What is a Banquet Event Order (BEO)?

As an event planner, you're likely familiar with the Banquet Event Order (BEO), a crucial document that outlines all the details of a wedding or event at a venue or hotel. The BEO serves as...

As an event planner, you're likely familiar with the Banquet Event Order (BEO), a crucial document that outlines all the details of a wedding or event at a venue or hotel. The BEO serves as a set of directions for the event, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and according to plan. Let's delve deeper into what the BEO entails and why it's essential for successful event planning.

The BEO: A Comprehensive Guide

The BEO provides a comprehensive overview of all the event's details and logistics. It covers various aspects such as event timelines, menu selections, room setups, vendor contacts, staffing requirements, parking and transportation logistics, costs, and more. Essentially, the BEO acts as a roadmap for the event, guiding everyone involved in executing it flawlessly.

Event Details and Timelines

The BEO includes important event details like the event name, date, setup times, expected guest count, and specific room locations. For weddings, it goes even further, specifying timelines for guest arrival, ceremony start time, cocktail hour, toasts, dinner service, cake cutting, and more. It ensures that every aspect of the event is meticulously planned and executed.

Menu Selections and Catering Details

One of the crucial elements in the BEO is the menu selection. It includes information on food and beverage offerings, appetizers, champagne service, entrée choices, vegetarian and special dietary requirements, water service, alcohol and beer options, coffee service, and buffet or food station setups. This section ensures that all catering-related aspects are addressed, leaving no room for confusion.

Audio-Visual and Room Setup

In addition to the menu, the BEO covers audio-visual (AV) details provided by the venue. This includes lighting, screens, microphones, internet access, and power requirements. Moreover, the BEO specifies room setup details such as table arrangements, entertainment location, stage size and position, green room setup, room layout diagram, linen colors, centerpiece details, and chair types. These details contribute to creating the desired atmosphere and ambiance for the event.

Vendor Contacts and Staffing

The BEO includes contact information for all external suppliers involved in the event, from event planners and florists to caterers and rental companies. It ensures that each supplier's arrival time, setup requirements, and special accommodations are accounted for. Additionally, the BEO outlines staffing requirements, including wait staff, bartenders, security personnel, parking attendants, and more.

Logistics, Costs, and Terms

Other essential components of the BEO cover logistics like parking, transportation, and arrival times of guest shuttles. It also outlines the costs associated with each service provided by the hotel or venue, including taxes and additional fees. The terms and conditions section clarifies event cancellation policies, payment due dates, and other legalities. Cross-referencing this information with the client's budget guarantees transparency and manages expectations.

The BEO in Action

On the day of the event, the hotel and venue staff rely heavily on the BEO. It serves as a reference for the kitchen, banquet captains, catering manager, staffing manager, front desk, parking department, audio-visual department, beverage manager, accounting, and convention services department. It ensures that everyone involved is on the same page and working towards a unified goal of delivering a successful event.

Ensuring Accuracy and Collaboration

The BEO is prepared by the catering manager at a hotel or the event coordinator at a catering facility. Throughout the event planning process, the BEO evolves and changes, necessitating accurate information to ensure precise timing, layout, cost, details, and menu for the event day. As an event planner, it's your responsibility to collaborate closely with the catering manager or coordinator to review and double-check the BEO for accuracy. The client's signature on the final BEO solidifies the agreement and makes it a binding contract.


The Banquet Event Order is an indispensable tool for event planners. Its meticulous organization and comprehensive nature leave no room for errors or oversights. By carefully reviewing and aligning every detail with the BEO, you can ensure a seamless and memorable event for your clients. Remember, the devil is in the details, and the BEO is your key to unlocking event planning success!

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