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Marjorie Harvey: The Woman Behind Steve Harvey

Introduction Marjorie Harvey is not just the wife of television star and businessman Steve Harvey. She is a force to be reckoned with in her own right, making waves in the entertainment industry and capturing...


Marjorie Harvey is not just the wife of television star and businessman Steve Harvey. She is a force to be reckoned with in her own right, making waves in the entertainment industry and capturing hearts wherever she goes. From her early encounters with Steve to her remarkable journey as a mother and successful businesswoman, Marjorie's story is filled with passion, resilience, and love.

Meeting Steve Harvey

Marjorie Elaine Bridges, born on October 10, 1964, unexpectedly crossed paths with Steve Harvey in 2005. Attending one of his comedy shows, Marjorie instantly captivated Steve's heart. When he laid eyes on her, he couldn't help but be drawn in by her beauty and presence. It was love at first sight. "She came down front with her girlfriend. When I saw her, I quit breathing," Steve fondly recalled. Little did they know that this encounter would shape their lives forever.

A Love That Overcame Challenges

After a brief courtship, Marjorie and Steve tied the knot on June 25, 2007. Both had experienced previous marriages and divorces, bringing their beautiful children into the mix. Steve was previously married to Marcia Harvey, with whom he had three children: Broderick Harvey Jr., Karli Harvey, and Brandi Harvey. Marjorie had two children, Morgan Hawthorne and Jason Harvey, from her previous marriage to Jim Townsend. Additionally, Marjorie had a daughter named Lori Harvey from her marriage to Donnell Woods.

Their blended family faced unique challenges, navigating the complexities of co-parenting and building a harmonious home. But Marjorie and Steve embraced their roles fully, with Steve even adopting Marjorie's children and creating a solid foundation of love. As Marjorie expressed, "Now, we're Mom and Dad to everybody." Their commitment to their family and unwavering love for one another kept them strong.

The Rise of Lori Harvey

One of Marjorie's daughters, Lori Harvey, has taken the world by storm. Born on January 13, 1997, Lori has established herself as a prominent model and businesswoman. From her early days as a signed model to walking the runways for renowned fashion houses like Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors, Valentino, and Burberry, Lori has carved her own path in the fashion world.

In 2021, Lori embarked on a new venture by launching her skincare brand, SKN by LH, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit and determination. Her journey to success has not been without its fair share of attention, particularly her high-profile relationship with Marvel actor Michael B. Jordan from 2020 to 2022. Lori's ability to balance her personal and professional life with grace and confidence is a testament to the strong foundation her mother, Marjorie, instilled in her.

Marjorie's Journey

Marjorie's life has been marked by resilience and growth, as she faced a challenging chapter with her first husband, Jim Townsend. Townsend was a convicted drug dealer, and despite Marjorie's pregnancy at the time, she was investigated by the FBI and the DEA. Townsend ultimately received a life sentence in prison, and Marjorie made the difficult decision to divorce him.

Years later, in 2017, former President Barack Obama granted Townsend a pardon after serving 26 years in jail. The experience inspired Townsend to write a memoir that delves into their tumultuous marriage and sheds light on the promises broken and the limited information shared with their children.

Marjorie Harvey With Husband Steve Harvey Marjorie Harvey With Husband Steve Harvey. (Photo: Instagram)


Marjorie Harvey's journey is one of love, strength, and resilience. From her serendipitous encounter with Steve Harvey to the challenges they faced as a blended family, she has shown unwavering commitment and unconditional love. Through her daughter Lori's success and her own personal growth, Marjorie continues to inspire many. Her story serves as a reminder that with determination and love, one can conquer any obstacle and create a life filled with happiness and fulfillment.