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How to Start Your Own Children’s Party Service: A Lucrative and Fun Business Venture

Children’s parties have transformed into extravagant events in recent years. Parents now invest as much in their children’s celebrations as they do in weddings. This demand for professional, stress-free experiences presents an excellent opportunity to...

A woman in a pirate outfit paints a mustache on a child attending a party.

Children’s parties have transformed into extravagant events in recent years. Parents now invest as much in their children’s celebrations as they do in weddings. This demand for professional, stress-free experiences presents an excellent opportunity to start your own children’s party service. You don't need to be a magician or a clown; anyone can find their niche in this field. With the right approach, you can scale your business from a one-person operation to a full-fledged party enterprise.

Can You Make Money Starting a Children’s Party Service?

Children’s party services can be highly profitable. The average children’s party entertainer earns $60,146 per year, and running your own business can bring in even more. Entertainers typically make over $105 per hour for their services. If you have considered starting your own children’s party service, here are some questions to explore:

  1. What kinds of children’s party activities are popular?
  2. What packages can you offer for children’s parties?
  3. What licenses and certifications do you need to be a children’s party provider?
  4. What are the costs of starting a children’s party service?
  5. What bottom-line profit can you make as a children’s party planner?

What Kinds of Children’s Party Activities Are Popular?

While you might immediately think of magicians, clowns, and pony rides, there are many other popular children’s party activities. If you have a talent in music, drama, art, or any other creative field, you can center your service around these skills. Singing, art classes, puppet shows, and comedy are just a few examples. However, artistic talent is not a prerequisite for success. There are also non-artistic activities that kids love, like outdoor movies, dance parties, and scavenger hunts. The options are endless!

How long a children’s party lasts depends on the parents' preferences. On average, birthday parties for younger kids tend to last about two hours. Some parents may want you for the entire duration, while others might only need your services for an hour. The activities and level of involvement will vary, so it's important to have clear communication with the parents to ensure their expectations are met.

What Packages Can You Offer for Children’s Party Services?

A child at a birthday party cuts a small cake.

To establish your children’s party service, you'll need to decide what packages to offer. It's beneficial to have multiple options that cater to different themes and budgets. Consider both in-home and event hall packages to accommodate various preferences. Here are some ideas for different package tiers:

Basic Party Packages

  • Face-painting
  • Balloon animals
  • Games
  • Music

These packages provide simple entertainment options. The supplies needed, such as face paint and balloons, are relatively inexpensive. Games like limbo, musical chairs, treasure hunts, and themed activities can be added to keep the children engaged.

Intermediate Party Packages

  • Formal entertainment (magic or comedy shows, musical singalongs)
  • Costumed character(s)
  • Cotton candy or popcorn machines

Intermediate packages offer additional elements to enhance the party experience. They can include more formal entertainment like magic or comedy shows, as well as costumed characters that kids adore. Adding cotton candy or popcorn machines adds a fun and delicious touch to the event.

Advanced Party Packages

  • Cupcakes
  • Themed decorations
  • Plates and plasticware
  • Drinks
  • Elaborate themed cakes
  • Linens, runners, centerpieces
  • Snowcone or ice cream machines

Advanced packages encompass all the features of the previous tiers and include extra touches for a complete party experience. Themed decorations, special desserts, and additional equipment like snowcone or ice cream machines can be provided. This all-in-one package simplifies the planning process for parents, as they only need to source the meal if desired.

It's essential to have a variety of packages available, and you can also offer add-on services to tailor the experience further. Online party suppliers like Wholesale Party Supplies can be a great resource for acquiring themed tableware, party favors, and balloons.

What Licenses and Certifications Do You Need to Be a Children’s Party Provider?

A party clown throws confetti in the air in front of costumed children.

When starting a children’s party service, it's important to meet both mandatory and recommended requirements for licenses and certifications.

Mandatory Requirements

You will likely need a business license to operate your children’s party service. Check with your local government to understand the specific licensing requirements and application process.

Additionally, it's crucial to have liability insurance. While it may not be required in all areas, it's essential for protecting your personal and business assets from potential claims arising from injuries or damages during the parties.

Consult your local authorities to ensure compliance with any other mandatory requirements applicable to your area.

