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How to Send an Evite: A Guide to Digital Invitations with Greenvelope

Planning an event should be both exciting and enjoyable. One of the most fulfilling aspects of event planning is sending out invitations. Invitations not only generate anticipation for your upcoming event but also provide an...

How to send an evite: person creating a digital invitation

Planning an event should be both exciting and enjoyable. One of the most fulfilling aspects of event planning is sending out invitations. Invitations not only generate anticipation for your upcoming event but also provide an opportunity to showcase your unique personality. If you're unsure where to begin when crafting the perfect digital invitation, Greenvelope is here to help. Let's explore how to send an evite using Greenvelope's user-friendly platform.

How to Send an Evite with Greenvelope

Greenvelope boasts an extensive collection of digital invitations, covering everything from birthday parties and anniversaries to wedding celebrations and company events. You can send your evites to guest email addresses, social media pages, and even phone numbers. Follow these six simple steps to send an evite using Greenvelope.

1. Choose a Design

How to send an evite: Greenvelope Birthday Party invitations

The first step in sending an evite is selecting a design. Greenvelope offers hundreds of online invitations, which you can browse through on their design page. Use the "view collections" tab to search for specific types of invitations, such as wedding invitations, baby shower invites, or birthday party invites. Narrow down your options by applying filters based on color palettes, shapes, features, and styles. If you prefer a truly personalized touch, you can even upload your own design.

2. Edit the Evite

How to send an evite: screenshot of Greenvelope

Once you've found the perfect evite template that complements your event's theme, click "start customizing" to enter the editor view. Here, you can add and edit text, incorporate photos and videos, and make your invitation truly engaging. You even have the option to upload photos for a photo ecard or include a video to captivate your guests. Additionally, you can customize the digital envelope's look, choosing from a variety of styles like felt, metallic, deckled, and vellum. Adjust the color palette or add a lining, stamp, or wax seal to further personalize your evite.

3. Customize the Mailing Details

After selecting the perfect design, it's time to set the mailing details for your evite. Begin by choosing the type of mailing you prefer. Options include an invitation with RSVP tracking and survey questions, a save the date notification, a standard or customized thank you note, or a greeting card/announcement for special occasions. Fill in the party details, such as the event name, venue name, venue address, and date and time. You can even add music and additional information like a gift registry or event website. For an extra special touch, allow guest personalization for each individual invitee.

4. Preview the Evite

How to send an evite: Sample Greenvelope evite

Before sending out your evite, it's crucial to preview the design and information to ensure accuracy. The preview panel replicates how your guests will view the invite. It displays the front and back of the invite, showcasing any added wax seals or stamps. Finally, the envelope opens up, revealing the invitation. Take this opportunity to double-check spelling, names, dates, and event details. If everything looks perfect, move on to the next step. Should you need to make changes, easily navigate back to the respective tabs.

5. Send the Evite

How to add a new contact in Greenvelope

With your design and information in place, let's proceed to sending the evite using Greenvelope. Start by creating contact information for each guest. You can manually add contacts or import them from your email provider, Greenvelope Address Book, or a contact spreadsheet. If you're missing email addresses, you can generate a public link and share it on social media, newsletters, or your website. Greenvelope also allows you to send evites via text message or SMS to both Android and Apple iPhones. Guest list management becomes a breeze with the ability to include plus ones and categorize guests through tags. Once your guest list is complete, hit send and watch the invitations go out!

6. Tracking

How to track invites in Greenvelope

After sending out your event invitations, easily track responses and manage attendees. Greenvelope offers comprehensive tracking features, allowing you to see who is attending, who cannot make it, and guests you're still waiting to hear from. Set up event and RSVP reminders to be automatically sent on specified dates. Additionally, you can create name tags and seating charts directly within the tracking section. If you opted to include survey questions, you'll find the responses conveniently displayed in the tracking dashboard.

Benefits of Using an Evite

Sending digital invitations offers numerous advantages over traditional paper invites. Firstly, online invitations are effortlessly sent without the need for stationery or pens. Skip the post office lines and postage costs. With evites, a few clicks are all it takes to choose a design, customize it, and send it off from the comfort of your home or office.

Secondly, evites are environmentally friendly. By opting for digital invitations, you eliminate paper waste and the need for transportation that adds to pollution. Contribute to conserving the planet while still delivering beautiful designs to your friends and family.

Furthermore, evites simplify the process of making changes. Adjustments can be easily made by updating your digital card, triggering automatic notifications to inform guests. No more rushing to the post office or making phone calls. Evites save you valuable time and money.

Get Excited for Your Event with Evite Inspiration

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Learning how to send an evite with Greenvelope unlocks a world of creativity and simplicity for any event you're hosting. Whether it's a bridal shower, kids' birthday party, bat mitzvah, or holiday celebration, Greenvelope offers a range of invitation designs to suit any theme. Choose from vibrant and festive cards to elegant and sophisticated styles. For more party planning inspiration, explore our Stationer's blog, where you'll find party themes, ideas, and tips on perfecting your invitation wording. You can also watch a short intro video to get a head start on sending your evites right away.

With Greenvelope, sending evites has never been easier or more enjoyable. Start planning your next event today!