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Jewelry Home Party Success Tips

A jewelry home party can be a highly profitable way to sell your jewelry. Unlike selling in busy shopping malls or competing with other vendors, home parties allow you to connect with a targeted group...

Jewelry Home Party Success Tips

A jewelry home party can be a highly profitable way to sell your jewelry. Unlike selling in busy shopping malls or competing with other vendors, home parties allow you to connect with a targeted group of buyers who are enthusiastic about supporting each other and purchasing from you.

Advantages of Home Jewelry Parties

Compared to other sales methods, jewelry home parties require minimal time investment and offer a substantial financial return. In just three hours, you can generate hundreds of dollars in sales or even more. Additionally, you don't have to pay booth fees or commission. Instead, you can provide your hostess with free jewelry and discounts based on the party's success.

The relaxed and personalized environment of a jewelry home party creates a sense of trust between you and your customers. When they see your presence in the hostess' home, they perceive your work as outstanding and trustworthy. Trust is a critical factor in making sales and developing repeat customers.

Customers also enjoy the personalized shopping experience away from crowded malls. They appreciate the opportunity to browse and try on jewelry in a comfortable setting. Moreover, they love meeting the artist behind the creations they purchase. Hosting jewelry parties can easily be managed alongside a day job, as each party only requires a couple of hours of preparation and a few hours at the event.

Choosing the Best Jewelry Home Party

For optimal results, an open house format within a three-hour timeframe works best for jewelry home parties. Set up your jewelry display before the party starts and interact with customers just like you would at an art or craft show. Engage with guests, answer their questions, suggest pieces to try on, and provide assistance with custom orders.

By maintaining a sense of humor and creating a lively atmosphere, you can ensure a memorable experience for your guests. However, keep in mind that most people attend parties with the intention to shop, so it's best not to have lengthy presentations or games that may take up too much time.

The unstructured open house format allows guests to come and go as they please without feeling pressured to make a purchase. However, most guests will end up buying something. In fact, the format with the highest attendance, bookings, and profits is a relaxed open house without a formal presentation. The convenience and flexibility of this format will attract more guests and increase the party's success.

It's important to infuse your unique artistry and style into your jewelry home party. Stand out from major home party companies by showcasing your individuality. Your guests will appreciate the personal touch you bring to the event.

Cash and Carry or Take Orders?

To maximize sales at a jewelry home party, it's advisable to sell as much jewelry as possible directly from your display. While taking orders for specific designs may seem tempting, it can become time-consuming and challenging to fulfill and deliver within a short deadline. Guests prefer to bring their purchases home immediately, especially when they're still excited about their selection. By selling directly from your display, you not only save time and effort but also reinforce the uniqueness of each piece.

Additionally, selling jewelry directly from your display creates a sense of urgency for customers. If they don't buy a specific piece right away, they know they may miss out on the opportunity to own it. Unlike a mall jewelry store, your home party offers pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind. The fear of missing out is a powerful marketing motivator.

Handling Custom Orders

When accepting custom orders at home parties, it's crucial to have clear communication and documentation. Both you and the customer should have a written and signed agreement detailing the custom order requirements, delivery date, and contact information. Request payment in full at the jewelry home party to avoid future complications. Setting a delivery date slightly beyond your estimated completion time allows for any unforeseen delays and ensures customer satisfaction.

Having a small, attractive photo album of your work available during the party can inspire custom orders. It serves as a visual reference for customers and simplifies the process of designing personalized pieces.

Engaging Customers at Jewelry Home Parties

Be prepared to engage with customers and answer their questions. Share captivating stories about your journey as a jewelry artist, how you create your pieces, and the inspiration behind your work. Instead of simply listing the materials used, focus on highlighting the benefits of owning each piece. Capture their attention by emphasizing the versatility, timeless style, and unique features of your jewelry.

Accepting Payment

To maximize sales, provide various payment options at your jewelry home party, including cash, checks, and credit cards. Accepting credit cards often leads to increased purchases, as guests tend to buy more when they have that payment option available. Make it easy for customers to complete their transactions to ensure a smooth purchasing experience.

Setting Up Your Home Party Display

Efficiency is key when setting up your jewelry display for a home party. Arrive at the hostess's house with enough time to complete your setup before the event starts. Streamline your display setup process by organizing and loading your jewelry cases, earring displays, and necklace displays at your home. Discuss table arrangements with the hostess to determine whether you need to bring your own tables or can utilize existing ones.

Including multiple mirrors in your display allows customers to see how the jewelry looks on them and seek opinions from friends. Trying on jewelry and getting feedback enhances the overall experience at a jewelry home party.

Lighting at Jewelry Home Parties

Good lighting is essential for showcasing your jewelry effectively. Inform your hostess in advance about the importance of well-lit surroundings. For added assurance, bring your own small lamps with natural-light bulbs. Remember to position the extension cord safely to prevent any accidents.

