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The Joy of Decorating: Our Gold and White Christmas Tree

Introduction As the holiday season approaches, the idea of a gold and white Christmas tree has been on my mind. This year, I've been captivated by the elegance of gold and white decor, and what...


As the holiday season approaches, the idea of a gold and white Christmas tree has been on my mind. This year, I've been captivated by the elegance of gold and white decor, and what better time to indulge in this stunning combination than at Christmas? Decorating our tree has always been a cherished tradition, and each year I delight in the opportunity to explore new color schemes and bring a fresh look to our home.

A Festive Evolution

Now, I know it might sound a bit unusual, but I have a habit of changing my tree colors almost every year. While some may prefer consistency, I find that the joy of creating something new outweighs the desire for routine. Last year, our tree was mostly neutral with hints of champagne, and the year before, it boasted vibrant red and turquoise hues. This ever-changing canvas of colors brings me immense happiness, and I can't help but embrace the excitement it brings.

Gold and white Christmas collage Gold and white Christmas collage

This year, I decided to leave the traditional colors behind and focus solely on white Christmas tree decorations, embellished with touches of gold. I also added a few new ornaments to elevate the elegance, such as a white reindeer with golden antlers and a regal white and gold nutcracker. Some of the gold ornaments I used this year hadn't seen the light of day in over a decade! In the past, gold decor was often associated with gaudiness, but when paired with soft whites and delicate hues, it feels refreshingly modern.

Gold and white Christmas collage 2 Gold and white Christmas collage 2

To add a touch of whimsy, I couldn't resist incorporating pale blue ornaments into the mix. Although I had initially planned for a gold and white color scheme, these delicate blue bulbs effortlessly found their place on our tree. Last year, a similar deviation occurred when our neutral tree evolved into what we affectionately called "bleu-tral." It seems that even the best-laid plans can be swayed by the allure of unexpected beauty.

Gold and white Christmas tree collage 3 Gold and white Christmas tree collage 3

Embracing Simplicity

One notable change this year is the absence of ribbons on our tree. Typically, our Christmas tree is adorned with ribbons, tulle, and sinamay, but this time, I found myself unsure of where to incorporate them. Our decision to downsize from a towering 9-foot tree to a more suitable 7.5-foot tree meant that it quickly became abundant with decorative elements. Sometimes, simplicity can bring out the true essence of beauty.

White and gold Christmas White and gold Christmas

Personal Touches and Meaningful Memories

Amidst the curated elegance, our tree also holds a collection of 'special' ornaments. Some of these have been gifted to me by my parents over the years, while others include cherished owl decorations and adorable woodland creatures that our children adore. I want to emphasize that a beautifully coordinated Christmas tree can also be rich with personal meaning. There are ornaments that I will incorporate each year, regardless of the chosen color scheme. Additionally, our children have their very own tree, an enchanting Dr. Seuss-inspired creation, adorned with their handmade decorations and treasures I have crafted over time.

Woodland decoration Woodland decoration

Let Your Creativity Shine

So, I invite you to reflect on your own Christmas tree traditions. Do you prefer a consistent color scheme, or do you, like me, revel in the joy of experimenting with new colors and ideas? There is no right or wrong approach; what matters most is the genuine delight that comes from making your home a haven of holiday cheer.

In my next update, I will share more glimpses of our gold and white Christmas decor, along with a peek at our Dr. Seuss-inspired Christmas tree, which I adorned with a pristine white palette. It promises to be a delightful journey, filled with fun and festive inspiration.

Wishing you a joyful weekend,