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Prime Resurgence: The Ultimate Unvaulting Experience

Image source: Source Prime Resurgence is an exciting program that brings back long-lost treasures from the depths of the Void. Spearheaded by Varzia, this unvaulting event is a dream come true for Warframe enthusiasts. Originally...

Prime Resurgence Image source: Source

Prime Resurgence is an exciting program that brings back long-lost treasures from the depths of the Void. Spearheaded by Varzia, this unvaulting event is a dream come true for Warframe enthusiasts. Originally introduced as a limited-time experience, Prime Resurgence has now become a permanent fixture in the Warframe universe, thanks to its overwhelming popularity.

A New Way to Obtain Primes

Vaulted Void Relic drops and Void mission Drop Tables have been replaced with a brand new currency called Aya. This currency can be traded with Varzia herself in Maroo's Bazaar, or conveniently accessed through the Market console aboard your Orbiter. With Aya in your possession, you can acquire vaulted relics for Primed Warframes and their associated weapons.

Regal Aya Image source: Source

For those seeking a more expedited route, Regal Aya comes to the rescue. This premium currency allows you to directly purchase Primed Warframes, associated weapons, and even exquisite cosmetics.

Current Rewards

Let's take a glimpse into the bountiful rewards that await Prime Resurgence participants:

January 4th, 2024 to January 18th, 2024

  • Loki Prime

    • Bo Prime
    • Wyrm Prime
    • Summus Prime Sentinel Accessories
    • Daman Prime Sugatra
  • Volt Prime

    • Odonata Prime
    • Edo Prime Armor Set
    • Kazeru Prime Sugatra

Relics available during this period:

  • Lith O2
  • Meso O3
  • Neo V8
  • Axi L4

January 4th, 2024 to January 18th, 2024

  • Nova Prime

    • Soma Prime
    • Vasto Prime
    • Edo Prime Armor Set
    • Velorum Prime Sigil
  • Trinity Prime

    • Dual Kamas Prime
    • Kavasa Prime Collar
    • Kavasa Prime Kubrow Armor
    • Kavasa Prime Gene-Masking Kit
      • Kavasa Fur Patern (Kubrow)
      • Kavasa White Companion Fur Color
      • Orokin Gold Companion Fur Color
      • Origin Brown Companion Fur Color
    • Naviga Prime Sugatra

Relics available during this period:

  • Lith K4
  • Meso D5
  • Neo N12
  • Axi S7

Previous Rewards

Missed out on some of the earlier rewards? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Here's a list of the previous Prime Resurgence rewards that you might still catch a glimpse of:

Old Resurgence Reward Rotation (Nov 16, 2021 through Jan 25, 2022)

For the most up-to-date reward rotation details, refer to the official Warframe website.

The Quest for Aya

Curious about how to obtain Aya, the coveted currency of Prime Resurgence? Fear not, for we have the answers!

Aya can be found as drops during missions in the Void, as well as in bounties. Looking for a quicker way? Relic Packs in the in-game Market or Syndicate Offerings will be your shortcut to Aya abundance.

Varzia: The Architect of Prime Resurgence

Meet Varzia, the mastermind behind Prime Resurgence. As a former Dax Foundry Specialist and Prime Resurgence Vendor, Varzia can be found in Maroo's Bazaar on Mars. Still can't find her? Access her offerings by using the "Visit Varzia" option in the Relic Segment in your Orbiter or through the in-game market.

Your Burning Questions Answered

To ensure you have all the information you need, here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

Where can I find Aya? Aya can be obtained through Void missions, bounties, Relic Packs, and Syndicate Offerings.

What items can I get with Aya? Besides Vault Relics, Aya can be exchanged for Ducats, Void Traces, and an array of exclusive Prime Gaming Customizations.

Who is Varzia? Where can I find her? Varzia, the brains behind Prime Resurgence, can be found in Maroo's Bazaar on Mars. She can also be accessed through various in-game options.

Can you trade Vault Relics? Absolutely! Trading Vault Relics is part of the Prime Resurgence experience.

Do Prime items come with Inventory Slots, Orokin Catalysts, and Orokin Reactors? Yes, when purchasing a Prime Warframe or Weapon with Regal Aya, it will come with an Inventory Slot and either an Orokin Reactor or Catalyst.

Can I buy Excalibur Prime, Skana Prime, or Lato Prime? No, unfortunately, Excalibur Prime, Skana Prime, and Lato Prime remain exclusive to the original Founder program.

Are Prime Weapons and Warframes Mastery Rank locked? If you purchase Prime Items with Regal Aya, the Mastery requirement will not apply. However, crafting Prime items using Void Relics will still be subject to Mastery Rank restrictions.

Does Prime Resurgence come with Platinum? Yes, Regal Aya Bundles include Platinum, with the largest pack offering up to 1200 Platinum!

Which items are exclusive to Regal Aya? Prime Accessories such as Syandanas and Sugatras can only be acquired by trading Regal Aya with Varzia during the Prime Resurgence event.

Where can I purchase Regal Aya? Regal Aya can be purchased instantly with your local currency on all platforms. Visit www.warframe.com/buyplatinum or explore the in-game Market for this exclusive currency.

Can you gift Regal Aya to other players? Unfortunately, Regal Aya cannot be gifted to other players at this time.

Is Regal Aya refundable? Regal Aya can be refunded within a limited time after purchase, as long as it hasn't been used. However, once Regal Aya has been used to unlock a Prime Warframe or Prime Weapon, a refund is no longer possible.

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Join us on this unforgettable journey through Prime Resurgence and unlock the true power of the Warframes and their associated weapons. Happy hunting, Tenno!

Note: The content and rewards mentioned in this article are subject to change, so keep an eye out for the latest updates from the Warframe team.