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How to Start a Room Makeover: Tips from a Professional Home Decorator!

Are you feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to start when it comes to redecorating or renovating your home? Don't worry, I've got you covered! As a professional home decorator, I've developed a tried-and-true six-step...

Are you feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to start when it comes to redecorating or renovating your home? Don't worry, I've got you covered! As a professional home decorator, I've developed a tried-and-true six-step process that never fails. Let me guide you through how to start a room makeover and create the home of your dreams.

Modern coastal bedroom makeover

1: Identify Your (Physical & Emotional) Needs

The first and most crucial step in any room makeover is to determine how you'll be using the space and how you want it to make you feel. Consider the practical aspects like seating, floor space, and work areas, as well as the desired emotional atmosphere. Pick three key words that capture the feeling you want to achieve, such as cozy, romantic, or unexpected. These keywords will guide you in the next step - gathering inspiration.

Learn how to sew drapes with pleater tape Caption: I wanted our kitchen and breakfast nook to be functional for our family of 5 and also wanted it to feel fresh and interesting.

2: Gather Inspiration

To kickstart your creative juices, gather inspirational images of other rooms, decor items, and lifestyle photos. Pinterest is my go-to tool for this, where I create a secret board dedicated to my makeover projects. You can also create a physical inspiration board by clipping magazine photos and pinning them to a bulletin board. Look for recurring elements like wall colors, furniture styles, fabric patterns, and accent colors that resonate with you.

Pro tip: Not sure about your dominant decorating style? Take my 2-minute quiz here to find out!

Canva Mood Board Templates

3: Create a Mood Board

Creating a mood board is a fun and effective way to stay focused during your room makeover. I recommend using Canva, a user-friendly graphic design program. Import photos of furniture, paint colors, accents, accessories, rugs, and artwork to see how they work together. If something doesn't mesh well, you'll notice it when all the elements are side-by-side.

Need help creating your mood boards? Check out my signature Canva Mood Board Templates & Mini-Course, where you'll learn how to make stunning mood boards that kickstart your room transformation.

Modern coastal inspired bathroom renovation

4: Make a Floor Plan

Don't forget about functionality! Measure the length, width, and height of your room and create a floor plan. This step ensures that the furniture and accessories you choose will fit perfectly. Tools like Sketchup or Floorplanner can help you create detailed floor plans. By sketching furniture into your plan, you can see how it all fits and assess the scale in your room.

5: Create a Shopping List

Now that you've identified your room's purpose, desired atmosphere, and dimensions, it's time to create a shopping list. Take inventory of what you already have and consider what you still need. Your list may include large furniture, small furniture, artwork, rugs, accessories, light fixtures, drapery, and plants. If you're feeling adventurous, consider DIY projects to save money and add unique elements to your space.

Modern coastal bedroom makeover

6: Set Your Budget & Shop!

With your shopping list in hand and your budget determined, it's time to shop! Explore furniture and big box stores, but don't overlook online marketplaces, antique shops, thrift stores, and local buy and sell sites for unique finds and bargains. Mixing old and new pieces adds character to your room. Keep an eye out for standout art, furniture, or fabric that can inspire your paint colors and final accessories.

The complete guide to designing your room

By following these steps, you'll gain clarity and stay focused during your room makeover. Remember, the goal is to create a space you love and that reflects your unique style. So, grab your creative hat and get started on transforming your room into a haven of beauty and comfort!

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How to Start a Room Makeover

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