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Ruby Red & Simply Awesome 40th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Couples!

Picking out an anniversary gift is no easy feat! In fact, it almost seems like every year the selections get slimmer with the “been there, done that” factor complicating things even further. Fortunately, anniversaries like...

Picking out an anniversary gift is no easy feat! In fact, it almost seems like every year the selections get slimmer with the “been there, done that” factor complicating things even further.

Fortunately, anniversaries like the 40th stand out for the simplicity and romance embedded in its ruby and red theme. For this 4 decade milestone, you can gravitate to the most common color of love, and to ruby, a gemstone in a class of its own as well.

If you’re celebrating your 40th anniversary this year, or looking for something extra special to gift a family member or friend, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve listed tons of great traditional and non-traditional options your spouse or that celebrating couple will love, whether you’re considering jewelry, household appliances, or even an all-inclusive vacation. Intrigued? Go ahead and dive in!

What is the traditional 40th anniversary gift?

The lustrous ruby gemstone is said to represent nobility, purity, and passion. It has since time immemorial been associated with the 40th wedding anniversary. The deep red of this precious stone can be compared to a steadily burning love; the sort of love it takes to reach a 40th-anniversary milestone. There are many ways to incorporate traditional ruby into your anniversary gift, and this may or may not include jewelry or flowers!

What is the traditional 40th anniversary flower?

Nasturtiums, also known as tropaeolums, are recognized as the traditional 40th-anniversary flower. A 40th-year anniversary gift that includes these can be the perfect traditional gift. Keep in mind also that there are lots of other red flowers, roses for example, that you can gift your loved one as a demonstration of your love!

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40th anniversary gift ideas for him

Ruby crystal cufflinks

Planning on painting the town red for your 40th anniversary? Let your hubby do so in style by getting him some elegant ruby crystal cufflinks which will add the perfect sparkle to his formal wear while you two celebrate 40 years of love.

A handsome ruby-faced watch

The color red and watches seem to go together well, especially when it's just a hint of red, like in a ruby-faced watch. This anniversary gift will be one accent piece your husband won’t want to put down anytime soon!

Stainless steel cigar & liquor flask

Cigars and liquor pair well together, and you can create the perfect gift for him by combining these two with a stainless steel cigar & liquor flask. This cool 40th-anniversary gift idea will ensure that he stays snazzy for years to come!

Designer sunglasses

A cool pair of durable sunglasses from a brand he loves will definitely bring out the smiles on anniversary day. This is a functional gift that you two can head out on an adventure together to try out. Heck, maybe even get a matching pair for yourself!

A ruby-red blazer

There’s hardly anything sexier than a man in a blazer, and a ruby red one will turn up the heat even more. He’ll definitely stand out in a custom-tailored red blazer that he can wear for the first time out with you for your anniversary celebrations!

A charcuterie or cheese subscription

Edible anniversary gifts are hard to resist, especially when these include a charcuterie or cheese subscription. This gift works in more ways than one as you can either choose to enjoy together, or with friends. There are many great options you can choose from when it comes to these subscriptions, and it all depends on individual taste.

A personalized mug

Getting a personalized mug for a special occasion as treasured as a 40th anniversary will be something that’ll definitely be well received, especially if paired with something else that’s sentimental… like flowers. Putting a fun illustration of you two on the face of the mug works great too!

A wine subscription

Looking for something to spice up any of the above-mentioned 40th-year anniversary gift ideas just a tad? A wine subscription will do the trick! Get a wine subscription box, which will allow you to have the best wines (as indicated by you) delivered to your doorstep as often as you need them and certainly in time for your 40th anniversary!

40th-year anniversary gift ideas for her

Ruby gemstone ring

Gifting your wife with a ring for your 40th-year anniversary is a sure way to ensure she feels as special as she did on your wedding day. If you choose a ring as spectacular as one with a ruby gemstone, it’ll certainly help your love sparkle like never before!

Ruby and diamond necklace

Ruby and diamond are the perfect combination, and a necklace featuring these precious stones will be something she can show off, or just keep near her heart as she takes in every ounce of the love you’ve always had for her.

A day at the spa

Spa days are simply blissful. For your 40th anniversary, gift your wife with a treatment that’ll help her reinvigorate her body and mind. This amazing day of pampering is something that can be enjoyed as a couple, or you can just let her take off on her own and return later, a completely new woman!

Ruby-colored roses

Roses fall in line with the traditional color of the 40th wedding anniversary, and your wife will love some ruby-toned roses accompanied by a card sealed with your love.

Ruby earrings

Skip the wild goose chase of tracking down a gorgeous pair of earrings your wife will love and zero in on a tasteful pair of ruby earrings that’ll remind her of your impeccable taste every time she wears them!

Write a poem

Writing a poem dedicated to the woman of your dreams is one of those heartfelt expressions of love she’ll truly appreciate. Jot it down in ruby red ink and carefully place it into a ruby red frame which will really catch her attention.

A ruby-colored crystal vase

Considering there’s a perfect flower that’s worth including in your 40th-anniversary gift, why not throw in a ruby-colored crystal vase which will really make those nasturtiums pop? This is an excellent gift that will certainly start your anniversary on a swoon-worthy note.

Chocolate or other confectionary goodies

A gift of chocolates will forever be a sweet gesture, much like any other confectionary goodies you think your spouse will enjoy. Get her some sweets paired with decadent chocolates, and don’t forget to remind her of just how much you love and appreciate her!

