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Passport Wedding Invitations: A Unique Way to Invite Your Guests

Are you tired of looking at the same boring invitations all over the internet? Me too. I know you: a fun, unique couple who wouldn’t want to waste time on boring invites. You want something...

Are you tired of looking at the same boring invitations all over the internet?

Me too.

I know you: a fun, unique couple who wouldn’t want to waste time on boring invites. You want something that will grab people’s attention and make them want to come back for more.

Do you agree?

Some wedding invitations have gotten pretty boring in the last few years. But don’t worry, there’s a solution: passport wedding invitations!

In today’s blog post, we’re going to talk about the power of passport-style wedding invitations that will make your guests’ hearts skip a beat. They’ll open their mailbox to find your shining invitation waiting to take them away to your wedding paradise.

Whether you’re getting married on a tropical island paradise or a beautiful seaside wedding in your hometown, location doesn’t matter. Your guests will anticipate your amazing nuptials and they’ll be excited to respond “yes” to your RSVP card.

So let’s get started!

passport wedding invitations Image: Passport wedding invitations by Serendipity Beyond Design

What are passport wedding invitations?

Passport-style invites are a creative, fun alternative to traditional card-stock invitations. They resemble real passports with mini booklet styles and pages that mimic the layout of a real passport along with personalized details about your wedding. These invitations include the date, the location, and the dress code of your wedding, along with an RSVP card so your guests can respond easily.

The best ones I found that fit the bill are the invites at Serendipity Beyond Design, showcased below.

Anatomy of a Passport-Style Invitation

Here are the various styles and parts of this destination-ready invite.

  • Outer booklet with the words Wedding Passport and your names
  • Inside pages with invitation and formal details, plus boarding pass style RSVP card
  • Embellishments like ribbon or laser-cut wood accents (like a palm tree or starfish) to convey the theme

Check out these stunning examples!

tropical passport style invitations

inside view of passport invitation

passport wedding invitations

passport style wedding invitation

passport invitation design

passport inspired wedding invites

Images: Passport-style wedding invitation samples by Serendipity Beyond Design

Why choose passport wedding invitations?

Because they’re different! Handmade passport-style invites are visually appealing and highly unique. They stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression on your guests. Your family and friends will be excited to receive an invitation that isn’t like the same old style they’ve grown accustomed to seeing.

A passport invite is a terrific way to underscore a destination or travel-themed wedding for your guests. If you are traveling somewhere that requires a passport, even better: it will remind guests to pack theirs along for the adventure ahead!

What makes passport invitations a conversation starter?

Look out: once you mail these invitations to your guests, you can be sure they’ll be talking about your wedding. Passport wedding invitations are a definite conversation starter because they’re so cool. I can already hear your aunt calling your mom on the phone, telling her how she received the invitation and how interesting they are! Before long, they’ll be talking about what to wear and what to pack for your awesome weekend-long wedding celebration.

If you’re ready to hand your favorite people the ultimate ticket to paradise, visit the shop here. Ginger is an absolute sweetheart with a passion for detail and an eye for design, as made obvious in these examples. She’s a professional, and her work is second to none when it comes to passport-style invitations.

Stuck? You can even do a free consultation, and she’ll help you start the design process.

Click here to browse the full collection of invitations!

cabo passport invitation for wedding Image: Cabo passport invitation for a wedding

So, what do YOU think? Are you sending these incredible passports to your guests? Why or why not? Tell me in the comment box below!

xo Emma