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Ooh la La: Celebrate in Style With These Parisian Party Theme Ideas

There's nothing quite as sophisticated as a Parisian-themed party. It's the perfect theme for a variety of celebrations, from baby showers and bridal showers to bachelorette parties and birthdays. Drawing inspiration from the City of...

Parisian party theme: Parisian themed decorations

There's nothing quite as sophisticated as a Parisian-themed party. It's the perfect theme for a variety of celebrations, from baby showers and bridal showers to bachelorette parties and birthdays. Drawing inspiration from the City of Romance, you can create a stylish flower-filled gathering or go all out with a pink-and-white affair for a quinceañera.

If you're planning a Parisian party theme for an upcoming milestone moment, we've got you covered with all the ideas you'll need. From creative Paris party decorations to delicious food and fun games, we'll help you throw the perfect Parisian-style soirée.

Parisian Party Theme: Decor Ideas

A great starting point for planning your Parisian-themed celebration is the party decor. Once you have an overall style in mind, you can finalize the fun details like table decor, wall decorations, and lighting. Here are some of our favorite decor ideas for your Parisian party theme.

Eiffel Tower Centerpiece

Is it even a Paris-themed party without the Eiffel Tower? Make this iconic landmark the centerpiece of your party table or dessert table. For a kid's birthday party, consider creating an Eiffel Tower centerpiece with Parisian city streets made from cardboard or Legos. For a more elegant affair like a bridal shower, opt for a simple table decor with biodegradable confetti and beautiful tableware. You can find Eiffel Tower centerpieces in various sizes on sites like Etsy.

Sophisticated Balloon Arch

Balloon arches instantly bring joy to any party. While they may be a bit challenging to put together if you choose the DIY route, the impact they have is worth it. A balloon arch creates the perfect backdrop for your Parisian party theme photo booth or serves as a fun entry point to welcome guests to your French affair. It's also an excellent way to showcase your party color scheme, whether it's black and white, red and black, pink and white, or soft pastels with a hint of rose gold.

Chic, Romantic Lighting

Paris is famously known as the City of Light, and you can bring that warm, charming atmosphere to your party with statement lighting. Tall candles in elegant candle holders make for a romantic table setting. Twinkling string lights can be added to tablescapes or used outdoors for a backyard party. For an extra touch of elegance, consider renting chandeliers to create a stunning ambiance indoors or outdoors. The right lighting can give any ordinary space that "je ne sais quoi" and transform it into an elegant spot for a birthday party, dinner party, or anniversary.

Elegant Table Styling

A Parisian party theme offers the perfect opportunity to create a sophisticated tablescape for your guests to enjoy. Instead of brightly colored napkins and paper plates, opt for elegant alternatives. Use a crisp white table cover, gold charger plates, and stylish glasses and dinnerware. Look for table decorations that match your party theme, such as fresh flowers in vases, towers of colorful French macarons, and a beautiful table runner.

Fun Parisian Party Theme Games and Activities

Whether you're aiming for sophistication or lively fun, your Parisian party theme can come alive with the addition of games and activities. Here are some of our favorite ideas to inspire you.

Flower Arranging Experience

Let your guests' creativity blossom (literally) with a flower arranging experience. Take inspiration from the romantic Parisian theme and invite a florist to give your party-goers an introductory session on flower arranging. For a bridal shower, you could also set up a DIY floral crown crafting station. Be sure to mention this interactive activity in your online invitations to get everyone excited. Plus, it can double as a lovely party favor for guests to take home.

Eiffel Tower Ring Toss

Ring toss is a classic party game, but you can elevate the fun with a Parisian twist by swapping traditional poles for Eiffel Tower models. Challenge your guests to toss a ring and land it atop the towers or set up several towers with varying levels of difficulty.

Paris Themed Photo Booth

Parties are all about creating lasting memories, and a Paris-themed photo booth can do just that. Create a backdrop inspired by the Parisian skyline, complete with a cutout of the Eiffel Tower. Provide fun photo props like berets, scarves, glasses, and French fleur-de-lis to enhance the French ambiance. Encourage your guests to dress up in French-inspired attire to add an extra touch of flair. Let the photographs capture the joy and excitement of your French party.

Paris Themed Bingo

Who doesn't love a game of bingo? Make this classic party game even more fun by adding a touch of French flair to the designs. Create your own bingo grids using your favorite French-inspired icons, or download a printable Paris-themed bingo to save time.

Delicious Parisian-Themed Treats

Paris is renowned for its delicious food, and you can bring some of those treats to your Parisian-themed party with the right menu planning. Here are some delectable party food and drink ideas to inspire an impressive spread at your event.

French Macarons

You can never go wrong with traditional French macarons. These delightful treats are not only known for their sweet taste, but also for the beautiful pastel colors they come in. Order some macarons from your favorite local bakery or try your hand at making them with an easy macaron recipe. Keep it traditional with pastel hues or match the colors to your party theme for an extra touch of Parisian elegance.

Baguettes, Cheese, and Charcuterie

Complement your decadent desserts with savory bites. Lay out a selection of baguettes, soft and hard cheeses, crudités (easy-to-grab veggies), and an assortment of cured meats. Create an epic charcuterie board using this DIY tutorial. Your guests will be exclaiming "Ooh, la la!" as they enjoy these French delicacies.

Paris-Themed Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a staple at any party, and they can easily be customized to match your theme. Take your favorite cupcake recipe and add some extra details to turn them into the perfect French-inspired treat or party favor. Color the icing pink, add gold sprinkles, or top with Eiffel Tower cake toppers for a fun and festive touch.

Mini Patisserie Stand

Create a table or stand filled with mini French and continental desserts, resembling a patisserie in France. Provide tongs so guests can serve themselves pastries and tarts onto dessert plates. Pair this with a self-service tea and coffee area for a unique twist on a traditional tea party.

Glasses of Bubbly

A glass of champagne adds a touch of elegance to any Parisian-themed party. Offer an alcohol-free alternative alongside a suitable option for kids. Serve the bubbly with style by adding edible confetti, glitter, or fresh fruit to the glasses.

Parisian Party Theme Invitations

With so many amazing ideas planned for your Parisian-themed party, it's time to spread the word. Here are some of our favorite Paris birthday party and event invitations that you can easily customize to match your design and message. These Paris party invites will make your guests eager to join in on the fun.

Paris Cafe Invitation

This beautiful Paris cafe invitation features soft pastel stripes in five different color options. The sophisticated bold text and customizable monogram make it ideal for a stylish birthday or anniversary celebration.

Quaint Entrance Invitation

Honor the gorgeous streets of Paris with this quaint and charming invitation. The delicate illustration with sweet floral details is perfect for both a casual brunch or an elegant soirée.

Ooh La La Invitation

For a simple yet eye-catching invitation, the "ooh la la" design is a perfect match. This minimalist invitation comes in five vibrant color schemes, delivering a chic blast of Parisian style.

Host the Most Stylish Paris Theme Party in Town

Choosing a Parisian party theme for your celebration allows you the freedom to create a truly one-of-a-kind event. Whether you go for playful or elegant decor, cozy or bright lighting, or a variety of themed games and activities, you're sure to have an unforgettable time.

Whichever decor, styling, and activity ideas you choose, excite your friends and family by sending digital invitations. Spread the news of your get-together in an exciting way and get everyone ready to celebrate in style.