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The Angry Guide to Lords Mobile Guild Fest: Master the Challenge

Are you feeling the pressure from your guild leaders threatening to kick you out, lynch you and your family, and burn your castle if you don't participate in the Guild Fest? Don't worry, I've got...

Are you feeling the pressure from your guild leaders threatening to kick you out, lynch you and your family, and burn your castle if you don't participate in the Guild Fest? Don't worry, I've got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that I can help you with Guild Fest. The bad news is that you're still stuck with your current guild. Well, maybe it's time to consider joining a new guild that appreciates you!

But before we dive into the details, let's understand what Guild Fest is all about.

What is Guild Fest?

Guild Fest Guide in Lords Mobile

Guild Fest is a 7-day event in Lords Mobile that requires you and your guild to complete tasks within a specific time frame. The more challenging the quests, the more points you earn. And of course, the higher your guild's ranking, the better the prizes. So, buckle up and get ready for some intense action!

Now, let's delve into the top quests that you should focus on during Guild Fest.

Top 10 Guild Fest Quests to Take

Guild Fest Best Ones

  1. Increase Total Might: This quest is a no-brainer! Earn 147 points by increasing your total might by 2,400,000. Utilize research, troop building, and turf quests to complete it. It's the best overall quest for Guild Fest.

  2. Hell Events (Experts Only): If you're an expert at Lords Mobile, these Hell Events will give you massive points. But be careful, they are extremely challenging and not for the faint-hearted.

  3. Use 3 Familiar Attack Skills: Unlock 160 points by using the Pyris Familiar and a few gems. A relatively easy task for mid-range players.

  4. Increase Might Research and Increase Might Troops: Rack up 147 points by increasing might research and troops. Plan these quests in advance for an easy win.

  5. Spend 1,000,000 Guild Coins: A straightforward quest for everyone. Just remember to save your guild coins for Guild Fest to make it easy!

  6. 32 Cargo Ship Trades: Perfect for beginners. Finish 32 trades and earn 146 points. Keep track of the time and your remaining quests to strategize effectively.

  7. Open 40 Mystery Boxes: An easy quest that requires frequent logins. Make sure you have enough time to open the boxes and earn 139 points.

  8. Spend 50,000 Gems: If you have collected enough gems, spend them during Guild Fest and earn 141 points. An easy and quick quest for those who have enough gems.

  9. Get 6 Dark Essences: A rewarding quest that doesn't stress your guildmates. Unlike the challenging "helps quest," this quest is easy and rewarding for everyone.

  10. Gather Resources: Earn 100+ points by gathering resources. However, be cautious with Level 5 Tile gatherings unless you are a powerful player.

Now that you know which quests to focus on, let's explore Guild Fest gauntlets and the rewards awaiting you.

Guild Fest Gauntlets

Guild Fest consists of 5 gauntlets, each with varying numbers and difficulty of quests. Take on the challenge and earn incredible rewards.

Guild Fest Rewards and Points

Guild Fest Banner Prizes

The rewards for Guild Fest are undeniably impressive, but remember, your guild's total score determines your rewards. This means that your efforts can be overshadowed if your guildmates don't contribute. So, brace yourself for a million and one angry messages from frustrated guild members.

There are different gift tiers, and each tier allows you to choose additional prizes. The higher the tier, the more challenging it becomes. Gift Tier 5, for instance, requires 14,000 points, while Gift Tier 27 demands a whopping 185,000 points for a full guild. It's hard work, but the rewards are worth it.

Additionally, the top 5 guilds in the gauntlet will receive special prizes based on their rankings.

Guild Fest Quests

Guild Fest Resets

Now, let's go through the Guild Fest quests. Keep in mind that the advantages of each quest vary based on the player's expertise.

Here are some noteworthy quests:

  • Spend Gems: Utilize your gems strategically to earn points. It's an easy quest, but aim for higher point quests if possible.

  • Complete Admin Quests: A solid quest that's easy if you have admin quests ready. Use your extra quests wisely during Guild Fest.

  • Complete Guild Quests: Similar to the Admin Quests but with fewer rewards. Evaluate the math before committing to this quest.

  • Gather Resources: A challenging quest that requires careful planning. Make sure you have the resources and time to execute it effectively.

These are just a few examples of the quests you'll encounter during Guild Fest. Remember, choose quests that suit your playstyle and maximize your points.

Guild Fest Hacks and Tips

Here are some hacks and tips to make your Guild Fest experience easier and more successful:

  • Save up all boosts, holy stars, luck tokens, and gems for Guild Fest. This will give you an edge over other players.

  • Take advantage of the Quick Jump Method by having guild members submit their last quest during the final hours of Guild Fest. This can boost your guild's ranking.

  • Consider promoting temporary R4s from different time zones to ensure quests refresh continuously.

  • Focus on completing the Hell Event quests first to boost your guild's overall score.

  • Communicate with your guildmates to coordinate quests and increase efficiency.

  • Motivate your guildmates by offering prizes for the top 3 players. This will incentivize everyone to give their best.

  • Utilize the Supply Resources quest by sending resources to a friend who can then send them back. Plan it strategically for maximum benefit.

Remember, Guild Fest can be intense, so stay focused, communicate effectively with your guildmates, and aim for the highest possible score!

Now go forth and conquer Guild Fest like a true Lords Mobile champion! Good luck, my friend.

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