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It's Tiki Time: How to Throw the Ultimate Luau Party

Aloha! Are you ready to host an unforgettable luau party or Hawaiian-themed bash? Look no further for all the tips and tricks you need to make it a success. A luau party is not only...

luau party: two different luau themed invitations from Greenvelope

Aloha! Are you ready to host an unforgettable luau party or Hawaiian-themed bash? Look no further for all the tips and tricks you need to make it a success. A luau party is not only fun but also a feast for the senses, with delicious food, beautiful floral leis, and the tropical ambiance of swaying palm trees. Get ready to transport your guests to an island paradise!

Luau Party Decor

There's nothing quite as exciting as decorating for a theme party. Whether it's a tiki party or a Hawaiian luau, the decorations are key to setting the mood. Start by deciding where you want to host your luau party. It can be a backyard wedding reception, a pool party, a bridal shower BBQ, or even a sweet baby shower. Once you have the location, it's time to let your creativity flow!

luau party: flamingos, palm trees, and tropical elements

For a pool party, add beach balls, flamingo floaties, and inflatable palm trees to enhance the tropical atmosphere. Use tropical flowers and leaves to create an exotic ambiance. If you're hosting a more formal soirée, you can add string lights and paper lanterns to create an inviting setting.

Don't forget to incorporate fun elements like seashells and surfboards into your luau party decor. Look for table covers featuring palm trees or Hawaiian flowers. Dot the table with seashells and starfish for a beachy vibe. You can even use a surfboard as a table or as a prop for a photo booth.

To welcome your guests, present each one with a flower lei at the door. Use real flower leis for an upscale event or faux silk versions for a more casual and affordable option. Encourage your guests to dress up in their best Hawaiian shirts, hula skirts, and flip-flops to add to the festive spirit of the party. The themed attire will make party games like the limbo even more memorable!

Luau Party Food

luau party: friends toasting at a luau

What's a luau party without delicious food? Whether you're roasting a whole pig in an underground pit or keeping it lighter, the food is a crucial part of the luau experience. Luckily, planning a mouth-watering luau menu doesn't have to be overwhelming.

Traditional luau foods include poke (a raw fish dish), poi (a starchy paste made from taro), and haupia (a sweet coconut dessert). The star of the meal is usually the Kalua pig, which is traditionally roasted in an underground oven. However, you can adapt and choose other tasty meats or even create a vegan menu to suit your guests' preferences.

Start the party with a light appetizer like fried pita crisps and tropical salsa featuring mangoes and pineapple. Serve grilled fruit skewers with pineapple and peaches as a refreshing option.

For the main course, consider serving surf and turf if you're aiming for a fancy luau theme. Grilled shrimp is a great option, along with grilled pineapple. You can serve them as part of a heartier rice dish or on skewers for easy eating. Other main dish ideas include poke bowls and slow cooker pulled pork. For an afternoon event, pulled pork sandwiches make a delicious finger food option.

When it comes to serving the food, use plates and tableware featuring hibiscus flowers or opt for the natural touch of banana leaves and palm leaves. Wooden tableware adds a rustic feel, while bamboo options bring a touch of the Polynesian islands to your celebration. For a child's birthday party, you can use napkins and paper plates featuring popular Polynesian characters. For an adult event, look for serving ware with flowers, bright colors, and other tropical elements.

And let's not forget the drinks! A luau party isn't complete without a refreshing blended beverage topped with an umbrella. Serve classic drinks like mai tais, daiquiris, and rum slushies in coconut cups, and don't forget to garnish them with fresh fruit.

Luau Party Invitations

Now that you know what type of luau party you're hosting and who's on the guest list, it's time to pick out stunning invitations to get everyone excited about the big day. Whether you're hosting a summer party or a luau bash for a special occasion, Greenvelope has a wide selection of digital invitations to choose from.

Here are some of our favorite luau party invites:

1. Dusky Leaves Invitation

Dusky Leaves Invitation

Perfect for engagement parties, bridal showers, or casual birthdays, this leafy invite sets the tropical mood with vibrant colors. It's a great way to invite guests to your tropical luau party or pool bash.

2. Luau Crown Invitation

Luau Crown Invitation

Make someone feel special with this luau crown photo invite. Whether it's a birthday party or graduation celebration, this floral-focused design puts the honoree front and center. Customize it with your favorite photo.

3. Chromatic Palms Invitation

Chromatic Palms Invitation

With its splashy colors and tropical leaves, this luau invite screams fun and cheery vibes. It's perfect for any luau event, from birthday parties to wedding showers.

4. Aloha Waikiki Invitation

Aloha Waikiki Invitation

Transport your guests to a dreamy Hawaiian landscape with this retro invite. Featuring a surfboard framed by the setting sun and Hawaii's famous coastline, it's perfect for any luau party, from casual BBQs to upscale bridal showers.

5. It's a Luau! Invitation

It's a Luau! Invitation

Adorned with hibiscus flowers, palm fronds, and monstera leaves, this brightly-colored luau invitation is ideal for teen birthday parties or office get-togethers. Make it your own by customizing the font and color scheme.

6. Luau Stamp Invitation

Luau Stamp Invitation

Featuring eye-catching block-printed flowers and cheerful hand lettering, this tropical invite is perfect for gathering friends and family for a day at the beach or celebrating a special moment in life.

7. Flamingo Luau Invitation

Flamingo Luau Invitation

This sweet invitation features frolicking flamingos, swaying palm trees, and delightful pineapples. Its delicate lettering and cute illustrations make it perfect for baby events or formal luau galas.

8. Luau Flowers Invitation

Luau Flowers Invitation

Make a fabulous first impression with this vibrant luau party invite. The bright colors are sure to catch your guests' eyes and pique their interest in your upcoming event. The playful lettering makes it easy to read all the vital details.

Live It Up at Your Dream Luau

A luau is a fantastic option for birthday parties, bachelorettes, and many other celebrations. With these luau party ideas, you can create a tropical paradise for your guests to enjoy. From decorations featuring flamingos and palm trees to delicious treats like tropical salsa and grilled pineapple, you have everything you need to host the ultimate luau party.

For incredible luau party invitations, browse Greenvelope's vast selection to find the perfect one for your event. Visit our blog for more tips on hosting theme parties and creating unforgettable invites. Let's make your luau party an unforgettable experience! Mahalo!