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Red Dead Redemption 2: Unveiling the Secrets of Events Locations and Walkthroughs

Events in Red Dead Redemption 2 are a captivating part of the game that evolve over time, presenting players with dynamic experiences. These events play a significant role in the development of various locations in...

Events in Red Dead Redemption 2 are a captivating part of the game that evolve over time, presenting players with dynamic experiences. These events play a significant role in the development of various locations in the game world and can have a profound impact on your gameplay.

Exploring the Dynamic Events

In most cases, contributing to the development of a location involves undertaking tasks for the respective contract. However, be aware that refusing to help or antagonizing the contact person can hinder the progress of that location.

It's worth noting that regardless of your earlier advancements, all areas will enter their final stage of development upon reaching Epilogue 1. So, rest assured and enjoy the game however you see fit. Let's delve into the intriguing world of Red Dead Redemption 2 events:

Appleseed Timber Co.

Nestled northeast of Strawberry, Appleseed Timber Co. is a company primarily involved in timber trade. They are in the midst of clearing a forest for their specific purposes.

Your initial task here is to sell food and medicine to the company. As progress unfolds, you will find yourself rescuing a victim trapped under a fallen tree. On your third visit, your intervention will be required to settle a feud amongst the members of the timber company.

Eventually, you will witness the swift disappearance of their camp from the world. Let's explore the distinctive stages of Appleseed Timber Co.:

Appleseed Timber Co. Appleseed Timber Co.

Stage 1: In its early stages, Appleseed Timber Co. consists of a crew of lumberjacks wielding axes to chop down trees. Speak to the foreman at the semi-built cabin, who will request that you sell food and medicine to him. Agreeing to his request will advance the development of this area to the next stage.

Stage 2: Upon your second visit, you'll notice that the cabin is now complete. The area on the map will point you towards a lumberjack with a fallen log pinning his leg. It's crucial to lift the tree and free him, earning some honor in the process. Afterward, you'll receive a monetary reward and additional honor from the grateful victim.

Stage 3: Returning to Appleseed Timber Co., you'll sense an underlying tension. The foreman is engaged in an argument with the lumberjacks, who fear a pack of wolves roaming the area. These predators have already claimed two lives. Head to the highlighted area, defeat the wolves, and return to receive your reward from the foreman.

Stage 4: During your fourth visit, if it occurs before Chapter 6, you'll discover that the entire area is devoid of trees. The company's camp has been dismantled completely.

Stage 5: If you visit the area after Chapter 6, you'll find that the worker's camp has vanished, and nature has returned, reclaiming its territory.

Castor's Ridge

Situated southwest of Valentine, Castor's Ridge is an area featuring a cabin. The story revolves around a loving father and his two sons, who embark on a journey of building a house, overcoming fears, and eventually finding a new home. When you initially arrive, only the cabin's foundations will be in place.

With subsequent visits, you'll be tasked with protecting the family from a gang's threat. Then, you'll have an opportunity to invest funds in the family's undertaking. Upon your fourth visit, the house will be fully constructed, and you'll receive your share of the profits from the investment. Finally, after the Epilogue, the cabin will become inhabited, and a vegetable garden will flourish.

Castor's Ridge Castor's Ridge

Stage 1: Your initial arrival reveals only the cabin's foundations. Feel free to explore the nearby tents and add items if you desire. Engage in a conversation with the father to learn about his anger towards his son, who accidentally dropped one of the wooden walls.

Stage 2: The family encounters trouble and requires your assistance in dealing with a gang seeking "protection" money. Eliminating the enemies not only earns you honor but also ensures that the area progresses to the next stage.

Stage 3: The cabin is almost complete, but funds are running low for the family. The father seeks a loan of $100, ensuring profitable returns. By agreeing to this request, you can advance to the final stage.

Stage 4: The cabin is now fully constructed, and the father has successfully sold it to a farmer from the south. As a result, he hands you $150 as a 50% profit share. It's a rewarding transaction indeed.

Stage 5: During Epilogue 1, if you revisit Castor's Ridge, you'll discover that the cabin is inhabited by the farmers, and a flourishing vegetable garden complements their settlement.

Central Union Railroad Camp

The Central Union Railroad camp, located between Emerald Station and Van Horn, houses a group of dedicated workers endeavoring to build new tracks for a railroad. The camp consists of a workforce led by a senior foreman who tirelessly drives them forward.

During your first visit, you'll assist the senior foreman in uncovering corruption within the ranks. Subsequently, as you return, you'll find the camp has moved north, and you'll need to frighten off miscreants obstructing progress. On the third visit, you'll witness the tracks almost connecting to Emerald Station. Feel free to collect any provisions from the southeastern camp.

Stage 1: Upon your initial arrival, greet the senior foreman, Percy Whitsickle. He entrusts you with the task of identifying the individual stealing workers' wages from the camp. Follow a young foreman, the prime suspect, to retrieve the hidden stash. If you successfully capture the culprit, a special conversation will unfold.

Stage 2: The camp has shifted somewhat north, and Percy informs you that Leviticus Cornwall has purchased a neighboring plot, jeopardizing the railroad workers' efforts. Scare off the goons protecting Cornwall, eliminate their leader, and retrieve the property deed. Deliver the deed to Percy to proceed.

Stage 3: On your next visit, you'll find the camp has moved further northwest. The newly built tracks are nearly connected to Emerald Station's tracks. Percy generously invites you to collect any remaining supplies from the old camp—seize the opportunity.

Stage 4: In Epilogue 1, upon revisiting the area, you'll notice that the railroad section is complete, and the entire crew and camp have vanished.

Unraveling the mysteries behind these events not only enriches your Red Dead Redemption 2 experience but also provides unique insights into the evolving world of the game. Immerse yourself in the dynamic tasks and witness the transformative impact of your actions. Adventure awaits!