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Fun and Engaging Activities for Teaching Body Parts

Teaching body parts can sometimes be a challenging topic to approach. However, with the right activities, it can become a fun and exciting learning experience for both teachers and students alike. In this article, we...

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Teaching body parts can sometimes be a challenging topic to approach. However, with the right activities, it can become a fun and exciting learning experience for both teachers and students alike. In this article, we will explore some creative ways to teach body parts and make the learning process enjoyable.

Alouette - A Cultural Song

Music has always been a powerful tool for learning. One song that stands out when teaching body parts is "Alouette." Although some of the body parts mentioned in the song are bird-specific, such as "les ailes" (wings), "le bec" (beak), and "les pattes" (legs), it is still worth incorporating this song into your lesson plan due to its cultural significance. Show the video below, which adds a touch of goofiness that is perfect for middle school students.

Jacques a dit - Simon Says

When it comes to body parts, there's no better game than the French version of Simon Says, called "Jacques a dit." In the beginning, act out the body parts as you say them, allowing students to grasp the vocabulary without solely relying on their knowledge. As the game progresses, mix things up by touching the wrong body part, challenging students to identify the mistake. For example, say "Touchez la bouche" (Touch your mouth) but touch your foot instead. This activity adds an element of fun and tests their comprehension.

Frankenstein Body Parts - A Creative Twist

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This idea, inspired by The Creative Language Class, takes a fun twist on the traditional label-the-body-parts assignment. Instead of simply labeling a picture, students create a creature using multiple sources. The result is a unique and sometimes slightly eerie creation. This activity encourages creativity and imagination.

Igor le Gorille - A Vocabulary Reinforcement

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"Igor le Gorille" is a captivating video that reinforces vocabulary related to body parts while introducing new terms like "Peux-tu" (Can you), "comme" (like), and "bouge" (move). Before watching the video, display a Wordle on the board to review the vocabulary with your students.

Abstract Art - Hilarious Body Part Drawings

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This hilarious activity involves a student coming up to the board, covering their eyes with one hand, and drawing various body parts as called out by the class in French. The result is an extremely abstract representation of a person that is sure to bring laughter to the classroom. The person who drew the abstract figure will enjoy it just as much as the rest of the class.

Dessinez un Monstre - Drawing Monster Characters

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In this drawing activity, the teacher announces different body parts for the students to draw. Since the subject is a monster, you can make it more interesting by saying things like "dessinez trois têtes" (draw three heads) or "dessinez une bouche sur le cou" (draw a mouth on the neck). Although everyone is given the same directions, the resulting monsters will be unique and imaginative. The examples below showcase the diversity that can arise from this activity.

Avec les ____, je peux... - Connecting Body Parts to Activities

To reinforce both old and new vocabulary, introduce activities and likes and dislikes (ER verbs) shortly after teaching body parts. Have students brainstorm activities they can do using each body part they have learned to say in French. For instance, "Avec les yeux, je peux regarder la télé" (With my eyes, I can watch TV), "étudier" (study), "jouer aux jeux vidéo" (play video games), and so on.

Logique ou pas logique? - Logic or Illogical Combinations

Building on the previous activity, use two Smart Board spinners, one with activities and the other with body parts. Spin each of them (or have a student spin), and together, decide if the activity and body part combination is logical or illogical. For example, "chanter avec la bouche" (sing with the mouth) is logical, while "danser avec les oreilles" (dance with the ears) is illogical. This activity encourages critical thinking and reinforces vocabulary.

Excuses - Using Body Parts for Making Excuses

When teaching vocabulary related to making and responding to invitations, use this opportunity to revisit body parts. Teach students phrases like "Je ne peux pas" (I can't) and "Je dois..." (I have to). This way, they can use body parts as potential excuses. For example, they can say "J'ai mal à..." (I have a pain in...) followed by the corresponding body part.

Les Monstres Coloriés - Describing Monster Colors

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This activity is more suitable for intermediate-level classes. Students are asked to draw a monster using different colors and then write a descriptive sentence for each body part. This exercise reinforces the usage of "est" (is), "sont" (are), and adjective/noun agreement. Each monster created will be unique and provide an opportunity for students to practice their descriptive writing skills.

These are just a few of my favorite activities for teaching body parts. What are yours? Let's make the learning process fun and engaging for our students while expanding their vocabulary in a memorable way.

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