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Lord of the Rings Inspired Wedding Invitations: A Magical Journey Begins

Our invite, wrapped and unwrapped. We are thrilled to announce that our wedding invitations are officially on their way to our loved ones! It's such a relief to have this task checked off our wedding...

Our invite, wrapped and unwrapped Our invite, wrapped and unwrapped.

We are thrilled to announce that our wedding invitations are officially on their way to our loved ones! It's such a relief to have this task checked off our wedding planning list. Choosing and receiving our invitations has been surprisingly easy and enjoyable so far.

Initially, we set a modest budget of $150 for our invitations, but we quickly realized that it was a challenging target unless we decided to create them ourselves. However, DIY invitations were not the route we wanted to take. We had concerns about the invitations not being sent out properly, the need to invest in materials and equipment, and the overwhelming task of creating a large number of invitations.

Eventually, we increased our budget to $500, including postage and other associated costs. In the end, we went slightly over our budget by about $150, but we have no regrets. Especially since we managed to find Tim's wedding ring for just $49! We strongly believe in investing in things that truly matter to us, even if it means adjusting our budget in other areas. To save some money on paper products, we decided to skip the save-the-dates and relied on word of mouth to spread the date among our friends and family.

When we were exploring our invitation options, we decided to order sample invitations from various vendors, including Paper Truly, Shutterfly, VistaPrint, and a few vendors on Etsy. Ordering samples turned out to be an excellent decision. It allowed us to assess the ease of working with each company, their shipping speed, and the quality of their paper, ink, and design. Among all the options, Paper Truly, owned by Melissa Meek, stood out. She impressed us right from the start, with her sample arriving before anyone else's. When we requested a quote, she responded quickly and provided a clear and comprehensive offer that was easy to modify. It was such a seamless process that we had finalized our design and sent our deposit before some of the other samples even arrived. The invitation we chose is inspired by the work of J.R.R. Tolkien and stands beautifully on its own, appealing to both our nerdy and non-nerdy friends.

Credit: Paper Truly Credit: Paper Truly

Paper Truly offers a wonderful range of classic and unconventional designs, including a Harry Potter-inspired collection. The best part is that they allow complete customization, letting us choose which pieces to include. For our Tolkien-esque invitation, Tim and I selected the invitation itself, a map/detail card, a postcard RSVP (though an envelope RSVP was also available), a lembas leaf wrapper, twine tie, assembly, addressing, and postage. While invitations from other sites seemed cheaper upfront, once we calculated the cost of including all the pieces and the assembly that Paper Truly offers, the price difference turned out to be minimal. The craftsmanship of Paper Truly surpassed that of the other samples we received. Personally, my favorite part is the custom map depicting the "realm" of Pittsburgh. It adds a unique touch to the entire suite.

The decision to invest in these custom invitations was absolutely worth it. Although our wedding might not fully embrace the Lord of the Rings theme, we wanted our invitations to set the tone for the magical journey we are embarking on. And boy, did they make an impact! We received numerous messages from friends and family, telling us that our invitation was the best they had ever received. The overwhelming response made the minimal extra cost entirely worthwhile. Tim and I are overjoyed that we were able to incorporate these exceptional invitations into our budget.

Author’s note about compensation: Paper Truly provided complimentary shipping for my order as a thank-you for being featured here, but I would have featured the company regardless. I could not have been more pleased with the customer service, design process, and end product.