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How to Set Your Wedding Planner Pricing Like a Pro

As a wedding planner, one of the most common questions I receive is about pricing. It's a topic that never ceases to intrigue people, despite all the advice I offer on finding your purpose and...

As a wedding planner, one of the most common questions I receive is about pricing. It's a topic that never ceases to intrigue people, despite all the advice I offer on finding your purpose and running a sustainable business. So, in this article, I'm here to shed some light on how to set your wedding planner pricing and give you the confidence to charge what you're worth.

Understanding Your Goals

First and foremost, it's essential to determine how much you want to make in a year. Your income goals should align with the kind of life you want to live. Take into account your personal expenses, marketing costs, overheads, employees, insurance, education, and inventory. This exercise will help you establish a sales goal that reflects your financial aspirations.

Assessing Capacity and Services

Consider how many weddings your business can handle in a year without compromising the level of service you provide. Factor in the services you want to offer, whether it's full-service planning, day-of coordination, or additional digital products. By getting creative and expanding your offerings, you can diversify your income streams and increase your earning potential.

Understanding Your Ideal Client's Budget

To determine your pricing, it's crucial to understand your ideal client's total wedding budget. Rather than focusing solely on what they believe a wedding planner should cost, look at the overall budget they have allocated for their special day. Your price should align with their budget, ensuring they can afford your services without compromising on their dream wedding.

Different Pricing Structures

Now, let's explore the three common pricing structures for wedding planners.

1) Charging a Flat Fee

The simplest and most popular pricing structure is charging a flat fee. This involves quoting a set amount for a specific set of deliverables. While it offers transparency for clients, the downside is limited earning potential if scope creep occurs.

2) Charging an Hourly Rate

Charging an hourly rate can work well for partial planning clients. It allows them to pay for the exact services they need. However, there can be challenges when dealing with difficult clients who question each hour billed.

3) Charging Percentage Pricing

Percentage pricing is a favorable option for full-service wedding planners. It involves taking a percentage of the client's overall wedding budget. This approach ensures fair compensation for your work and encourages a stronger connection between your effort and the client's expenditure.

Pricing Averages

While it's important not to base your pricing solely on industry averages, here are some figures for reference:

  • Month Of/Day of Coordination: $1,500-$3,500
  • Partial Planning: $4,000 - $10,000
  • Full-Service Wedding Planner: $6,000 - $200,000+

Remember that these averages can vary greatly depending on your experience, location, and the client's budget.

Setting Your Prices

When setting your prices, consider your experience, ideal client budget, and geographical location. Your prices should reflect your expertise and the quality of service you provide. As you gain more experience, your pricing should increase accordingly.


Setting your wedding planner pricing may seem complex, but by considering your goals, understanding your services and ideal client's budget, and choosing the right pricing structure, you can confidently charge what you're worth. Remember, your value as a wedding planner goes beyond dollars and cents. Focus on providing exceptional service and creating unforgettable experiences for your clients.

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