Sourcing Inspirational 52 Year Anniversary Gifts

After celebrating the milestone of the golden wedding at 50 years of marriage, the years that follow may seem like a bit of an anticlimax. You may not have organized anything major to mark your...

After celebrating the milestone of the golden wedding at 50 years of marriage, the years that follow may seem like a bit of an anticlimax. You may not have organized anything major to mark your 52 year wedding anniversary. However, it's important to remember that 52 years of marriage is no mean feat. Taking the time to reaffirm your love for each other and say all the things that you mean to say every day but just don't get around to is essential to keeping your happy marriage strong.

If your loved ones are approaching their 52nd wedding anniversary, you have the opportunity to help them celebrate by surprising them with gifts that are as heartfelt as they are meaningful. Showing your friends or relatives how much they are loved and appreciated can be done by presenting them with a gift that touches their heart because of its significance on this special day.

52 Year Anniversary Gifts Traditions

While some anniversary years are well known and marked with certain materials and symbols as milestones in a married couple's journey through life, the 52nd wedding anniversary is not one of these. When the original lists were created in the 1930s, only every fifth year after the 20th wedding anniversary was marked out for special attention with chosen symbols and themes. Therefore, the 52nd year of marriage was omitted.

More recently, new lists have been drawn up, linking new materials and themes with each year of marriage. The 52nd wedding anniversary, like the 40th anniversary before it, is now linked with the precious gemstone ruby.

If you would like to give your loved ones a really special and significant gift on their 52nd wedding anniversary, you may want to reflect this theme in your 52 year anniversary gift ideas.

Finding Out Interesting Facts About Rubies

There are lots of interesting facts about rubies that may be of interest to anyone celebrating their 52nd wedding anniversary. Rubies have a very long history. As long ago as 200 BC, rubies were being traded and transported along China's North Silk Road. In many Asian cultures, rubies were used to decorate weaponry and armor, and were even placed into the foundation stones of important buildings to bring luck and prosperity.

The most valuable rubies are those that are the brightest and best shade of red, with the most valuable ruby in the world being the Sunrise Ruby, which was auctioned for the enormous sum of $30 million.

Rubies are mined in many places all over the world, with Burma having been the greatest producer for centuries. Rubies can also be found in the USA, and are mined in Montana, Wyoming, and North and South Carolina.

Ruby 52 Year Anniversary Gifts for Her and for Him

One of the finest 52 year anniversary gifts for her that embodies the theme of this year of marriage is a beautiful ruby jewelry gift, such as a pendant necklace, pair of earrings, or bracelet. Any wife would be delighted to receive such a thoughtful and stylish gift and will enjoy wearing her elegant items for many more years, thinking of you fondly every time.

If you would like to think of a ruby 52 year anniversary gift for him, a pair of attractive ruby cufflinks or a ruby tie pin would both be excellent choices that any gentleman of style would really appreciate.

Adopting a Red Theme for 52 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

If rubies are too expensive for your 52 year anniversary gift ideas, why not consider adopting the color red as the theme instead? Whether you opt for a red ornament, some red textiles, or a piece of red-colored wall art, this would be a fantastic way to embody the essence of this anniversary without breaking the bank.

One excellent idea is to present the couple with a red photograph frame filled with photographs of their wedding day. It's the perfect token of esteem to adorn the marital home for many more years.

Unique and Unusual 52 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

A 52 year anniversary gift that would really surprise and impress your loved ones is a vacation to a ruby themed destination. Perhaps you could splash out on an exotic long-haul trip to India, where rubies have long held a special significance. For a more budget-conscious trip, a short break to one of the areas in the USA known for its ruby mines would be an appropriate and thoughtful gift that will generate many happy memories for the couple.

Personalized and handmade gifts are always particularly special. Surprise your loved ones with a beautiful embroidered and personalized cushion for their living room or a red hand-painted commemorative plate. For couples who love home décor and have a passion for art, an elegant real natural red rose that has been crafted into a unique work of art in an intricate preserving glaze is one of the best ideas. Each item is magnificently decorated with a 24 karat gold trim and is a luxurious and lasting memento of this unique and special anniversary year.

Celebrate the 52nd wedding anniversary in style with these inspirational gift ideas. Whether you choose a stunning ruby piece of jewelry, embrace the color red, or opt for a unique and unusual gift, your thoughtfulness and love will shine through. Cheers to 52 years of marriage!