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Mutation Invasion: A New Era for Fallout 76

Introduction Welcome to the world of Fallout 76, where excitement and adventure await! Get ready to dive into the fifteenth major update, "Mutation Invasion," released on February 28, 2023. This update takes the game to...


Welcome to the world of Fallout 76, where excitement and adventure await! Get ready to dive into the fifteenth major update, "Mutation Invasion," released on February 28, 2023. This update takes the game to new heights, introducing thrilling features, characters, enemies, items, and much more.


Season 12: Rip Daring and the Cryptid Hunt

Prepare to embark on a daring adventure with Season 12. Join Rip Daring in the Cryptid Hunt and uncover the mysteries that lie within. Earn exciting rewards along the way and showcase your skills as you navigate through this immersive season.

Mutated Public Events

In this update, mutations from Daily Ops make their way into public events. Brace yourself for intense battles and reap the rewards. Mutated public events offer the same benefits as unmutated ones, with an additional twist. You now have a chance to obtain rare plans, serums, and legendary weapons through mutated packages. And if you're lucky enough to have three Fallout 1st members present, you'll receive mutated party packs, loaded with extra rewards.

Daily Ops Updates

The Daily Ops feature receives a boost with exciting new additions. Prepare to face Reflective Skin enemies who periodically reflect back damage. But that's not all; aliens join the fray as a new enemy type. Explore new locations such as Charleston Capitol Building, Garrahan Mining Headquarters, and Morgantown High School. Discover unique rewards that await your conquering spirit.


Get ready to meet some intriguing characters along your journey in Mutation Invasion. Steven Scarberry, the Smiling Man, and Homer Saperstein with his new dialogue will add depth and excitement to your gameplay.


Prepare for thrilling battles against a range of formidable foes. Encounter the Alien Drone and Alien Detonator Drone as they test your combat skills. Watch out for the Flatwoods Monster and its fearsome counterpart, the Alien Inquisitor.



Explore a variety of mutated packages, each with its own unique variants. Unleash their potential and gain advantages in your battles with these powerful consumables.

Plans and Recipes

Unearth a treasure trove of plans and recipes in Mutation Invasion. From the Flatwoods Monster Tube to Floater Tubes, Hot Rod Handmade Skin, and a range of Deep-space Alien Power Armor paint options, your customization options expand further than ever before. And don't forget the Alien Backpack Skin and Intergalactic Handmade Skin, added exclusively in Patch 43.


Arm yourself with an arsenal of destructive power. Choose from weapons like Cold Shoulder, Boomstick, Longshot, Overkill, and The Peacemaker. Each weapon promises to enhance your combat prowess and leave a lasting impact on your adversaries.

Cut Content

While exploring Mutation Invasion, keep an eye out for hidden gems. Click "show" to reveal cut content that provides a deeper look into the development process of this exciting update.

Behind the Scenes

Take a peek behind the curtain and discover the fascinating development journey of Mutation Invasion. During the first round of the Public Test Server, players were treated to the opportunity to create infusions using infusion reagents obtained from Mutated Public Events. However, this mechanism was later removed, leaving players intrigued about its potential return in the future.


Immerse yourself in the visual splendor of Mutation Invasion. Explore the captivating gallery, filled with stunning images that showcase the unique world and atmosphere of Fallout 76.

Mutation Invasion ushers in a new era for Fallout 76, offering a wealth of exciting features, characters, enemies, and items. Embark on an epic journey filled with endless possibilities and unforgettable moments. Prepare yourself for the ultimate gaming experience as you step into this immersive world.