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Our Frozen Birthday Party: Creating Magical Memories for Gwen and Luca

Our daughters, Gwen and Luca, share a love for Disney's Frozen. So, when it came to planning their joint birthday party, the theme was an easy decision - everything Frozen! We wanted to create a...

a joint sister birthday party with a Frozen theme by Sugar & Cloth

Our daughters, Gwen and Luca, share a love for Disney's Frozen. So, when it came to planning their joint birthday party, the theme was an easy decision - everything Frozen! We wanted to create a memorable experience for both girls, making their evening truly magical.

A Magical Setting: The Juliana Transformed into Arendelle

We chose The Juliana as the venue for our Frozen-themed party. However, instead of using standard branded decor, we put our own spin on things. We opted for a pastel color palette with iridescent touches, recreating the enchantment of Arendelle.

Gwen and Luca's DIY Frozen Birthday Party at the Juliana event space in Houston by Sugar & Cloth

Princesses in Elsa-Inspired Outfits

To add to the Frozen atmosphere, we dressed Gwen and Luca in Elsa-inspired outfits. Rather than purchasing Frozen costumes, we chose dresses that they could wear for other events too.

Gwen's Elsa Birthday Dress

Enchanting Decorations: Letting Creativity Shine

For the party decor, we called upon the talented team at Picnics in the City. They provided us with generic backdrops - a pastel castle, a pink tree, and an iridescent tile wall - that perfectly captured the Frozen theme. We added our personal touch with balloons and iridescent fans, creating a stunning ambiance.

how we decorated the table for Gwen and Luca's Frozen birthday party

A Winter Wonderland Tablescape

To create a winter wonderland feel, we incorporated shimmering elements throughout the tablescape. Iridescent table runners, coordinating plates, and wands added a touch of magic. We strived to avoid branded party supplies, focusing on the overall theme.

desserts for a DIY Frozen Birthday Party by Sugar & Cloth

Simply Magical Cakes and Cupcakes

Instead of ordering custom desserts, we transformed store-bought cakes and cupcakes into Frozen masterpieces. With a little creativity and the help of our DIY watercolor cake tutorial, we painted the base of the cakes with gel food coloring. We then decorated them with themed sprinkles and edible snowflake toppers, achieving a mesmerizing "inside of a snow globe" look.

Frozen birthday cake for a toddler by Sugar & Cloth

Delightful Party Favors

Our party favor bags, featuring an iridescent theme, stole the show. We couldn't resist filling them with treats like rock candy and popcorn that resembled snow. To add to the excitement, we included mini cameras that were a hit with the little party guests.

our party favor ideas for the girls' birthday party by Sugar & Cloth

Unforgettable Party Activities

We wanted to create a balance between planned activities and free play, knowing that children often enjoy running around and playing together. However, we did incorporate a few must-haves for our Frozen birthday party.

Castle Bounce House and Ball Pit

Thanks to Unicorn Balloons HTX, we were able to provide a safe and contained bounce house and ball pit experience for our little guests. The ball pit was filled with pastel-colored balls, adding to the magical atmosphere.

Queen Elsa and Princess Anna Party Character Appearance

Elsa and Anna surprised the kids with their enchanting presence and entertained them with singing and dancing. One of the highlights was when the princesses joined in singing "happy birthday" during cake time.

Winter Snow Day

To add an extra touch of Frozen wonder, we rented a snow machine. The joy and laughter that ensued were well worth it!

Joint Frozen Birthday Party for Girls

Creating Lasting Memories

In the end, our DIY Frozen birthday party was a resounding success. It was an evening filled with enchantment and joy, creating lasting memories for Gwen and Luca. As parents, that's what matters most to us.

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