Other Certifications

Getting certified as a children’s party planner can enhance your business and provide additional credibility. Consider enrolling in a reputable course like the Children’s Party Planner course offered by New Skills Academy. This course covers various aspects of party planning, including balloon modeling, face painting, bouncy castle safety, dealing with difficult children, and organizing themed parties.

It's also valuable to undergo a criminal background check, both for yourself and any employees you may hire. While this may not be required in all areas, it demonstrates your commitment to safety and can give clients peace of mind. Local police departments or background check service providers like Sterling can assist you with this process.

What Are the Costs of Starting a Children’s Party Service?

A boy blows out candles on a birthday cake held by children.

Starting a children’s party service involves various costs, including equipment, licenses, and certifications.

Startup Costs

Here are the initial expenses you can expect when starting your own children’s party service:

  • Portable outdoor speaker system: $500-$1,000
  • Costumes for entertainers (if used): $200-$500
  • Business licenses: $15-$400
  • Liability insurance: $240-$1,600
  • Chairs and tables (if needed): $100-$500
  • Children’s Party Planner course: $100
  • Cotton candy machine (if needed): $300
  • Outdoor children’s games: $200-$1,000

Depending on your specific services, you may not need to invest in every item on this list, or you may require additional equipment. Based on this breakdown, expect to spend between $1,255 and $5,400 on startup costs.

Marketing Expenses

Apart from the initial setup, you will need to allocate funds for marketing your services. This can include website development, SEO (search engine optimization), and basic advertising. A basic marketing campaign can cost around $200, covering expenses such as website hosting, a website builder, and flyer distribution.

You can also leverage social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to market your services for free. Consider organizing a children's party for a friend or family member and use the photos to showcase your offerings.

What Bottom-Line Profit Can You Make Starting Your Own Children’s Party Service?

A woman in a birthday hat leads a group of children in a party activity.

To determine your bottom-line profit, it's crucial to calculate your revenue and subtract your expenses.

Expected Expenses

For a basic party package with 10-15 children, variable costs typically range from $35 to $45. These costs cover party favors, face paint, balloons, and transportation expenses.

For an intermediate party package with 10-15 children, variable costs generally range from $50 to $70. These costs include everything in the basic package, along with expenses for running cotton candy or popcorn machines and more substantial party favors.

For an advanced party package that includes everything, including a cake, variable costs for a party with 10-15 children can range from $150 to $300, or potentially higher if parents opt for additional services.

Expected Revenue

Pricing your packages will depend on your services and the market demand in your area. Nevertheless, using Hire Rush's cost guide for entertainment services can provide a starting point. It's important to adapt these prices to account for variable costs.

Here's a general pricing range for children’s party service packages:

  • Basic package: $75-$125 per hour
  • Intermediate package: $150-$200 per hour
  • Advanced package: $250-$300 per hour (plus add-ons)

Research your local market to ensure that your pricing aligns with industry standards.

Expected Profit

To estimate your profit, let's assume the following:

  • Startup equipment costs: $5,400 (allowing you to offer all packages)
  • Annual marketing and website expenses: $200
  • Service at 180 children’s parties per year (three per weekend, more during summer and holidays) with two hours per party
  • Packages evenly distributed across the basic, intermediate, and advanced tiers (using mid-range prices)
  • Variable costs within the mid-range estimates

Using these assumptions, your total first-year profits would be:

60($200 - $40) + 60($350 - $60) + 60($550 - $225) - $5,400 - $200 = $34,900

This conservative estimate is based on starting the business as a part-time endeavor. As you expand and potentially pursue the business full-time, your annual profit can potentially double or exceed $70,000.

Related Questions

Children raise their hands in happiness at a table with a sign.

1. Are there professional organizations I can join as a children’s party service provider?

Depending on the type of entertainment you offer, there are professional organizations you can join to network and boost sales. For example, magicians can join the Society of American Magicians, and there are numerous clown and musician organizations. These associations can provide valuable resources and opportunities for growth.

2. How much are parents willing to pay for children’s birthday parties?

Surprisingly, some parents are willing to spend over $50,000 on their children's parties. While most customers might not have such deep pockets, it's worth exploring high-end services if there is demand in your area. Be sure to research the market and offer packages that cater to various budgets.