Surprise event tickets

Most women love surprises, and if your wife is the spontaneous type who looks forward to the unexpected, get her some movie tickets, or even some tickets for a concert, theatre production, or even a sports event that she’s interested in. Wrap these tickets in a ruby-red box, or simply tie a beautiful ruby-red ribbon around them for the perfect finishing touch of your 40th-year anniversary gift.

A love letter

When was the last time you wrote your wife a romantic love letter? Ten years ago? Twenty years ago? Never? If either of these were your answer, then perhaps it's time to spice things up and remind her of just how much you love her with written words. You might just be surprised at her reaction!

Comfy clothes and shoes for the home

It’s great to shop around for clothes to wear for special occasions, but it can be just as fun to pick up items that will up your comfort factor at home. Add some comfort items like super soft slippers or a luxurious robe to her wardrobe just in time for your 40th wedding anniversary, and you two might just choose to stay indoors this time around!

40th-year anniversary gifts for celebrating couples

Personalized 40th wedding anniversary champagne

Not sure what to get as an anniversary gift for that celebrating couple? Champagne, or rose Champagne might just be perfect, especially if it's a bottle that’s personalized just for them, ruby-red label and all. It’ll be a nice touch to include the couple’s names and their wedding anniversary dates on the bottle label.

KitchenAid Queen of Hearts 5qt. stand mixer in red

The 40-year mark is definitely a good time to help that special couple spruce up their kitchen. Why not do this by gifting them a handy new appliance, like a stand mixer? Get one in red to really let the traditional aspect of your thoughtfulness shine through!

A sentimental photo album

A photo album is an excellent idea for a 40th-anniversary gift. By year number 40, the celebrating couple has likely made lots of great memories together, and with close friends and family. You would also likely have enough photos of some of the good times to put together a fun album, and you can always ask the couple to provide just one really great photo of them to top things off if you don’t already have one. Customize as much as you’d like - you can even add cute notes and fond memories!

A new sound system

Help the happy couple keep it moving in perfect rhythm with a brand new sound system. Whether or not they’re a technologically oriented couple, they’ll surely appreciate a sound system that lets them enjoy high-quality versions of their favorite tunes!

Ruby-colored enameled cookware for the kitchen

40 is a great time to make some changes, whether these changes are dramatic, or as simple as adding some new cookware to the kitchen. A ruby-colored enameled cookware set as an anniversary gift will surely stand out in this solid couple’s kitchen as they get set to whip up good and tasty meals throughout their anniversary week!

Put together a playlist with songs from the era of the marriage date

If you want to do something nice for a celebrating couple, putting together a playlist is always a good option - you can compile some of the most happening tunes from their era and surprise them with the completed playlist when you all get together. This will be truly nostalgic, and will likely have you all dancing the night away!

Alternative ways to celebrate your 40th anniversary

A romantic anniversary getaway with Sandals

An all-inclusive vacation is an amazing way to celebrate any anniversary. An all-inclusive vacation in the Caribbean? Even better! Your all-inclusive anniversary gift for two can be a surprise for your spouse or something you plan together. Take romance to the next level with luxurious Sandals all-inclusive offerings like the Butler Level Suites with your own private butler, Over-the-Water Bungalows, Swim-Up Rooms, and so much more. Also on the all-inclusive menu are restaurants too numerous to count (as many as 16 restaurants per property!), day and night entertainment, land and water sports, and the list goes on!

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A vow renewal ceremony

Want to add even more romance to your all-inclusive anniversary getaway? Consider renewing your vows on an island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea! Sandals Vow Renewals Package makes this more than possible for couples who want to re-tie the knot and walk into a new chapter of love.

Shopping around for a 40th-year anniversary gift for a friend? Here’s what you need to know!

Don’t worry about cost

Think first about your friends, the couple. What do they really love? What sort of anniversary gift would make them happy on their anniversary? The answers to these won’t always lead to getting an expensive gift but rather, one that’s meaningful. Forget about the cost and focus on true value.


Get something unique for the couple

While you’re thinking about what that meaningful gift should be, consider this too: this couple has made it to their 40th-anniversary mark. As far as anniversaries go, they’ve likely seen it all. Get something unique that’ll really stand out.

Have fun when shopping

Shopping can either be fun or stressful. There often is no in-between. Try to keep as lighthearted as possible while hunting for the perfect 40th-anniversary wedding gift. That way, the fun factor remains, and you’ll be able to find something amazing!

Shopping online for anniversary gifts

The internet makes everything easy, especially gift buying. You’ll find options galore if you choose to stay home and shop online. If you plan on shopping online, it’s a good idea to have a general idea of what you want so you don’t get pulled in different directions once you start browsing. Nevertheless, you’re bound to find something the couple will enjoy whether you choose to shop online, or head out to your go-to stores to find more anniversary gift ideas!

40th anniversary gifts made easy

Gifts are meant for more than ornamental purposes, although there are some designed to be just that. Whether you prefer functional, ornamental, or something in between, we hope you’ll be able to use the above to guide you to that extra special anniversary gift idea. If you still can’t decide, know this: all-inclusive resort vacations are always a win. Your time in paradise will be something you can both take pleasure in as you celebrate your 40th anniversary together!