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A Neighborly Guide to Organizing a Memorable Street Party

Picture: Residents choosing what to eat at a street party - Credits: Starevent.vn Why Have a Street Party? Picture: A lively street party gathering - Credits: Starevent.vn Create an opportunity to meet your neighbors in...

Residents choosing what to eat at a street party Picture: Residents choosing what to eat at a street party - Credits: Starevent.vn

Why Have a Street Party?

Street Party Picture: A lively street party gathering - Credits: Starevent.vn

  • Create an opportunity to meet your neighbors in a fun and engaging way, fostering a sense of community.
  • Foster a friendly atmosphere, transforming strangers into neighbors.
  • Make use of the street right outside your house for a memorable party.
  • Enjoy the street without the inconvenience of cars.
  • Provide a safe environment for children to play and interact.
  • Promote inclusivity by bringing together people of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, holidays, and seasonal events.
  • Embrace the joy of tradition and have fun, regardless of the occasion.

Street Party

Organizing a street party might seem daunting, but trust me, it's easier than you think! This guide will walk you through the key points, empowering you to plan a simple street party for your neighbors. Remember, this guidance is tailored to residents organizing a street party in one or two quiet streets, without external publicity. For more extensive events, additional arrangements will be required.

Street Party

When to Hold Your Street Party

To ensure a successful event, start planning 2-3 months in advance if you require a council road closure. Mid-July and September are excellent choices when children are in school, and Sundays tend to be preferable since fewer people work. Consider the following basic schedule for the day:

  • Remove cars by 11 am
  • Lunch at 2 pm to bring everyone together
  • Tea party at 5 pm
  • Finish at a time that won't disrupt your neighbors' peace and quiet

You can also plan your street party around specific holidays or cultural events, such as Pancake Day, June strawberry tea party, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Easter, and more. If time is short, you can opt for a smaller informal street meet, which can serve as a prelude to a more elaborate street party on a later date. Simply gather on a pavement, at the end of a cul de sac, driveway, or a nearby park.

Planning and Meetings

Neighbors chatting Picture: Neighbors chatting and planning - Credits: Starevent.vn

To get started, approach a couple of friendly neighbors who are interested in organizing the event with you. Once you have a small team, agree on a date for the street party. Extend an invitation to all residents on your street for an informal meeting, preferably on the street itself to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Hold a few more meetings to discuss plans and distribute responsibilities among the participants. Remember, the more people involved in organizing, the better.

Avoid formalities like creating a committee or documenting minutes of meetings; keep it informal and focused on collaboration. Assign someone to take notes and ensure that invitations are delivered to all houses. Face-to-face invitations are crucial to involving everyone, as social media and emails may not reach everyone in your neighborhood.

Street Party

Involving Everyone

Extend personalized invitations to all residents, as direct communication is key to their participation. Show that your event is inclusive and caters to all ages, dispelling any concerns that it is solely focused on children. Consider implementing the following ideas to encourage more participation:

  • Ask someone familiar with each resident to invite them personally.
  • Emphasize that your event welcomes people of all ages, fostering a sense of belonging.
  • Arrange seating areas for relaxation.
  • Organize a tea party or a cake competition to entice residents with sweet treats.
  • Host a quiz or display photos showcasing the history of your street or neighborhood.
  • Celebrate the oldest resident with a special cake or recognition.
  • Play music that appeals to different tastes or invite residents to showcase their dance skills.

Neighbors celebrating

Remember that teenagers might require specific activities to engage them, such as assigning them tasks, incorporating physical games and music, and catering to their interests.

Activities to Make Your Street Party Memorable


  • Organize a communal food-sharing experience, such as a buffet or a tea party.
  • Energize the atmosphere with a street quiz.
  • Set up live acoustic music, keeping the volume moderate and the duration reasonable.
  • Decorate the street with bunting and other festive decorations.
  • Create comfortable seating areas for toddlers and elderly residents.
  • Plan and execute activities that bring everyone together in the middle of the street.
  • Offer a range of games suitable for all ages.
  • Set up a swap shop table where people can exchange items, help, and ideas.
  • Prepare for unexpected rain by monitoring the forecast and adjusting timings if necessary.

Street Party

More Ideas:

  • Organize a cake, biscuit, or pudding competition.
  • Set up a bring-and-buy or swap table.
  • Create a game where residents guess house numbers or wear labels with their names and house numbers.
  • Engage in traditional games like tug of war, skittles, and swing ball.
  • Decorate wheelie bins and hold a race.
  • Arrange a cycle or scooter course, football or basketball games.
  • Host full street game competitions suitable for all ages.
  • Celebrate the birthday of the oldest person in your street.
  • Create a map highlighting where each resident is from (UK or the world).
  • Hold a raffle to raise money for your street party.
  • Collect stories and photos of people from years ago who lived on your street.
  • Organize a competition for the best front garden or decorated houses.
  • Allow children to create temporary chalk drawings on the pavement.
  • Embrace sustainability by organizing a greener, waste-free event.
  • Conduct surveys or petition residents on local issues.
  • Explore Age Friendly Streets ideas to encourage intergenerational connections.

Street Party

Resources to Help You Plan Your Street Party

Take advantage of these free resources to make the most of your street party:

  • Download our comprehensive street party guides.
  • Browse through various items available for purchase or hire, such as bunting, tables, and prizes.
  • Read inspiring street party ideas and stories from other communities.
  • Discover Age Friendly Streets, a collection of ideas to promote age mixing.
  • Consult the government website, where we have contributed to the street party guidelines.

Road Closure

If you plan to close the road for your street party, you will need to apply to your council's traffic/highways department or events team. The application process typically takes 5 to 12 weeks. While inviting residents to participate in the event, you effectively consult them about the road closure. The specific requirements and arrangements for road closures may vary between councils. Consultation with the fire, ambulance, and police departments may be necessary.

