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The Ultimate Guide to Luxury Wedding Planning

Capture Your Dream Wedding Experience As a luxury wedding planner, I specialize in elevating your wedding from merely an event to a magical, personalized, once-in-a-lifetime experience for you, your partner, and your guests. Why Choose...

Capture Your Dream Wedding Experience

luxury wedding planner As a luxury wedding planner, I specialize in elevating your wedding from merely an event to a magical, personalized, once-in-a-lifetime experience for you, your partner, and your guests.

Why Choose Andrew Roby Luxury Wedding Planning?

Luxury is More Than Extravagance

Luxury is defined as a state of extravagant living and great comfort. As a luxury wedding planner, I bring both to your wedding planning. With a distinct distaste for cookie-cutter weddings, I create beautiful, customized luxury weddings that are like no others you have attended. They are imaginative, extravagant, flawlessly executed, and, as far as you’re concerned, relaxing! If you’re investing in a luxury wedding planner, you should not have to sweat the small stuff. I’ll tend to all of the meticulous details so that you and your partner can enjoy this singular time in your life in great comfort.

luxury wedding planner Dedicated Wedding Planning Concierge

Weddings are far more than a one-day affair. They’re a journey that begins the moment you start planning. For my luxury clients, I function as their personal concierge, ensuring that each step of that journey is a stress-free and joyful one. I won’t drop a lengthy preferred vendor list on you and tell you to choose one. Rather, I’ll curate the options and present you with a few of the very best vendors for each aspect of your wedding—those that match your style and personality to a T. I’ll learn about your unique expectations and be thinking 10 steps ahead to make sure that they’re met. A pet-friendly hotel suite for your Aunt May and her poodle? I’ll have it covered. A strategic seating chart to navigate complicated family dynamics? No problem. Themed thank you notes for your guests and vendors? Consider it done!

High-Touch Luxury Wedding Planning

We believe that the mark of a truly successful luxury wedding planner is that they make every client feel like the only client. To ensure that our clients get the full focus that they deserve, we never take on more than two weddings per month. As a luxury wedding client, you will have my undivided attention. You will not be outsourced to an assistant. You will work one-on-one with me as we create your dream wedding.

A Reflection of You

luxury wedding My reputation as an Event Storyteller reflects my commitment to weddings that authentically convey couples’ personalities, cultures, and backstories. I ensure that your luxury wedding is true to your unique identity and that your guests walk away feeling a deep connection to you. Every element of your wedding—from the invitation to the food to the entertainment—should further your story. You and your partner have dynamic life stories, and I’ll make sure that they’re told.

Attention to Detail

It’s the little things that distinguish the best luxury wedding planners. The most unforgettable weddings are built on painstaking attention to detail. At Andrew Roby Events, we thrive in the details, creating meticulously orchestrated experiences that thrill all of the senses. Whether it’s procuring imported paper for your wedding invitation, orchestrating subtle changes in lighting as the wedding ceremony progresses, managing the scent of your wedding with a signature fragrance, or executing a seven-course wedding dinner feast, we tend to layers of details that elevate your wedding experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

Vendor Connections

Not just any vendor will do for your luxury wedding. We are networked with the “best of the best” vendors and will help connect you with just the right venue, hair and makeup artists, dress and suit/tux boutiques, florists, jewelers, caterers, bakeries, photographers, videographers, bar services, and more. Our long-standing relationships with these elite vendors will ensure that you get top priority—even with those that may normally be closed to new clients. Once you’ve settled on your preferred vendors, we’ll handle contract negotiations and management so you don’t have to get stuck in the details.

Budget Stewardship

luxury wedding budget Just because you have the money for a luxury wedding doesn’t mean that any of that money should be wasted. At Andrew Roby Events, we make every dollar count toward creating a truly over-the-top wedding experience. A seasoned luxury wedding planner can help you know how to allot your budget for maximum bang for the buck. In few industries is "you get what you pay for" more true than in the luxury wedding space.

Guest Care

Your wedding should be an extravagant experience for you, your partner, and your guests. We specialize in custom care for each of your guests so that they become an integral part of your wedding experience. From travel accommodations to refreshments to mixer activities, we ensure your guests are immersed in hospitality from start to finish.

Original Vision

Our luxury weddings don’t follow the trends; they set them! Our team is innovative and visionary. From the décor to entertainment to food to activities, we think far beyond the ordinary to create unparalleled weddings. You and your partner aren’t like any other couple out there, so why should your wedding be?

We Come to You

We launched our luxury wedding planning in Washington DC and quickly expanded to offer our services in Dallas and Los Angeles as well. But we are not limited to these cities. In fact, we have brought our magic to 23 countries. Whether you’re looking for a luxury wedding on your home turf or a destination wedding farther afield, we know exactly how to make it seamlessly spectacular.


There are a hundred moving parts with luxury weddings, and you don’t get a dress rehearsal for the full experience. There’s no room for glitches or missteps that could snowball. Having executed over 1,000 life-changing events in my career, I’ve learned how to anticipate and address potential problems behind the scenes so that all you see is an impeccable experience unfolding before your eyes. Your wedding day deserves nothing short of perfection.

Call today to learn more about my luxury wedding planning services. I stand ready to execute your luxury wedding with painstaking perfection.