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Queen’s Platinum Jubilee: Celebrate with Family Jubilee Party Ideas!

The Queen's historic milestone of 70 years on the throne is a cause for celebration! As you plan a Platinum Jubilee party over the extended bank holiday weekend, we have curated some of the best...

Family Friendly Jubilee Party Ideas

The Queen's historic milestone of 70 years on the throne is a cause for celebration! As you plan a Platinum Jubilee party over the extended bank holiday weekend, we have curated some of the best family jubilee party ideas to inspire you. Let's delve into the world of jubilee festivities!

Jubilee Party Food Ideas:

1. Jubilee Mocktails!

Celebrations call for cocktails, even the family-friendly ones! Indulge in delicious Jubilee mocktails that everyone will love. How about trying the Royal Mint mocktail? It's refreshing and fit for royalty.

Mocktail Recipes from Safe In Warwickshire

2. The Queen’s Favourite Chocolate Cake!

The Queen has a soft spot for chocolate cake, and here's a recipe that's sure to impress. The best part? You don't even have to bake it! Give it a try and enjoy a cake fit for a queen.

3. Royal Eton Mess

This delightful British dessert is perfect for Jubilee celebrations. Its origin story is a lesson in making the most of mistakes. Embrace the tale of Eton Mess, a dessert born out of a mishap, and teach children about the beauty of embracing failures.

4. Only the Finest Finger Food!

Recreate a Royal Garden Party atmosphere with a selection of delicate sandwiches and delectable cakes. Take inspiration from the Royal Kitchens to curate a spread fit for royalty.

Royal Collection Trust recipes for Victoria sponge, egg mayonnaise toasts & homemade sausage rolls

Jubilee Party Entertainment Ideas:

1. Play Music Through the Decades

Create a playlist of top songs from the past 70 years. It's a great way to connect with different generations and witness the evolution of music. Alternatively, opt for songs with a royal theme or invite guests to perform.

Jubilee Party Music: Play the top songs in the UK from the last 70 years

2. Jubilee Games: Corgi Relay Races!

Take inspiration from the Queen's love for corgis and organize Corgi Relay Races. Gather teams and race on all fours to retrieve dog toys. It's a fun and engaging activity for the whole family.

Corgi Relay Races - A Fun Family Jubilee Party Idea! Why not add hurdles for an extra challenge!

3. Musical Thrones!

Put a royal twist on musical chairs by having a musical thrones game. Line up chairs and let participants compete for the title of Queen or King. It's a game that will delight everyone, young and old.

Musical Thrones; the perfect family jubilee party game!

4. Busy Things Jubilee Activities

Engage in interactive jubilee activities that both children and adults will enjoy. From quizzes and games to becoming the Queen's portrait artist, Busy Things offers a wide range of educational and fun activities.

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Games and Activities on Busy Things

5. Toys from the Decades!

Travel back in time by selecting classic toys and games from the past seven decades. From marbles and spinning tops to Rubik's cubes and hoverboards, the nostalgia and fun will create lasting memories.

6. Get Competitive for the Queen’s Jubilee!

Organize a family or community competition to design the best crown or create a jubilee-themed item. It's a chance to get creative, learn about the Queen's life, and foster friendly rivalry. Plus, the winning item can be worn during the jubilee party!

Design a crown for a jubilee party

Jubilee Party Decoration Ideas:

1. Decorate Yourselves!

Embrace the jubilee spirit by dressing in red, white, and blue attire or showcasing your best royal outfits. You can even have a competition to find the most outstanding outfit.

2. Dual-purpose Jubilee Party Table Decor

Make the dining experience more exciting for children by using activity placemats. Our Jubilee party pack includes jubilee-themed placemats for drawing, coloring, and engaging in fun activities.

Free Jubilee Party Pack including activity placemats

3. Party like Royalty in Your Own Castle!

Tap into your creativity by crafting a giant cardboard castle for your jubilee party. Alternatively, make a mini castle or rent a bouncy castle for added fun.

4. Go to Town with Jubilee Bunting

Add flair to your jubilee celebrations with colorful bunting. You can craft your own using fabric, paper, or string. Our Free Jubilee Party Pack also includes bunting that children can color.

Make Jubilee bunting

We hope these family jubilee party ideas have inspired you! Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments. Get ready to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee in style!