event Survey Email Template

Follow up with attendees to gather feedback on their event experience. Include polls, surveys, and ask for their thoughts on what worked and what could be improved. Offer incentives for completing the survey and use their feedback to improve future events.

Why it works: Collecting feedback shows your commitment to improvement and helps you tailor future events to attendees' preferences.

Post event follow up event email template

17. The No Show Event Email Template

Follow up with those who didn't attend the event, expressing your disappointment in a kind and understanding manner. Provide them with on-demand content that they can watch at their convenience.

Why it works: Sharing on-demand content shows your willingness to share knowledge and expertise, even with those who couldn't attend.

18. The Post-event Early Bird Registration Email Template

Promote future events while your current event is still fresh in attendees' minds. Tease upcoming events, but keep the details brief. Let readers know that more information will be coming soon and sign off with a personal email signature.

Why it works: This template capitalizes on attendees' interest and encourages them to continue engaging with your brand.

Event Email Marketing Best Practices

To make your event email templates even more effective, here are 11 event email marketing best practices:

  1. Personalize your message: Use your readers' names and tailor the content to their unique relationship with your brand.
  2. Use dynamic content: Customize event email templates based on user data and interests.
  3. Keep your call to action clear and concise: Tell readers exactly what you want them to do.
  4. Place the call to action in the right place: Ensure that buttons and links are easily visible and stand out.
  5. Be bold and colorful: Use eye-catching design and colors that align with your brand.
  6. Optimize for web and mobile: Ensure that your event email templates display correctly on all devices.
  7. Include creative content: Incorporate engaging elements such as photos, videos, and interactive features.
  8. Tease out important details: Highlight exciting aspects of your upcoming event to generate interest.
  9. Pull from the past, look to the future: Showcase content from previous events to create anticipation and demonstrate growth.
  10. Perfect the email reminder: Send targeted reminders to different segments of your audience, providing new information and quality content.
  11. Follow up after the event: Send post-event emails to thank attendees, gather feedback, and encourage sharing of on-demand content.

By following these best practices and using the best event email templates, you can drive attendance, engagement, and create a remarkable event experience.

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