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The Ultimate Collection of Free Notion Templates You Need [2024]

Are you looking to boost your productivity, streamline your organization, or simply add a touch of creativity to your routines? Look no further! We've curated a collection of the best free Notion templates for every...

Are you looking to boost your productivity, streamline your organization, or simply add a touch of creativity to your routines? Look no further! We've curated a collection of the best free Notion templates for every area of your life. Whether you're a student, a freelancer, an entrepreneur, or simply someone who wants to maximize their efficiency, these templates have got you covered.

Free Aesthetic Notion Templates

Notion's customization options make it the perfect platform to design a workspace that matches your personal aesthetic. We've handpicked some of our favorite aesthetic templates that will transform your Notion experience. From habit trackers to homepage dashboards, these templates are guaranteed to bring beauty and functionality to your workspace.

1. Free Aesthetic Habit Tracker Dashboard

Free Aesthetic Notion Habit Tracker Template Template by Joash

Elevate your habit tracking game with this beautiful pastel-colored dashboard. With its clean layout, monthly calendar integration, and easy-to-use tracking features, this template will help you stay on top of your goals effortlessly.

2. Cute & Colorful Notion Homepage Dashboard

Cute Notion Homepage Dashboard Template by u/Exact_Device_3569 on Reddit

If you're into all things anime and kawaii, this cute and colorful Notion homepage dashboard is perfect for you. It comes complete with adorable GIFs, a Spotify widget with a curated playlist, and a cozy aesthetic that will brighten up your workspace.

3. Sticky Notes Dashboard

Free Notion Sticky Notes Dashboard Template by Poonam Sharma

While Notion doesn't have its own sticky note blocks, you can easily create your own with this unique template. It features colored callout blocks that mimic the look and feel of traditional sticky notes. Additionally, it includes a tasks database for seamless organization and management of your to-dos.

4. Pastel Aesthetic Semester Planner for Students

Pastel Aesthetic Notion Student Planner Template

Stay organized and relaxed with this soothing pastel aesthetic semester planner. With its soft designs and comprehensive layout, this planner will help you manage your coursework and deadlines with ease.

5. Yearly Planner and Organizer

Free Notion Yearly Planner and Organizer Template by u/redshibe4 on Reddit

Stay on top of your busy schedule with this anime-themed yearly planner and organizer. From setting weekly schedules to tracking beauty regimens, this template has everything you need to stay organized and inspired.

6. Pastel Aesthetic Life Notion Dashboard

Free Pastel Notion Template Template by Ella Li

If you're a fan of color-coding and vibrant aesthetics, then this pastel aesthetic life Notion dashboard is perfect for you. With dedicated pages for tasks, projects, family matters, and more, you'll have everything organized and easily accessible.

7. Aesthetic Life Wiki

Aesthetic Notion Life Wiki Template by Ella Li

Unleash your creativity with this stunning aesthetic life Notion wiki. Featuring custom page covers, icons, and bubblegum pinks and baby blues, this template is a lot of fun. Organize your tasks, set goals, and outline your routines in a visually appealing and enjoyable way.

8. Colorful Notion Dashboard

Free Colorful Notion Dashboard Template by Poonam Sharma

Add a splash of vibrancy to your days with this colorful Notion dashboard. Customize the widgets, including weather, progress bars, and motivational quotes, with your favorite colors. This template will bring a unique aesthetic to your workspace and help you stay motivated and organized.

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Free School Notion Dashboard

Free Notion Templates for Students

Stay organized and maximize your academic life with these free Notion templates designed specifically for students. From managing your assignments and deadlines to creating comprehensive study plans, these templates will help you excel in your studies.

9. School Dashboard

Pomodoro Notion Study Template Template by @keewpiie

Keep all your academic needs in one place with this no-frills Notion school dashboard. It includes sections for your timetable, class notes, different subjects, and more, making it the perfect tool for staying organized throughout the semester.

10. Pomodoro Study Template

Aesthetic Notion Student Life Dashboard Template by Gridfiti

Interested in being more productive with the Pomodoro technique? This template is a great starting point. It features a built-in timer widget, daily summaries, and auto productivity ratings, helping you stay focused and motivated.

11. Aesthetic Student Life Dashboard

Free Notion Study Template

Stay on top of your university work, reading lists, and to-dos with this aesthetic student life dashboard. With its cozy design and comprehensive sections, this template will help you stay organized and inspired throughout your academic journey.

12. Study OS

Notion Student Dashboard Template by Julia Pagani

Whether you're in high school or pursuing a master's degree, Study OS is here to help you prepare for success. With dedicated study zones for each subject, schedule management, and active recall prompts, this template will keep you on track and ready for your next big exam.

13. Your Student Dashboard

Colorful Notion School Hub Template by @velvetjournal

Manage your assignments, deadlines, to-dos, and more with this student dashboard. Complete with a retro clock, weather widget, and study playlist library, this template will help you stay organized and motivated throughout your academic journey.

14. Colorful School Hub

Notion Student Task Tracker Template Template by @velvetjournal

Get ready for the upcoming semester with this colorful school hub template. With dedicated spaces for GTD, assignments, homework, and events, this template will help you stay organized and on top of your academic game.

15. Master Task Tracker for Students

Aesthetic Student Notion Planner Template Template by @velvetjournal

View all your tasks in grid, calendar, and list view with this master task tracker template. Filter your tasks by deadline and status to stay organized and make sure you never miss a deadline.

16. Aesthetic Student Planner

Free Notion Note-Taking Template Template by Ella Li

Create your ultimate Notion setup and style with this aesthetic student planner template. With customizable timetable layouts and spaces for tracking study sessions, semester goals, reading lists, and assignments, this template will help you stay organized and inspired.

17. Note-Taking Template

Dynamic Spaced Repetition Learning Free Notion Template Template by Thomas Frank

Get your note-taking game to the next level with this excellent free template. With different notebooks, a status dash, and an inbox, this template provides the basics for managing all your important thoughts and ideas.

18. Total Recall - Dynamic Spaced Repetition Learning

Matcha Student Notion Planner Template by Notion Things

Keep your memory sharp with this dynamic spaced repetition learning template. Generate flashcards, quiz yourself, and prioritize topics you need to review. With this template, you'll be prepared for your exams and ready to excel.

19. Matcha Student Planner

Free Notion Habit Tracker Template Template by The Matcha Vibe

Stay organized and productive with this all-in-one student planner. From creating your weekly schedule to tracking your expenses and maintaining a self-care routine, this template has everything you need to succeed.

Free Notion Templates for Productivity

Boost your productivity with these free Notion templates. From task management to goal tracking, these templates will help you stay on top of your workflow and achieve your goals.

19. Free Notion Habit Tracker Template

Notion Goal Design Dashboard Template by Gridfiti

Track your habits and stay motivated with this customizable habit tracker template. With its simple design and progress summary, this template will help you stay accountable and build positive habits.

20. Goal Designer Dashboard

![Free Habit Tracking & Bullet Journaling Template](https://starevent.vn/uploads/images/blog/admin/2024/01/30/the-75-best-free-notion-templates-you-need-2024-1706553600.web