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Invitation for 25th Wedding Anniversary for Parents

The wedding is a beautiful relationship between two people, where they are united in a strong bond. It is a perfect bond between two loved ones as they share everything through thick and thin. 25th-wedding-anniversary...

The wedding is a beautiful relationship between two people, where they are united in a strong bond. It is a perfect bond between two loved ones as they share everything through thick and thin.

online Wedding Anniversary Invitation Maker 25th-wedding-anniversary

As the years pass, the happy couple celebrates their day, and that is what we call "Wedding Anniversary." They invite their friends, relatives, coworkers, and acquaintances to share their happiness. But as a child, you should make the event more memorable for your parents.

On this occasion where your parents have crossed their 25th year of togetherness, the invitations should be glamorous and attractive yet easy on the pocket.

A Unique Idea?

Create an invitation for the 25th wedding anniversary of your parents online. There are several tools available online to create a video invitation. However, nothing comes as exciting as Inviter.

Inviter, an online video making app, allows you to create a stunning video invitation online within minutes.

How to Create an Invitation for the 25th Wedding Anniversary for Parents?

Creating a wedding invitation online is effortless through our Inviter App. You can create a Wedding Anniversary Invitation easily Online. Inviter is not only accessible on the website but can also be easily operated through your phones by downloading the application. Our app is readily available on the Google Play Store. You can download and install it on your Android device. After you have access to the website or application on your Android devices, register on Inviter. Here you can conveniently create your personalized free invitation for the 25th wedding anniversary of your parents.

25th wedding anniversary template

Steps to Create a 25th Wedding Anniversary Invitation Video with Inviter

  1. Sign in or register on Inviter.
  2. Select one of the Wedding Anniversary Invitations templates available.
  3. Add up to three pictures from your camera roll, and you can even add six to seven photos to have a variety at the end. If the theme does not match, you can go for another. Ensure you choose the best and memorable pictures to make this invitation close to your parents' hearts.
  4. Detailed information is necessary; you can add both of your parents' names, 25th wedding anniversary date, venue, and time. Make sure all the details inserted are correct so that you or your guests do not end up in trouble.
  5. You can even add background music according to your parents' liking. Choose any music that you think will best suit your parents or instrumental sounds that are the best choice. Add any favorite song that your parents like or sing most of the time.
  6. Preview the invitation to check all the details provided and make sure that the pictures and music go with the theme. Ensure all the information is entered correctly. You can preview it for free.
  7. Make changes if you want to.
  8. For a better look of your invitation video, select the HD option for download, as an HD video has high quality and better video resolution.

Benefits of a 25th Wedding Anniversary Invitation using Inviter

Inviter is an easily accessible app; it also creates different and exclusive invitations. The old-fashioned invitations are not liked by many but are also very costly. People waste thousands on these cards, which, in the end, are a waste of money as well as the product, as they are thrown away after the event. Nobody saves or preserves the card forever. Therefore, this is the best way to create an invitation that is free of cost, and you can use that money to buy some presents for the couple or add another dish to the menu.

Also, you can save your time by not running here and there to deliver invitation cards. Instead, you can use social apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram to share your 25th wedding anniversary invitation message. Within minutes and with a single click, your messages are sent to all the selected contacts.

Hence, if your parents are about to reach the silver jubilee of their wedding, think out of the box and surprise them with a perfect anniversary party. No celebration is complete without friends and family. Instead of going for the same old ways of inviting, add some twist. Make this customized invitation using Inviter and impress all your guests. Your parents would love the invitations too as they are customized with more personal effects and hence, memorable. The money you save by using the free Inviter application can be used to buy a cute gift for your mother and father.

Invitation for 25th Wedding Anniversary for Parents