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Our Top Picks: 9 Doodlers That Will Transform Your Wedding Invitations

Sure, every little detail of your big day has been meticulously planned, but what about your wedding invitations? If you're looking to break free from traditional designs and motifs and add a dose of personality...

Sure, every little detail of your big day has been meticulously planned, but what about your wedding invitations? If you're looking to break free from traditional designs and motifs and add a dose of personality and individuality to your announcement, we have just the solution for you. Say hello to the world of doodlers!

Doodles have the power to inject fun and excitement into anything, just like those cheeky sketches you used to create in your classroom days. And now, they can bring your wedding invitations to life too. By incorporating cute, quirky drawings, these funky sketches can convey important details about your love story, while captivating and engaging your guests with their clever storyboard structure.

To help you navigate the world of wedding doodlers, we've curated a list of our favorite artists who will bring a touch of whimsy to your invitations. Get ready to be amazed!

Tilt: Combining Elegance with Fun

image Photo Courtesy: Kards

Tilt, a WeddingSutra Favorite, marries elegance and fun in their designs, making them a perfect choice for couples who want a contemporary twist on their desi side. Whether you prefer traditional or digital invites, Tilt can create custom-made designs that perfectly reflect your style.

Doodlekari by Mithila Ananth: Expressive and Engaging

Doodlekari's designs are known for their colorful backdrops and animated subjects that mimic the couple's persona. With each design, they manage to keep viewers engaged and bring an instant smile to the recipients' faces. Their contrasting mauve background hue creates a beautiful and funny card that sets the tone for your wedding.

Ameer Ali: Master of Floral and Foliage Motifs


Ameer Ali's signature style accurately captures the defining aspects of the bride and groom's features. Utilizing floral and foliage motifs, Ameer adds a pop of color and creates invitations that are both visually stunning and personalized. Just take a look at how he beautifully encapsulates an adorable moment between the couple using bright pink and green hues.

Doodle Drama by Mounica Tata: Where Creativity and Storytelling Collide

Illustrator, cartoonist, and storyteller Mounica Tata brings wedding invites to life with her unique doodles. Her designs feature children's storybook-like characters, lots of drama, and gorgeous depictions of daily life in the most innovative way. Prepare to be wowed by her wedding invite creations!

Art By Rachana: Formal Sophistication Meets Quirky Fun

Rachana's invites strike the perfect balance between formal sophistication and a dollop of fun. Her use of muted backdrops allows her subjects to pop with their contrasting outfits and arresting facial expressions. With an emphasis on movement and individualistic quirks, Rachana's artwork magnificently captures the spirit of the couple.

BobyPinz by N.N Namratha: Nostalgia Meets Customization

N.N Namratha's designs will transport you back in time with their refreshing innocence. Highly customizable and capturing the vibe of the venue along with the couple's personality quirks, N.N Namratha's wedding invites are truly one-of-a-kind. Dive into nostalgia with a beach-themed twist like the one she added to this invitation.

Meeracles by Meera Latkar: Funny Snippets and Customizable Style

Meera Latkar's doodling style shares succinct snippets of your love story through funny sketches. Her designs are flexible enough to be customized if you're looking for more detail. Feast your eyes on this 'save the date' invite designed by Meera for a lovely couple set to be married at the beautiful Etihad Towers this year.

The Wedding Doodler by Mohd Rahil: Quirky and Interactive

Looking for an interesting way to invite your friends and relatives to your wedding? The Wedding Doodler, also known as Mohd Rahil, specializes in creating quirky wedding invites that are sure to grab attention. Get ready to make a statement with an invitation like no other.

ShellsSquiggles by Shelley Saha: Creativity Unleashed

Shelley Saha and her unique designs define the art of doodling. With oodles of doodles, Shelley brings an arty party to your invitations. Take inspiration from this colorful invite and play around with colors to design the details of your wedding invite with her.

With these talented doodlers by your side, your wedding invitations will be transformed into works of art that reflect your personality and love story. Let your imagination run wild, and make a lasting impression on your guests with invitations that are as unique as you are.