Encouraging Sales at Jewelry Home Parties

Implementing certain strategies can significantly boost sales at your jewelry home party:

  • Offer exclusive items available for purchase only during the event. Create a sense of urgency by emphasizing that these items are limited and won't be available later.
  • Ask the hostess to wear pieces of your jewelry during the party to showcase their beauty and spark interest among guests.
  • Display a selection of affordable jewelry gift options, accompanied by a sign reminding customers of occasions and recipients they could consider.
  • Provide bonuses for individual sales at specific price points. Consider offering special discounts, free jewelry, or additional incentives to motivate guests to spend more.
  • Ensure that each piece of jewelry is part of a potential set. If you don't have ready-made matching pieces, offer to create custom items to complement their purchase.
  • Stock up on impulse add-on items such as chains, neckwires, inexpensive earrings, and jewelry polishing cloths. These small items can increase your earnings significantly when added to each customer's total.
  • Offer free elegant gift wrapping for every purchase. By providing this convenience to your customers, you add value to their shopping experience and make their gift-giving process easier.

Successful Jewelry Home Party Invitations

Create enticing invitations to attract a high attendance rate for your home party. Consider these tips:

  • Encourage your hostess to invite at least 20 people, as typically only half of the invitees attend.
  • Send out invitations at least two weeks before the party to allow guests ample time to plan.
  • Use postcards with appealing photos of your jewelry on the front, or any other invitation format that includes images of your creations.
  • Clearly state the price range of your jewelry, starting from the most affordable item, to dispel any assumptions about unaffordability.
  • Include your contact information, including your name, phone number, and website URL, so guests can reach out to you for future purchases or inquiries.

To incentivize guests to bring additional attendees, mention that each guest they bring will receive a free gift or a discount. This strategy boosts attendance and increases the chances of future sales.

Jewerly Party Hostess Incentives

To encourage hostesses to schedule jewelry home parties, provide them with brochures highlighting the benefits of hosting. Distribute brochures to all party guests and carry them with you to other events. Sending a handwritten thank-you note to the hostess shortly after the party demonstrates your appreciation and strengthens the commitment to future parties.

To address common concerns about hosting, clearly communicate that hosting a jewelry home party requires minimal effort and food preparation. Assure potential hostesses that their role is to socialize, enjoy the shopping experience with their friends, and earn free jewelry.

Offer enticing deals exclusively for hostesses, such as limited-edition jewelry or special gifts. These incentives should have a high perceived value without significantly impacting your profits. As soon as a hostess schedules a party, send a thank-you note promptly to express gratitude and include a coupon for future purchases.

To accommodate individuals with limited space or those who prefer group events, suggest shared parties or group gatherings where each attendee invites their own guests. This approach expands your customer base and increases sales opportunities.

Jewerly Party Hostess Rewards

Determine a hostess incentives program that aligns with your profit margins and entices potential hostesses in your area. Consider the following suggestions as a starting point:

  • To qualify as a party, at least two guests (excluding the hostess) must make jewelry purchases totaling at least $100.
  • Provide the hostess with a $25 gift certificate to spend at her own party or towards a custom order.
  • Offer the hostess discounted or free jewelry, representing 10% of her guests' total purchases (pre-sales tax) between $100 and $799, or 15% for totals of $800 and above.
  • Award the hostess an additional $10 of discounted or free jewelry for each party booked during her jewelry home party.
  • Add another $10 of discounted or free jewelry if the hostess has 20 or more guests.

These figures may require adjustments based on your specific jewelry line and regional market. The goal is to create a win-win situation for both you and your hostesses.

Special Benefits for Jewelry Home Party Hostesses

Nurture your relationship with hostesses by offering special benefits throughout the year. Consider the following ideas:

  • Hostess-only sales where exclusive discounts are available.
  • Special discount coupons or events specifically designed for hostesses.
  • Arrange a jewelry home party exclusively for your previous hostesses as a gesture of appreciation and an opportunity for them to connect with each other.

During the Christmas season, introduce an early-bird hostess bonus, rewarding those who schedule a jewelry home party before Thanksgiving. This strategy ensures a strong start to the holiday season sales while expressing gratitude to proactive hostesses.

Incentives for Repeat Jewelry Home Party Hostesses

Hostesses who have already hosted a successful jewelry home party are more likely to host again. Show your appreciation by offering enhanced benefits for their continued support. Consider implementing the following ideas:

  • Provide additional free jewelry or higher discounts for second-time hostesses as a way to acknowledge their loyalty.
  • Offer a "gold level" hostess incentive package for those who have hosted three or more jewelry home parties. Recognize their contribution as valuable sales representatives for your business.

Remember to send thank-you notes to your hostesses after each party and include additional coupons to encourage repeat purchases.


Now that you have a wealth of insights and strategies at your disposal, you can confidently plan and host successful jewelry home parties. With enticing invitations, engaging displays, attractive incentives, and exceptional customer experiences, your home parties will become the talk of the town. Best of luck with your home jewelry parties!

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