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How to Start Event Planning With No Money Today

Contrary to popular belief, starting event planning with no money is not only possible but also highly profitable in 2023. Many people overestimate the need for capital when starting out, but we're here to show...

Contrary to popular belief, starting event planning with no money is not only possible but also highly profitable in 2023. Many people overestimate the need for capital when starting out, but we're here to show you how it can be done. Event planning is an exciting path that offers great financial potential. With a combination of determination, an eye for design, and organizational skills, you can make a successful career as an event planner.

The best part about event planning is the flexibility it offers. You can create your own schedule and work on your own terms. In this article, we will explore two ways you can start event planning with no money today. Whether you want to plan your own events or plan events for others, there are lucrative opportunities waiting for you.

Two Ways to Start Event Planning

As a new event planner, you have two options to choose from. You can either create and plan your own events or create and plan events for other people. Both options can be incredibly lucrative and can help you make a significant income, even if you're starting part-time or as a side hustle.

Option 1: Start Event Planning On Your Own

Creating and planning your own events might sound intimidating, but it's actually simpler than you think. There are numerous types of events that you can organize and profit from without spending any money upfront. Some event planners make six figures a year planning their own fun events! Here are some great ways to start making money by planning your own events:

  1. Networking Events - Cocktail Parties and Dinners: Networking events are easy and cost-effective to host. People love to meet new people for business reasons, and there is high demand for networking events in almost every city. You can partner with bars or restaurants that are experienced in hosting these events. Most venues will waive any fees if you promise to bring a crowd and generate business for them. You can charge a ticket price for the event or work out deals with sponsors to cover your expenses.

  2. Experience Events - Activities and Vacations: Experience events are perfect for those seeking exciting and enjoyable activities. You can organize activities like wine tasting, cooking classes, skydiving, and more. Negotiate group discounts with activity-based companies to lower the costs. Advertise the event to your friends and social media network, and collect payment through platforms like Venmo or Eventbrite. Once everyone has paid, you can book the activity without spending any of your own money.

  3. Panel Events - Discussions and Interviews: Panel events are popular across the world and are similar to networking events. These events involve interviewing professionals in front of a crowd. You can host panel events at co-working spaces or corporate offices. Reach out to professionals on LinkedIn who have high-level insights on a specific topic. Make sure to select well-known individuals or employees from reputable companies to draw a larger audience. You can monetize panel events by charging a ticket price, securing sponsors, or offering private consultations with panelists.

  4. Volunteer Your Services: Offer to plan events for friends, family, or local non-profits to build your portfolio and gain experience. Volunteering at larger events, such as churches or city functions, can provide valuable networking opportunities with vendors and other planners.

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Option 2: Start Event Planning For Other People

Helping people and companies plan their events is another excellent way to get started in event planning. You might be surprised to learn that you already possess the necessary skills to plan events for others. As long as you can use the phone, collect information, and stay organized, you can plan successful events. Here are some ideas to help you make money as an event planner:

  1. Freelance Event Planning for Companies: Most companies plan events, ranging from holiday parties to corporate retreats. However, these companies usually don't have event planners on staff. You can fill this gap by offering your services as a freelance event planner. Research the hourly rates in your area and create a list of companies with 25 or more employees. Reach out to top executives through social media or email, expressing your availability to plan events for their company. Consider sending handwritten notes to their offices as a personal touch. Charging reasonable rates and providing exceptional service will help you gain clients and grow your business.

  2. Virtual Event Planning: With the rise of virtual events due to Covid-19, there are abundant opportunities to become an expert in planning and facilitating virtual events. Follow the same core principles used for in-person events, focusing on entertainment, education, and enjoyment. Spread the word about your virtual event planning services to friends and family, and showcase your skills by hosting your own virtual gatherings. Websites like Upwork offer platforms to list your services or find virtual event planning jobs worldwide.

  3. Celebrations and Party Planning: Offer to help friends or family plan their weddings, big birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs, or other celebrations. You don't need prior experience; most people will gladly accept your offer to save money. Focus on every aspect of the event, including food, drinks, entertainment, decorations, and special guests. Create vendor lists and plan the event schedule and logistics accordingly.

Remember, success in event planning requires commitment and continuous learning. Take risks and step out of your comfort zone. Even if you don't feel ready, starting is the first step towards greatness. Whether you plan your own events or help others plan theirs, the event planning industry offers endless potential. Start today and pave your way to a successful career in event planning!