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Surprise Birthday Party Hacks and Ideas: Make Their Special Day Unforgettable

Shhh! Don't blow it (pun intended!) Gift the person who has everything a party. These Surprise Birthday Party Hacks and Ideas will help you pull off the biggest secretly planned party that the guest of...

Surprise Birthday Party Hacks and Ideas

Shhh! Don't blow it (pun intended!) Gift the person who has everything a party. These Surprise Birthday Party Hacks and Ideas will help you pull off the biggest secretly planned party that the guest of honor and party guests will love.

Does anyone else enjoy giving surprises more than receiving them? Perhaps it's the little bit of "control freak" in me. I really like to know what's going on, but I also love to surprise people with gifts, events, outings, etc.

What is a Surprise Birthday Party?

A surprise birthday party is a secretly planned party for someone who is not told about it until he or she arrives. Typically, when the guest of honor arrives, the crowd yells, "Surprise!" Surprise parties are especially great for the person who has it all! The best gift you could give them is to gather all their friends and family together in one room. Everyone is there for them!

Planning a surprise party can be a little bit intimidating, but the key word is planning. If you are not a planner, step aside and find someone who is. First, you have to do everything you can to make sure the guest of honor does not find out. That can be a challenge, especially with technology today! It's important to plan ahead. I suggest talking to all guests instead of sending out a mass invite. If you are talking to your guests, you can remind them how important it is that the party is kept a secret.

The day of the party, make sure you line up a chauffeur. Have someone drive them so they can't bail on the location altogether. Imagine if they texted you replying "they were too tired to go out tonight!" That would be a disaster. Before the guest of honor arrives, make sure you have parking under control. They will likely recognize cars, so use side streets or additional parking lots. You could even bus people back and forth to the party.

Have a way to say "Surprise!" Have a huge balloon drop, noise makers, or even face masks with a photo of the guest of honor! Enjoy these Surprise Birthday Party Ideas and hacks. Let us know how it goes!

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Surprise Birthday Party Hacks and Ideas

Let's get ready to celebrate! Copy these surprise party ideas that include invitations, party favors, party games, and more. Enjoy these low-cost birthday surprise ideas that are easy to implement, and everyone will love!


Surprise Birthday Invitation Caption: Shhh! Don't Blow It! Surprise Birthday Invitation

I love the pun! "Shhh! Don't Blow It!" Surprise Birthday Invitation. This invitation is no longer available on Etsy, but there are plenty of cute surprise party invitation ideas.

Party Décor

Surprise Balloon Banner Caption: Surprise Balloon Banner

Foil balloons are so easy to access now, and best of all, they can easily be blown up with a low-cost balloon pump. Spell out your statements with this Surprise Balloon Banner.

Number-Related Facts Caption: Number-Related Facts

In this creative party décor idea from Marta Writes, these photos of number-related facts give party guests something to do early on while waiting for everyone else to arrive. This can easily be done on a word document.

Party Games

Having something to do at the party is important. You can invest lots of money into entertainment or quickly pull them together on a budget. These low-cost games are perfect for kids, teens, or even adults. They use common supplies around the home or ones you can easily access at a craft store, Target/Walmart, or even The Dollar Tree.

Party Games for Kids Caption: Party Games for Kids Printable PDF

Don't get bored. Include these 16 Party Games for Kids Printable PDF with directions and supply list. The kids will love each and every one of these games. Play them all or pick the ones you love.

Adult Party Games Caption: Adult Party Games Printable PDF

Hosting an adult birthday party? Adults like games too. Everyone on the guest list will love this low-cost entertainment. Save these 17 Adult Party Games Printable PDF with game instructions and supply list.

Guessing Game Caption: Guessing Game

How well do you know the guest of honor? Some of these answers might come as a surprise. Print your game from Play Party Plan and honor your birthday person. See how many answers you know to these questions. Who got closest to 21?

