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The Best Event Management Software for Nonprofits in 2024

Events are the lifeblood of nonprofits and associations. They bring members together, showcase an organization's offerings, and generate non-dues revenue. Whether it's a conference, fundraising event, or virtual gathering, events play a crucial role in...

Events are the lifeblood of nonprofits and associations. They bring members together, showcase an organization's offerings, and generate non-dues revenue. Whether it's a conference, fundraising event, or virtual gathering, events play a crucial role in building community and driving revenue.

However, without the right event management software, nonprofits risk reduced attendee engagement, poor ROI, and a lack of valuable event data. That's why it's essential to choose the right event tech that can alleviate the burden on event planners and streamline the programming process.

In this article, we will explore what nonprofit event management software is, highlight key factors to consider when choosing a platform, and provide examples of the top options available.

What is Nonprofit Event Management Software?

Nonprofit event management software is a type of technology designed to organize and optimize nonprofit events. This includes conferences, workshops, continuing education opportunities, and fundraising events. There are various types of nonprofit event management software, such as end-to-end event management platforms, conference apps, event registration software, silent auction software, fundraising event software, and donation processing software.

The right event management tool should reduce administrative work, provide easy event information loading, offer drag-and-drop functionality, and provide valuable insights about attendees to attract sponsors.

Considerations for Choosing Nonprofit Event Software

Before investing in event management software, there are several factors to consider:

1. Features

Consider the features that are essential for your organization. Think about scalability, add-on possibilities, and integration with third-party solutions.

2. Budget

While it's tempting to opt for the best event management software available, consider your budget. Prioritize must-have features over nice-to-have ones. Ensure you choose a software package from a company that values customer satisfaction to avoid costly experiences in the future.

3. Customer Onboarding

Look for event management software that offers excellent customer onboarding. The software vendor should provide support during the transition and offer clear instructions on how to use their platform. Onboarding services, customer support, and helpful resources should be available.

4. Customer Support

Ensure that the vendor offers reliable customer support to troubleshoot technical issues promptly. It's even better if the customer support operates 24/7, especially during events. Ask the sales team for examples of how customer support has solved issues for other customers.

5. Ease of Use

Consider the usability of the software. A user-friendly platform will make onboarding and usage easier for your team. Involve the people who will be using the software in the demo process to gather their feedback on usability. Additionally, check online reviews or speak with existing customers to validate ease of use.

6. Comprehensive, Integrated Solutions

Look for a central event management tool that can handle most of your needs. Having too many disparate tools can create complications. If necessary, ensure that your programs have an Application Programming Interface (API) to enable a seamless connection between them.

7. In-person, Virtual, or Hybrid Features

Consider the types of events you host and select software that supports in-person, virtual, or hybrid formats. Look for features like gamification, notifications, live streaming, and document storage that enable flexibility in event planning.

8. Great Reviews

Check software review websites like Capterra or G2 for trustworthy opinions from users. Read reviews and ratings to understand which options best suit your nonprofit event management needs.

EventMobi: The Top Event Management Software for Nonprofits

Reasons EventMobi is the top event management software for nonprofits

Among the many options available, EventMobi stands out as the top event management software for nonprofits. Here are ten reasons why EventMobi can greatly enhance your next nonprofit or association event:

  1. Drag-and-drop event websites and apps: Build custom event websites and apps without design skills using Page Designer's drag-and-drop tools.
  2. Custom registration forms: Create personalized online registration forms with unlimited fields, drop-down menus, and multiple-choice questions.
  3. Segmented email marketing: Send branded and personalized emails to event participants, segmenting by language, registration status, payment status, and other key data.
  4. Sponsor benefits: Feature sponsors with in-app banner ads, company pages, sponsored notifications, and lead capture.
  5. Gamification: Boost attendee engagement and sponsor visibility with gamification challenges that encourage networking, photo sharing, and session check-ins.
  6. Networking and conversations: Facilitate connections with moderated group discussions, appointment booking, 1:1 messaging, video calls, and customized profiles.
  7. Year-round engagement: Host events of any size and type throughout the year with the EventMobi Experience Manager.
  8. Professional services: Get support from EventMobi's experienced team for project management, consulting, and one-on-one event support.
  9. Over 13 years of experience: EventMobi has a proven track record of supporting thousands of events worldwide with easy-to-use software and award-winning customer support.
  10. A+ Reviews: EventMobi has received rave reviews from event professionals, highlighting its ease of use and exceptional customer service.

Best Event Management Software for Nonprofits

Here are some other notable options to consider when selecting event management software for your nonprofit:

  • Lumaverse
  • WildApricot
  • Accelevents
  • CharityEngine

Best Event Apps for Nonprofits

For nonprofits that prioritize convenience, mobile app builders can provide seamless event management:

  • EventMobi
  • AppInstitute

Best Event Registration Software for Nonprofits

Efficient event registration is crucial. Explore these event registration software options for your next event:

  • Doubleknot
  • RegFox
  • Mobilize
  • RSVPify
  • Tix

Best Free Event Management Software for Nonprofits

If budget is a concern, consider these free options for nonprofit event management:

  • Givebutter
  • Eventbrite
  • ClickUp
  • StreamYard
  • Airmeet

Best Fundraising Event Software

For events involving fundraising, specialized software can support your cause:

  • OneCause
  • Silent Auction Pro
  • Grassroots Unwired
  • Handbid
  • Snowball Fundraising
  • Double the Donation

Choose the Right Event Management Software for Your Next Event

Selecting the right event management software is crucial for hosting successful nonprofit events. By simplifying the planning process, streamlining attendee registration and engagement, and providing valuable analytics, the right software can help you create an amazing event experience. Consider your organization's goals, management process, and budget when choosing the best event management software for nonprofits.

Book a demo of EventMobi’s event management software to host successful nonprofit events with ease.