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Remember Every Detail With This Wedding Decor Checklist

Ready to start planning your dream wedding decor and want to make sure you don't miss a single thing? What you need is a wedding decor checklist! Use this guide to help cover all the...

Wedding decor checklist: outdoor wedding reception setting

Ready to start planning your dream wedding decor and want to make sure you don't miss a single thing? What you need is a wedding decor checklist!

Use this guide to help cover all the details that play a big role in making your big day feel beautiful, special, and timeless. Forget about worrying if you've remembered the table linens or a welcome sign — this wedding decor checklist has it all.

Your Ultimate Wedding Decor Checklist

Wedding days involve lots of tiny details — especially if you want to create an amazing atmosphere or you have a themed wedding in mind. Simplify the wedding decor organizing, shopping, and setup with this wedding decor checklist. It has everything you need for your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception.

Wedding Ceremony Decor

Wedding decor checklist: wedding arch with white flowers

Let's begin with the moment that kicks off the big day — the wedding ceremony. When it comes to ceremony decor, it's worth investing your budget in the items you'll see and remember, or those that add to the day's atmosphere.

Many couples choose to invest in beautiful wedding flowers or a unique ceremony arch to create a stunning backdrop for that picture-perfect "I do" moment. Items like chair covers or aisle decor can also be lovely, but they're not a must-have if you're on a budget or prefer a more minimalist look.

As you're planning your dream wedding ceremony, consider these decor items:

  • Welcome sign
  • Order of events placard
  • Wedding ceremony programs
  • Vow books
  • Ceremony arch or backdrop
  • Aisle runner
  • Aisle decorations
  • Floral displays
  • Bouquets and boutonnieres
  • Confetti or flower petals
  • Ring pillow for the ring bearer
  • Flower basket for the flower girl

Cocktail Hour Decor

Wedding decor checklist: welcome drinks on a table

Phew, the nerve-wracking part is over with — vows have been made, rings have been exchanged, and you're now newlyweds! It's time to move on to cocktail hour, a time for mingling and catching up before the reception.

The focus here is creating a welcoming space for guests to converse while you take wedding photos or work your way around the groups of guests. You don't typically need a lot of decor for your cocktail hour space, but the most important elements are signage, bar accessories, and somewhere for people to sign your wedding guest book or leave a card.

Here are some of our go-to cocktail hour decor ideas:

  • Bar signage
  • Signature cocktail menu
  • Bar accessories like stirrers, straws, and cocktail napkins
  • Cocktail or high-top tables
  • Guest book table
  • Card box or gift table
  • Seating chart with place cards

Wedding Reception Decor

Wedding cake and various desserts on a table

After cocktail hour comes the wedding reception, and this is often where couples focus most of their wedding budget. You'll be spending a lot of time in this space eating, drinking, dancing, and enjoying everyone's company.

The type of decor you use will depend on the style of your wedding venue and your wedding theme. You may fill the space with cozy string lights and bright floor cushions for a boho wedding vibe, or suspend chandeliers from the ceiling and invest in gorgeous floral displays for a more elegant wedding.

As part of your wedding reception decor, think about whether you'd like these items:

  • Seating chart or escort cards (if not already displayed)
  • Sweetheart table and backdrop
  • Drinks station or bar decor
  • Wedding menu
  • Dessert table and decor
  • Cake stand and cake topper
  • Wedding favor stand
  • Wedding reception lighting
  • Hanging decor like bunting, garlands, or chandeliers
  • Draping or fabric backdrops
  • Floral displays and vases
  • Photo booth and props
  • Personalized wedding photo backdrop
  • Wedding hashtag signage
  • Memory table or photo display
  • Party games and instructions
  • Lounge or casual seating area

Wedding Reception Table Decor

Various glasses and flowers on a table

If you're hosting a traditional sit-down meal, one area to pay extra special attention to is your wedding reception tables. Your loved ones will spend time here chatting, drinking, and eating, and any table decor elements you include here can bring your theme to life and become a talking point.

As with your reception decor, match your table decor and printed items like table numbers to your theme. This might mean you choose bright, colorful table linen, or something more understated and sophisticated like pillar candles in vases. Style your tables with rustic elements like dried flowers in bud vases or eucalyptus, or create a stunning centerpiece that honors your personal style.

Our favorite wedding table decor ideas include:

  • Table linens
  • Tablecloths
  • Table runner
  • Place settings
  • Centerpieces and floral arrangements
  • Napkins
  • Place cards
  • Table numbers
  • Glassware
  • Silverware
  • Tableware and dinnerware
  • Charger plates
  • Floral and/or candle accents

Outdoor Wedding Decor

Flowers in bottles hanging on a tree

Hosting your wedding ceremony outside or having a backyard wedding reception can introduce new opportunities for decor and styling. This also comes with unique challenges to consider, like shelter from the weather and how you'll light the space after it gets dark.

Here are some of our most-loved outdoor wedding decorations:

  • Seating cushions, picnic blankets, or benches
  • Umbrellas
  • Lawn games
  • Bar cart decor
  • Ice cream cart and signage
  • Outdoor lighting like lanterns, torches, or string lights
  • Sparklers or fireworks

How to Make Wedding Decor Planning Easier

Choosing your wedding decor isn't just about knowing what you need — it's also about what you love. Our wedding decor checklist can help you remember every element, but these decisions will help you streamline the process so you can focus on picking out wedding decor that actually speaks to you.

Decide on a Wedding Theme

Matching invite: Monstera Deliciosa Invitation

Your wedding theme influences every aspect of your big day — from your digital invitations to the color of your napkins. Take some time to consider what you and your partner both love, whether there's a particular trend you want to embrace, or what your wedding style is. From there, settle on a wedding theme and select decor and styling items that match beautifully.

Set a Budget

Wedding spending can get out of control quickly if you don't have a handle on the finances. Sit down together and create a wedding budget that outlines what you have available and where you'd like to save or splurge. With a budget in mind, it's much easier to make decisions about your wedding decor.

Choose Between Buying, Making, or Borrowing

Some people want to buy everything new for their big celebration, while others prefer to hire rentals or borrow from loved ones. If you're crafty or love DIY, you could also make a lot of your wedding decor yourself. Work through the items on the wedding decor checklist and decide whether you want to buy, make, or borrow them, so you can stay organized and know exactly what you need to do in advance.

Get Help from a Loved One or Wedding Professional

Wedding planning is a big task, and it's not easy to tackle solo or with your partner alone — especially if you dream of a grand, detailed ceremony and reception. If all of this feels a bit overwhelming, call on some help. Ask your wedding party members to step in and help you get organized, ask loved ones for practical help, or work with a wedding planner to bring your ideas to life. Outsource the tasks you don't love so you can focus your attention on the details that bring you joy.

Remember Everything With This Wedding Decor Checklist

Planning a wedding involves lots of steps, but with this wedding decor planning checklist, this is one area that'll feel much easier to control. Use this guide to help build your own personalized list of wedding ideas, so you can plan in advance and check off items as you acquire them.

A key part of getting your wedding decor right is choosing items that match your theme — and the same is true for your wedding stationery. Explore our wedding collection to find save the dates, wedding invites, and wedding announcements in every theme, all completely customizable to match your personal style.