In case your council imposes charges or has complex procedures for road closures, don't hesitate to seek our guidance. We have extensive experience providing detailed recommendations to councils, and some have implemented changes based on our advice. Explore alternative traffic routes if closing the entire road isn't feasible, allowing certain vehicles to enter and exit slowly for specific purposes.

Street Party

Road Closure Signs

Refer to our detailed information on road closure signs for effective communication and safety.

If Road Closure Isn't Possible - Try a Street Meet

In situations where closing the road isn't an option, consider organizing a street meet instead. A street meet can be arranged more simply and without requiring permission. Utilize available spaces like pavements, parking spaces, gardens, or driveways. Here are a few street meet ideas:

  • Street Picnic: Organize a shared picnic in a local park or playing field.
  • Street Lounge: Use careful parking, carpets, and chairs on the pavement to create a welcoming space.
  • Street Welcome: Use the arrival of a new resident as an opportunity to gather, socialize, and offer a warm welcome.
  • Street Play-Time: Designate specific times for residents to prioritize play in the street. Explore our Street Play resources for more ideas.

Street Party Picture: People sitting leisurely in a green space having a picnic - Credits: Starevent.vn

Insurance and Safety

Collaborate with your neighbors to minimize potential risks, including accidents, burns from barbecues, damage, electricity, rain, and breakages. It's essential to stress that attendees should take responsibility for their own safety while looking out for one another, especially children. Some councils may require you to sign an indemnity statement as part of the road closure process to protect them against liability. In most cases, insurance is not mandatory, but it may be advisable depending on your circumstances. Explore our dedicated street party insurance guidance for more information.

A written risk assessment may not be necessary, but if your council requires one, you can create your own using a template from our resources.


For most street parties, you won't need to apply for a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) license from your council, as long as any performances are incidental or background in nature. Selling tickets, charging entrance fees, or serving food and alcohol would require a TEN application at least two weeks in advance, with a cost of approximately £21. Specific licensing regulations may apply in Scotland.

Street Party

On the Day of the Street Party

After notifying residents through notes or signs a day or week in advance, kindly remind the remaining few to move their cars. Start the day by hanging bunting and placing road barriers to create a festive atmosphere. Don't forget to clean up and remove the barriers at the agreed-upon time. Most importantly, cherish the moment and have a fantastic time with your neighbors.

Follow-Up and Sharing Your Story

Keep the momentum going by organizing follow-up activities to make the most of your street party. Exhibit photos of the event on windows or walls, or share them online. Consider surveying participants to gather their feedback. You might want to discuss social matters, community safety, or traffic in subsequent discussions. Check out our Traffic and Roads section for further guidance.

Street Party

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What if nobody wants to join in?

Don't worry! In most cases, the majority of residents will join in or decide to participate on the day. Door-knocking is important, especially when extending invitations to shy, vulnerable, or elderly residents. Read this encouraging story from an East London resident about their experience organizing a street party.

What if a resident actively opposes the street party?

Take the time to understand their concerns and needs. Some people may have misconceptions about what the party entails or may worry about their cars or socializing with neighbors. Assure them that their car will be accommodated, even offering special arrangements for them to drive in and out. As long as the noise remains at a reasonable level, there shouldn't be any reason to prevent the event. Your council should not allow a single objection to hinder the permission process.

What if it rains?

Be prepared to cover things up and wait until the rain subsides or adjust your activities accordingly. Rain shouldn't dampen your spirits unless you're incredibly unlucky. Otherwise, embrace the unexpected and consider it an opportunity for a unique experience.

Why not join more streets together?

While joining multiple streets may dilute the intimacy with your immediate neighbors, it can work if the event remains solely for residents and isn't publicized externally. Keep in mind that a public event entails different considerations.

Street Party

What can go wrong?

Not much that can't be sorted! Occasionally, certain situations might require additional attention, but most issues can be resolved through open communication and cooperation. Here are a few examples of potential challenges and ways to tackle them:

  • If an important delivery or a disabled driver needs access, exercise caution and allow them to pass.
  • Keep an eye out for children to prevent accidents or them wandering into other roads.
  • Address any excessive noise promptly to avoid disturbing neighbors.
  • Uninvited guests are unlikely, but in case of loud music late into the night, kindly request they reduce the volume.

What if there is too much traffic or residents parking?

To create enough space for your street party, you only need to relocate 8-10 cars. Generally, residents' parking schemes don't operate on weekends, especially not on Sundays. However, distributing leaflets on cars is crucial to inform residents about the event and encourage their cooperation.

Street Party

Why is holding it in the street the best option?

Holding a street party right outside people's homes ensures a high level of participation. You can't beat the convenience and inclusivity it offers. If closing the road entirely isn't feasible, alternative venues like parks, gardens, or buildings also make suitable options. But why not make use of your pavement or driveway for a street meet?

How can we raise money for our street party?

While sharing is key to a successful street party, there may be instances where fundraising becomes necessary, such as for purchasing bunting. Here are a few ideas to generate funds:

  • Organize a small entry fee for attendees.
  • Ask for voluntary donations.
  • Hold a bake sale or other small fundraising activities.

How can we address long-term traffic concerns in our area?

Reducing traffic or parking issues requires collaboration with your council and possibly seeking assistance from relevant local groups. For guidance on tackling such challenges, explore our Roads and Traffic section.

Street Party

Remember, this article provides valuable advice for planning a street party, but it does not encompass all aspects of organization, responsibilities, or liabilities. If you have any doubts, we recommend seeking professional advice. Now, go out, build community spirit, and make your street party an unforgettable experience for everyone!

Note: Some images used in this article are for illustrative purposes and do not depict actual street party scenes.