Modern Wedding Invitation Spotlight: 5 Examples for the Contemporary Minded Bride

Your eye for design is impeccable, and now that it's time to plan your wedding, you want a sleek and contemporary look that reflects your "here and now" mindset. Modern weddings are as unique as...

Your eye for design is impeccable, and now that it's time to plan your wedding, you want a sleek and contemporary look that reflects your "here and now" mindset. Modern weddings are as unique as the brides and grooms of today, ranging from formal extravagant affairs to casual celebrations. However, there is one common element in contemporary-style events: a minimalist aesthetic that permeates everything, from the bride's dress to the wedding invitations.

"A modern wedding reflects a couple's personal aesthetic and style," says event designer and stylist Jessica Sloane. "It is a minimalistic look with a clean aesthetic, one that focuses on 'less is more'." Jessica recommends incorporating mixed metals like gold and silver, clean textures such as marble, and clean lines in the design and fonts of modern wedding invitations. Creating a contemporary look can also involve using a marble background or adding metallic ink.

Here we present five top-notch contemporary and minimalist wedding invitations that will impress even the most discerning bride.

Modern Wedding Invitations

Merged Monogram

Merged Monogram Custom photo wedding invitation featuring a contemporary design.

The Merged Monogram wedding invitation by Yours Truly encompasses every aspect of modern elegance described by Jessica Sloane. With a marble backdrop exuding understated elegance, bold graphic monogram overlay, and customizable paper type and trim, this invitation is truly unique for your special day. Personalize these modern wedding invitations with your names and see if it's love at first sight.

Pure Enchantment

This contemporary wedding invitation by Yours Truly allows you to upload a custom photograph enhanced by a unique two-toned filter that beautifully frames the image. Further customize it with your own color scheme and wedding details. Design a stylish and elegant wedding invitation using the Pure Enchantment template.

Polished Chevron

The Polished Chevron wedding invitation resembles a drawing straight out of a contemporary art museum. Its simple and elegant design, with a grey marble background and a yellow and white chevron pattern, lends sophistication ideal for formal and upscale modern weddings. Create your unique and modern wedding invitation with the Polished Chevron stationery.

Love Never Fades

Love Never Fades Contemporary wedding invitation with a clean design and layered "Love" text.

Available in three different hues, Love Never Fades is a simple yet stunning wedding invitation featuring a clean contemporary design. It showcases the word "love" loosely layered on top of your wedding day details, creating an elegant and dreamy aesthetic. Customize the Love Never Fades wedding invitation with your own big day details.

Truly Together

The Truly Together wedding invitation design by Truly Yours offers a modern and minimalistic approach that allows you to personalize it with your own color palette. This invitation features bold, clean graphic typefaces for the names of the bride and groom, with different hues for each name. Give your guests a taste of the formal or sophisticated modern wedding that awaits them. Personalize the Truly Together wedding invitation with your wedding day details and color palette.

Lovely Scripted

A classy way to reveal your contemporary wedding theme is to use a custom photograph of you and your fiancé. The Lovely Scripted wedding invitation provides exactly that opportunity. With rounded trim and your choice of pearl shimmer or signature card stock, this stylish stationery features beautiful modern script that can be customized with your details and color scheme. Send the Lovely Scripted wedding invitation to your nearest and dearest.

Personalized Contemporary Wedding Invitations

What's better than unique modern wedding invitations? Wedding invitations that you can customize with your own colors and details. Shutterfly offers a wide selection of designer contemporary wedding invitations that can be personalized to match your wedding day décor. Along with your information and color palette, our modern wedding invitations can be customized with your choice of trim and type of paper. The final result is wedding stationery that reflects your fashionable taste and unique love story.

Five Free Wedding Invitation Samples

Can't decide? No worries. We invite you to see and feel five free wedding invitations from Shutterfly, with your personal wedding day details in place. Don't say "I do" until you've seen and felt it in your hand - and fallen in love.