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The 9 Best Event Schedule Management Software Tools (2022)

Planning an event can be daunting, especially when you have a tight schedule and budget to work with. The success of your event depends on being ridiculously organized. Luckily, there are numerous event management software...

Planning an event can be daunting, especially when you have a tight schedule and budget to work with. The success of your event depends on being ridiculously organized. Luckily, there are numerous event management software tools available that can help you with all aspects of planning, scheduling, and hosting your event.

What Is Event Management Software?

Event management software refers to platforms that help organizers manage the workflows involved in planning and hosting events. These platforms include project management software, accounting and budgeting software, event scheduling software, event registration and ticketing software, video conferencing and virtual events software, and event app and website builders.

Top Event Planning Tips and Best Practices

To ensure the success of your event, here are some top event planning and scheduling tips:

Start Early

Give yourself enough time by starting early. Book a venue, confirm speakers, performers, sponsors, exhibitors, and promote your event.

Create an Event Plan

Include event goals, dates, deadlines, project teams, format, venue, checklists, budgets, target audience, speakers, sponsors, and more in your event plan.

Do Your Research

Research competing events, timing, virtual or in-person options, available tools, accommodation, and other factors that could impact your event.

Start With Clear Goals and Objectives

Define the goals for your event. What are you trying to achieve? Have clear objectives to track your success.

Decide on the Scope and Size of Your Event

Determine the format, number of attendees, dates, target audience, location, venue requirements, and budget for your event.

Establish a Realistic Budget

Create a detailed budget and compare quotes from different vendors. Determine how much money you will invest and how much you'll need to raise.

Build Your Team and Delegate Tasks

Assign specific responsibilities to team members and track progress to meet deadlines.

Keep It All Organized with Event Management Tech

Use a cloud-based platform to keep everyone on the same page. Explore project management tools, registration and ticketing solutions, marketing automation tools, event websites and apps, live streaming or recording tools, and attendee engagement tools.

Develop Event Branding

Extend your organization's brand to your event. Create a consistent and memorable branding experience for attendees.

Coordinate Speakers, Exhibitors, and Sponsors

Book speakers, performers, panelists, exhibitors, and sponsors. Engage them in open communication and provide details about the event.

Develop a Marketing and Promotion Strategy

Market your event through social media, influencer outreach, blogs, online advertising, email marketing, traditional media, video marketing, and public relations. Set clear marketing goals.

Measure the Success of Your Event

Gather qualitative and quantitative data to measure the success of your event. Use surveys, sentiment analysis, ticket sales, website traffic, leads generated, and other metrics.

9 Best Event Management and Scheduling Tools in 2022

  1. Glide: The Best Event Management Software for Internal Project Management and Branded Event Apps Glide Glide is a no-code app builder that allows you to create your own planning, scheduling, and project management app or a branded event app within minutes. Customize your app using Google Sheets, add features, and publish it live on the web. Glide offers affordable and flexible pricing options.

  2. Asana: The Best Project Management Tool for Event Schedule Management Asana Asana is a project management platform that helps improve collaboration among team members. Assign tasks, view projects in different layouts, send messages, leave comments, and track efficiency. Asana offers templates and integrations with other tools.

  3. Socio: The Best All-in-one Event Management Software Socio Socio is a holistic event management platform for virtual, in-person, and hybrid events. It offers seamless attendee registration, ticketing, event branding and customization, interactive maps, engagement and networking tools, live streaming capabilities, and more. Custom pricing is available.

  4. Eventbrite: The Best Basic Event Ticketing Platform Eventbrite Eventbrite is primarily a ticketing solution that allows you to create event pages, sell tickets, and track performance. It offers email campaigns, confirmation and reminder emails, and basic event management features. Eventbrite pricing starts at 2% of the ticket price plus $0.79 per ticket sold.

  5. Zoom Events: Best Event Hosting Software for Virtual Events and Webinars Zoom Events Zoom Events is an all-in-one solution for hosting virtual events and webinars. It offers scheduling, marketing, live streaming, breakout rooms, engagement tools, and analytics. Zoom Events pricing starts at $890/year/license for up to 500 attendees.

  6. Whova: Best Holistic Event Management Software for Virtual and Hybrid Events Whova Whova is an all-in-one event management platform for in-person, hybrid, and virtual events. It offers tools for event management, registration, marketing, engagement, and more. Whova pricing is quote-based.

  7. RSVPify: Best for Personalized Event Registration RSVPify RSVPify is an event management software that allows you to plan and manage events from a central dashboard. It offers customization, registration, ticket sales, and attendee management features. RSVPify plans start at $19 per month.

  8. Bizzabo: Best Event Experience Operating System Bizzabo Bizzabo is an event experience operating system that combines event management, marketing, CRM, and website creation features. It offers a wide range of tools, integrations, and analytics capabilities. Bizzabo pricing is quote-based.

  9. Amelia: Best WP Plugin for Small Businesses Amelia Amelia is a WordPress booking plugin that can be used for event scheduling, registration, and ticket sales. It offers automated booking, events calendar, point of payment, and notification features. Amelia pricing starts at $79 per year.

How to Choose the Right Event Schedule Management Software

When comparing event management software, consider the size of your company and event, required features, event type compatibility, ease of use, training and support, integrations, automation capabilities, pricing, customization options, mobile-friendliness, reviews, and data security.

Glide App Templates to Make Planning Your Event Super Straightforward

Glide offers customizable templates to help you build your own event management apps. Here are five recommended templates:

  1. Planner Template: Organize your event planning tasks by category, set due dates, and track progress.

  2. Conference Template: Create a beautiful event app for attendees to access venue information, browse sessions, and learn about speakers.

  3. Advanced Conference Template: Allow attendees to explore sessions, save favorites, familiarize themselves with the venue, and connect with other attendees.

  4. Party Invitation Tracker Template: Use this template for simple event registration and communication with guests.

  5. Wedding Template: Customize this template to create a centralized platform for your event, including agenda, photo gallery, attractions, and chat.

Event Management and Scheduling Software Starts with Glide

With Glide, you can build powerful event management apps at an affordable cost. Spend less on software and more on creating an appealing and memorable event experience. Take advantage of the customizable templates and start planning your event with ease.