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Tea Party Baby Shower: Planning Tips and Invitation Ideas

Looking to celebrate a mom-to-be in a festive and elegant way? A tea party baby shower is the perfect choice. With its sophistication and sweet ambiance, it allows you to go all out or keep...

Tea party baby shower invitation and food on a table

Looking to celebrate a mom-to-be in a festive and elegant way? A tea party baby shower is the perfect choice. With its sophistication and sweet ambiance, it allows you to go all out or keep it casual. In this article, we'll provide you with tips on planning a tea party baby shower, including ideas for food, decor, and invitations.

Tea Party Baby Shower Planning Tips

Tea party baby shower: person pouring tea from a small teapot

Planning a tea party baby shower doesn't require much legwork, as it naturally looks stunning on its own. Here are some tips to help you become the host with the most:

1. Choose a Venue

The first step is to determine where you'll be hosting the tea party. Whether it's in your backyard, a local park, or a rented venue, make sure to have a backup plan for unexpected weather changes. Give yourself enough time to coordinate with vendors and plan accordingly, whether it's a few weeks or several months in advance.

2. Set the Scene with Baby Shower Decorations

Transport your guests to a whimsical afternoon with carefully chosen decorations. Opt for elegant lace tablecloths and fine china for an upscale look. Don't forget to order floral arrangements and sprinkle glitter confetti along the tablecloth for a touch of glamour. Balloons and streamers can also add a festive touch to the ambiance.

3. Decide What Food to Serve

The beauty of a tea party baby shower lies in its simplicity when it comes to food. Serve classic tea sandwiches, scones, macarons, and eclairs. If you want to offer more substantial options, consider including brunch dishes like French toast, omelets, and creamy potato dishes. Offer a variety of tea flavors, including herbal and decaf options, to cater to all guests' preferences.

4. Celebrate with Baby Shower Games

Instead of playing silly games, keep the refined and elegant atmosphere of the tea party by engaging in activities that fit the mood. One idea is to share the origins of names or play a "Guess the Baby" game with guests' baby photos.

5. Send Guests Home with Baby Shower Favors

Show your appreciation by sending guests home with a small token of gratitude. Some tea-related ideas include a fancy teacup filled with tea bags, candies, or a specialty tea steeper. You can also opt for a small box of macarons or a candle set featuring classic scents.

Tea Party Baby Shower Invitations

Tea party baby shower: snack stand on a table

Inviting friends and family to your tea party baby shower is made easy with beautiful and festive invitations. At Greenvelope, you'll find a wide selection of designs that cater to all types of celebrations. Here are some of our favorites:

1. High Tea Invitation

This colorful design adds a modern vibe to your tea party baby shower, making it perfect for any type of celebration.

2. Dainty Teapot Invitation

With delicate floral illustrations, this formal invitation exudes elegance and is available in different colorways to suit your preference.

3. Dainty Garland Invitation

Featuring a whimsical garland made of cascading floral buds, this festive invite adds an elegant and romantic touch to your afternoon tea party.

4. Romantic Ornament Invitation

Add style and class to your party with this vintage tea party invite featuring a letterpress floral-engraved frame. It's perfect for a baby sprinkle or a tea party-themed baby shower.

5. Time for Tea Invitation

This watercolor invite showcases teaware and finger foods, giving guests a preview of the special day. Its formal and sweet design makes it ideal for bridal and baby showers with a tea party theme.

6. Vintage Balloon Invitation

Featuring a vintage hot air balloon and soft pastel hues, this magical invitation adds a whimsical touch to your baby shower or young child's birthday party.

Celebrate with These Tea Party Baby Shower Ideas

With these tips and ideas, you're on your way to hosting a memorable and charming tea party baby shower. Make sure to check out our baby shower planning checklist for a comprehensive guide. And remember, inviting guests to your tea party baby shower is a breeze with Greenvelope's easy-to-use invitation system. Just browse our large selection of designs, customize them to match your theme, and send them off with a few clicks. Happy planning!

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