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ProExhibits: The Leading Trade Show Organizers

When it comes to trade shows, meticulous planning and attention to detail are crucial to your success. A quick glance at a trade show planning checklist will give you an idea of the diverse range...

When it comes to trade shows, meticulous planning and attention to detail are crucial to your success. A quick glance at a trade show planning checklist will give you an idea of the diverse range of tasks, big and small, that are involved in this process. From budgeting to tracking potential opportunities and calculating your return on investment (ROI), every aspect of your trade show presence matters.

However, successful trade show planning goes beyond checking off items on a list. Designing and constructing a standout exhibit requires a combination of knowledge, creativity, and real-world experience. This is where experienced and professional exhibit design companies shine: the best trade show organizers have the expertise, know-how, and necessary equipment to ensure that every aspect of your exhibit presence contributes to achieving your goals. By partnering with a leading exhibit design company, you'll benefit from their skills and expertise throughout the entire process, from initial design discussions to the day of the show and beyond.

The Best Trade Show Organizers Help You Achieve Your Goals

Before you start planning your exhibit, it's essential to determine your budget, target ROI, and specific exhibition goals. Whether you're introducing a new product, seeking potential opportunities, or signing contracts with new clients on the spot, your goals will shape your overall strategy.

Strategic thinking and experience are required to determine which tactics and booth elements will work best in achieving those goals. As an expert in your brand or product, you have likely already identified your target audience or potential customers. When you collaborate with a trade show design company, your goals will inform their approach in planning an exhibit that captivates your audience. ProExhibits specializes in creating unique exhibits that leave a lasting impression on your audience while keeping your objectives at the forefront. Depending on your goals, your exhibit may include:

  • Private meeting or breakout rooms for contract signing
  • One or more designated areas for presentations and product demonstrations
  • Interactive elements to engage and excite booth visitors
  • Comfortable seating areas where visitors can listen to sales pitches, view your marketing materials, or simply take a break amid the hustle and bustle of the trade show floor.

Trade shows are inherently limited to a designated space on the exhibition floor, so trade show planners must work carefully to maximize that limited space. By consulting with you to identify the essential booth elements that will help you achieve your goals, exhibit organizers ensure that your space is optimized and all elements work together to make the right impression on your booth visitors.

The Best Trade Show Organizers Possess Premier Facilities

Trade shows are large-scale and challenging to manage, and exhibit construction requires ample space. Trade show graphics are also printed on unusually large scales - imagine large banners hung on the back wall of a booth or oversized circular or oval decorations hanging from the ceiling that can be seen from all areas of the exhibition floor. If you're planning to design and build your exhibit with an in-house team, you need to ensure that you have sufficient space and equipment to handle it. Long-term storage of exhibits after events is also an important consideration if you plan to reuse your exhibit multiple times.

By leveraging the services of professional trade show organizers, the challenges of constructing, shipping, installing, and storing your exhibit and graphics are taken out of your hands. ProExhibits possesses modern facilities capable of handling all of these requirements, including a 65,000 square foot main headquarters with production and showroom capabilities, along with an additional 50,000 square foot warehouse. We also have a network of over 200 exhibition experts worldwide and can transport, install, dismantle, and store exhibits anywhere on the planet.

The Best Trade Show Organizers Combine Strategy and Creativity

The world's leading artists and craftsmen work with ProExhibits, all with the goal of ensuring a smooth and successful experience for each of our clients at every trade show. We provide extensive consulting with exhibitors to ensure they are informed and satisfied at every stage of the process. Decades of experience have given us insight into what is required before, during, and after an event. As a top event and trade show company, our services go beyond exhibit design and construction; depending on your needs, we can also help shape your event marketing strategy, plan and manage corporate events, and run your booth on the day of the event.

The Best Trade Show Organizers Continuously Improve

The event and trade show organizers at ProExhibits are highly experienced and knowledgeable experts. They stay up-to-date with the latest trade show trends. While we're proud of our past work, we always strive to make each new exhibit better. That's why we gather feedback from clients at every stage of the design process. This feedback helps our exhibit designers, builders, and other contributors continually produce high-quality work and maintain our position as a leader in the industry. We are proud to have maintained a customer satisfaction rate of over 99% for many decades.

ProExhibits is one of Exhibitor Media Group's top exhibit producers and has been named in Event Marketer's Fab 50 list for multiple years. If you have a trade show or event on your calendar and want to work with the best trade show organizers, we want to hear from you.