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Lords Mobile Guild Fest: Conquer the Hellish Events and Rise to the Challenge

Are you ready for the ultimate test in Lords Mobile? The Guild Fest Phase 3, also known as the Hell Events, will push your skills, strategy, and resource management to the limit. But fear not,...

Lords Mobile Guild Fest: Complete Phase 3 (Hell Events)

Are you ready for the ultimate test in Lords Mobile? The Guild Fest Phase 3, also known as the Hell Events, will push your skills, strategy, and resource management to the limit. But fear not, my friend, for I am here to guide you through this treacherous journey. Let's delve into the world of Hell Events and emerge victorious!

The Insurmountable Challenge and the Key to Success

Completing a single Hell Event on its own can be a daunting task, especially if you don't have the luxury of a big budget to instantly purchase resources like speed-ups. Strategic planning and careful calculation are crucial to avoid abandoning quests even when you're 99% done. Now, multiply this challenge by ten, and you'll understand the magnitude of the feat that awaits you.

One wrong move can wipe out your hard-earned speed-ups and resources. On the flip side, resorting to your credit card to save the day is not ideal. It's time to embrace the unknown and conquer the Hell Events like a true champion!

Understanding the Phases and Quest Requirements

To complete Phase 3, you must finish one quest up to stage 3, accumulating points along the way. The number displayed as "0/3," "0/5," or "0/10" indicates the number of Hell Events you need to complete to earn the designated points. The more quests you conquer, the greater your rewards.

Let's take a closer look at some of the variations you may encounter during your journey:

  • 0/10 with 285 points: Complete 10 Hell Events within 2 days and 12 hours to earn 285 points.
  • 0/8 with 352 points: Finish 8 Hell Events in just 16 hours to claim 352 points.
  • 0/7 with 213 points: Conquer 6 Hell Events in 2 days and 12 hours to gain 213 points.
  • 0/6 with 189 points: Complete 6 Hell Events within 2 days to earn 189 points.
  • 0/5 with 242 points: Finish 5 Hell Events in a mere 10 hours and score 242 points.
  • 0/4 with 141 points: Conquer 4 Hell Events within 2 days and enjoy 141 points.
  • 0/3 with 169 points: Earn 169 points by completing 3 Hell Events in just 9 hours.
  • 0/3 with 118 points: Finish 3 Hell Events within 1 day and 12 hours to attain 118 points.
  • 0/1 with 105 points: Complete 1 Hell Event within 1 day and earn 105 points.

Preparation for the Hellish Quest

Before embarking on this grueling mission, it's essential to ensure you have sufficient speed-ups and resources. Speed-ups are your lifeline in Lords Mobile, allowing you to reduce the time required for various projects.

Make sure to assess your speed-ups for research, building, troop training, and merging to ensure they meet your needs. This requires careful calculation and foresight. Don't leave anything to chance; prepare for the challenges that lie ahead!

Unveiling the Sources of Points

Both Solo and Hell Events require you to accumulate a set number of points to claim your rewards. These points can be obtained from various sources, such as research, building, troop training, merging pacts, and monster hunting. Let's explore each one:

Research Source

Research serves as a reliable and rewarding source of event points. It is advisable to allocate your speed-ups for research purposes, as this will yield the best results. While there is a specific "Speed Up Research" item, general speed-ups can also be utilized. Completing a research event worth 500k-600k points can require approximately 18 to 25 days' worth of speed-ups, while a 900k point event may demand 35k to 37k speed-ups. Keep in mind that these figures are estimates based on experience, and precise recording and updates will follow.

Building Source

Building is another viable source of event points, although it tends to be more costly than research, particularly for Castle 25. Before undertaking this quest, carefully consider your priorities. While there is no dedicated "Speed Up Building" item, general speed-ups can be employed to expedite construction projects.

Train Soldiers Source

Training troops is a fruitful endeavor when it comes to accumulating event points. A troop training event worth 300k points could require approximately 10 days' worth of speed-ups. Consider using the dedicated "Speed Up Training" item for optimal results, although general speed-ups can also be utilized.

Merge Pacts Source

Merging pacts supplements other point sources and adds an extra layer of complexity. Ensure you possess adequate "Speed Up Merging" items, as general speed-ups cannot be utilized here.

Monster Hunting Source

Engage in the exhilarating activity of hunting and slaying monsters to earn event points. Remember to equip your Monster hunting gear and amass sufficient energy for this task. To conquer a monster hunting event worth 14,300 points, you should have a reserve of at least 250,000 energy. For an event offering 17,800 points (with 1 Watcher Medal), ensure you possess a hefty 320,000 energy reserve. Unleash your inner monster hunter and claim your well-deserved rewards!

Source Combinations

In many instances, a combination of the aforementioned point sources is required. You can choose to diversify your efforts and tackle multiple sources simultaneously or concentrate on a specific point source. Adapt your strategy based on your strengths and objectives.

The Trials and Tribulations

Lords Mobile Guild Fest: Complete Phase 3 (Hell Events)

Alas, the challenging reality reveals itself. Conquering ten events for a mere 285 points hardly seems rewarding. Regrettably, I realized this too late. Driven by impulse, I tapped the "Start" button, only to find myself ill-prepared with insufficient resources and speed-ups. However, I refused to surrender. To ensure the happiness of both myself and my guild, I made the decision to invest over $50. But let my experience be a lesson to you.

Learn from My Journey and Conquer at Your Pace

In hindsight, it becomes clear that you should participate in Guild Fests only within the boundaries of your capabilities, free from the burden of spending copious amounts of money. Opt for quests that you know you can complete effortlessly, such as resource gathering or providing assistance to fellow guild members. Remember, success is not solely defined by the points you accumulate but rather the joy you derive from the journey itself.

So, my friend, prepare yourself for the adventure that awaits in Lords Mobile's Hell Events. Summon your strategic prowess, manage your resources wisely, and conquer the trials with zealous determination. May Victory be your constant companion!