Surprise Party Ideas

Masks for Everyone Caption: Masks for Everyone

Go incognito with a mask. The birthday boy or girl will have no idea why there are 100 clones of him/her in the room! These are so fun, and we truly think they're worth the investment!

Sparkler Fun Caption: Sparkler Fun

For an outdoor party, get festive with a Happy Birthday song. Light sparklers to set the mood! This would be the perfect opportunity for some of the best surprise party photos!

Party Food

Of course, your #1 surprise birthday party food idea will need to be anything the birthday person loves! There are other cute ideas to fit the surprise party theme.

Blow Pops and Suckers Caption: Blow Pops and Suckers

Choose your number, but have blow pops and suckers on your table. You even have Hershey kisses for years that kiss a****. This plays with the number of your themed birthday party. - DIY Inspired

Personalized Menu Caption: Personalized Menu

Personalize your menu. Include a few of his or her favorite things in the party foods. Of course, this requires planning. Since it's a surprise party, the hosts really need to know the person of honor.

Guest Book

Jenga Game Guest Book Caption: Jenga Game Guest Book

Don't let these memories go down the drain - much like those years of your life must have... considering how many candles we see on that surprise birthday party cake. All humor aside, look at these surprise party ideas for a guest book.

Chalk Board Guest Book Caption: Chalk Board Guest Book

Set up a chalkboard with instructions for guests and ask everyone to stick a photo into a guest book and leave a message for the birthday boy/girl. You will need an instant Polaroid-type camera.

Envelope Guest Book Caption: Envelope Guest Book

Layout envelopes in the shape of a number representing their year of life. The envelopes can comprise several words of love and affection from you, family, and friends. You can make this before the party, and as guests arrive, they can add an index card or small letter inside the envelope. Easy and low-cost party decorations and a really cute gift or message for the special birthday person.

Balloon Ideas

Balloon Chandelier Caption: Balloon Chandelier

Hang a Balloon Chandelier full of memories. Grab some photos, helium, and relive those moments. Follow this DIY balloon tutorial.

Balloon Drop Caption: Balloon Drop

If you plan on dropping balloons, you can buy a balloon bag. You can also make your own balloon drop with this tutorial. We also have a balloon drop tutorial in our Family Birthday Celebrations.

Balloon Waterfall Caption: Balloon Waterfall

Mask the party entrance with a waterfall of balloons. This is perfect for the front door, or if your birthday kid is at home, use it on their bedroom door.

Surprise Party Cake Ideas

Pinata Cake Caption: Pinata Cake

If you have a surprise party, you need a surprise party cake! A Pinata Cake is a perfect birthday cake for the occasion!

Candle Cake Caption: Candle Cake

Speaking of Surprise birthday cakes, make a cake of candles. Simple and fun! Have a fire extinguisher nearby with all those candles!

Photo Cupcake Toppers Caption: Photo Cupcake Toppers

Toss his face on a stick with these photo cupcake toppers! These make me laugh so much... do you too?

Scavenger Hunt

Birthday Scavenger Hunt Caption: Birthday Scavenger Hunt

As if a surprise wasn't enough to cause a heart attack, take your guest of honor on a birthday treasure hunt to find something fun at the end!

At-Home Birthday Scavenger Hunt Caption: At-Home Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Have your guests hide in a room and remain quiet while the birthday boy/girl goes on a scavenger hunt to finally find them! Use our printable Birthday Scavenger Hunt.

Birthday Treasure Hunt Caption: Birthday Treasure Hunt

Sometimes, a surprise is in the birthday treasure hunt. Send your child on an at-home Birthday Scavenger Hunt with 20 birthday treasure hunt riddles and clues.

Beer & Wine Tasting

Beer and Wine Tasting Caption: Beer & Wine Tasting

Does your birthday guy or gal have a special drink or love cocktails? If you have something brewing for the adults, change the party location. You can bring the winery or brewery to your house. Try a wine tasting party or even a beer Oktoberfest party.

Surprise Birthday Party Ideas and Tips

Half Birthday Party Ideas

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