Schedule of Events for the Coronation of Britain's King Charles III

The much-awaited event is finally here! The coronation of Britain's King Charles III is a momentous occasion that will be etched in history. Let's dive into the schedule of events and get a glimpse of...

The much-awaited event is finally here! The coronation of Britain's King Charles III is a momentous occasion that will be etched in history. Let's dive into the schedule of events and get a glimpse of what to expect on this grand day.

The King's Procession

The day kicks off with the spectacular "King's Procession" that spans a distance of 1.3 miles, from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey in central London. The King and Queen will make this journey in the magnificent Diamond Jubilee State Coach, accompanied by the Household Cavalry.

King's Procession The King's Procession

Ceremony and Guests

At 11:00 am (1000 GMT), the ceremony commences with Charles being crowned at 12:00 pm. The service will be led by the esteemed Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, the highest-ranking cleric in the Church of England. Among those present in the abbey will be approximately 2,000 distinguished individuals, including foreign leaders, royalty, elected officials, and representatives from civil society.

The Recognition

One of the highlights of the ceremony is the recognition of the new king by the congregation. Their resounding shouts of "God Save the King!" fill the abbey, marking the official acceptance and support for Charles's ascension to the throne.

The Oath

Following the recognition, Charles will take the coronation oath. This sacred pledge has evolved over the centuries, with each monarch customizing the wording to reflect their commitment. In 1953, Charles's mother, Queen Elizabeth II, vowed to rule justly, uphold the law, exercise mercy, and safeguard the Church of England. She also pledged to govern the Commonwealth realms and territories in accordance with their respective laws and customs.

The Anointing

Next comes the solemn moment of anointing. The king, seated in King Edward's Chair beneath a majestic canopy, receives the sacred anointing, blessing, and consecration from the archbishop. The use of a 12th-century silver-gilt spoon, the oldest artifact among the Crown Jewels, adds a touch of rich history to this deeply symbolic act. Notably, this part of the ceremony is not open to public view.

The Investiture

Following the anointing, the sovereign receives the sovereign's orb and sceptres, symbolizing their spiritual and temporal powers. And then, the much-awaited moment arrives - the placement of the St Edward's Crown upon the monarch's head.

The Enthronement

At this stage, the newly crowned king moves to the throne, solidifying his position as the ruler of the realm.

The Homage

In a display of loyalty and homage, the archbishop, royal princes, and senior members of the House of Lords kneel before the king, pledging their allegiance. Camilla will also have her own separate but equally meaningful coronation ceremony.

The Coronation Procession

The jubilant celebration continues with the Coronation Procession. The king and queen, accompanied by the royal family, make their way back to Buckingham Palace in the majestic Gold State Coach. This ceremonial procession, dating back to 1762, is a sight to behold. Alongside them are 4,000 British and Commonwealth troops, resplendent in their regalia. The procession will culminate with a balcony appearance at around 2:15 pm, where the royal couple will greet the crowd and witness a Royal Air Force fly-past.


Family plays a significant role on this momentous day. Charles's sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, will be in attendance, with Prince George, the second in line to the throne, serving as one of the king's pages. Camilla's grandchildren and her great-nephew will also be part of the entourage, adding to the joyous familial atmosphere.

Long Weekend of Festivities

The festivities extend beyond the coronation day. On Sunday, May 7, the UK will come alive with neighborhood street parties known as "The Big Coronation Lunch." Windsor Castle will host a spectacular Coronation Concert in the evening, featuring renowned artists such as Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, Take That, and Andrea Bocelli. And finally, Monday, May 8, has been declared a public holiday, giving the nation a chance to come together and engage in voluntary community work as encouraged by the royal family.

The coronation of Britain's King Charles III promises to be a historic event filled with pageantry, tradition, and moments that will forever be cherished. As the world watches, let us join in the celebrations and wish the new monarch a prosperous and successful reign.