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How to Secure Your T-Rex Disney Springs Reservation: Tips and Tricks

Sharing is caring! At Disney World, it’s all about immersive experiences, whether it’s riding a thrilling attraction or dining at unique spots like the Disney Springs T-Rex café. This dino-themed restaurant offers a tasty meal...

Sharing is caring! At Disney World, it’s all about immersive experiences, whether it’s riding a thrilling attraction or dining at unique spots like the Disney Springs T-Rex café. This dino-themed restaurant offers a tasty meal surrounded by animatronic dinosaurs, interactive exhibits, and lush prehistoric scenery. But getting a reservation here can be a bit tricky due to its popularity. That’s where our guide comes in! We’ve got reservation tips, must-try dishes, and ways to fit this dinosaur cafe at Disney Springs into your vacation. Ready for a roarin’ good time? Let’s go!

Inside The Disney Springs T-Rex Cafe

Step into the Disney Springs T-Rex Cafe, and you’ll find yourself transported to the mesmerizing world of dinosaurs. A colossal T-Rex fossil greets you at the entrance, and the restaurant unfolds into various themed sections, each with its unique prehistoric charm. First, there’s the Fern Forest, a lush, ancient woodland filled with towering dinosaurs, prehistoric plants, and captivating sights and sounds, creating an immersive experience. Next up is the Sequoia Room, a tribute to the majestic redwoods of prehistoric times. Here, you can dine among animatronic dinosaurs and giant trees, capturing the grandeur of ancient forests. The Coral Reef section is an underwater wonderland, teeming with prehistoric marine life, enormous sea creatures, and colorful coral formations. It’s a visually stunning dining area. For fans of the Ice Age movies, the Ice Cave section is a must-visit. It offers a glimpse into the frosty landscapes of the past, complete with glaciers and Arctic dinosaurs. The distinctive blue lighting creates a glacial ambiance, while red lighting adds drama to the animatronic dinosaurs in their challenging environment.

Strategic Timing for Your T-Rex Disney Springs Reservation

Getting your timing right for T-Rex is crucial for a seamless Disney experience. Follow these smart hacks to fit it perfectly into your Disney schedule.

How to Book

Booking your T-Rex Disney Springs table is a cinch! You can do it through the official Disney dining reservation website or the My Disney Experience app. If you prefer a more personal touch, just ring T-Rex directly at (407) 828-8739 to secure your spot. If it’s showing as fully booked for the dates and times you want, don’t despair. We managed to secure a booking on the day during the Christmas holidays at peak times with a Landry Card - see more on that below!

Stay Persistent

If you can’t snag a reservation right away, don’t worry. Keep checking the Disney dining reservation website, the My Disney Experience app, or give T-Rex a call. Cancellations often pop up, especially in the weeks leading up to your visit.

Best Times to Book T-Rex Disney Springs

Lunch or Early Dinner

Consider reserving your spot at Disney Springs T-Rex for lunch or an early dinner. This way, you can beat the crowds and enjoy a relaxed dining experience. Plus, it leaves your evening wide open for more Disney adventures.

Mid-Week Magic

If you can swing it, go for a mid-week reservation. Tuesdays and Wednesdays usually have fewer visitors, making it easier to score a table.

Before or After a Show

Plan your T-Rex reservation to align with one of the nearby live shows. It’s a fantastic way to blend dining with Disney’s renowned entertainment.

Plan Early and Stay Flexible

As is the case with any experience at Disney, dining at T-Rex also requires planning. Reservations open 60 days before your intended dining date, and staying at a Disney Resort Hotel offers the added advantage of booking for your entire stay (up to 10 days). Remember not to be too rigid with your plan. Maintaining flexibility during your T-Rex visit can allow you to accommodate unexpected opportunities or last-minute reservations, and even extend your stay if you’re having a fantastic time.

Third-Party Reservation Services and Early Morning Advantage

For tech-savvy planners, reliable third-party reservation finders are also an option. These services will notify you if reservations for your desired time are available again, providing a second chance to book your spot. But do check reviews or other platforms to ensure that these service providers are trustworthy. If you’re an early riser, consider checking for reservations right at 6 a.m. Eastern Time when Disney typically releases new dining availability.

Split Your Reservation and Virtual Queue

Struggling to find a single reservation for a large group? Consider splitting into smaller groups and booking separate reservations. While you may book different tables initially, you can request to be seated together when you arrive. On busy days, T-Rex may implement a virtual queue system to help guests secure their spot without waiting in a physical line. Keep an eye on the My Disney Experience app for any announcements about virtual queues.

Last-Minute Opportunities and Social Media

Be on the lookout for last-minute openings, as some guests may cancel their reservations within a day or even just a few hours before their dining time. By frequently checking the reservation system, you might stumble upon a spot that perfectly fits your plans. Both Disney Springs and T-Rex regularly share updates on their social media platforms. This includes news about last-minute dining availability or any special deals. Following them on Twitter and Facebook can keep you informed. And remember, Disney staff are there to assist you, so don’t hesitate to seek their advice. They might have some valuable insider tips and solutions to offer. If all else fails and you can’t secure a reservation, consider the possibility of a walk-in during off-peak times. However, be aware that T-rex Disney Springs walk-ins can be limited unless you know about this next tip!


Enhance your T-Rex Disney Springs dining adventure with a Landry’s Select Club membership. This loyalty program extends its perks to renowned restaurants and cafes nationwide. As a member, you gain access to exclusive advantages, such as priority seating. This feature comes in handy for securing a table, especially during busy dining hours. Plus, when you join the club, you’ll receive a $25 credit that essentially covers the sign-up fee, making it a fantastic deal for frequent diners. And there’s more! Landry’s Select Club members also receive a special birthday gift card, adding an extra layer of celebration to your dining experience. If you find this post on the day of your trip, and everything is booked up, don’t despair! Go to the Landry Card website and sign up and download the App. You will have a membership number immediately. Then walk up to T-Rex desk and mention you are a Landry member and would like to make a reservation for now. The wonderful host or hostess will take your details and let you know how the wait is - but good news is you jump straight to the priority ‘queue’ ahead of any other walk-ins who are not members. T-rex always saves tables for walk-ins. The most we have waited in peak time is 20 mins! You can also use the Landry card for the Rainforest Cafe at Disney Springs and Animal Kingdom, plus at Yaki and Yeti in Disney’s Animal Kingdom! As you receive $25 credit towards your food bill, the Landry’s card is worth it, even if you only use it once.

Arrival Tips

Keep in mind that T-Rex Disney Springs is a popular destination, and even with a reservation, there might be a wait upon arrival. For a hassle-free dining experience, it’s a smart move to RSVP in advance, especially if you know you’ll be in the area. This reservation not only secures your spot but also minimizes any potential wait times, allowing you to dive right into the prehistoric feast without delay.

Spectacular Animatronics and Meteor Showers

The real stars of the show at Disney Springs T-Rex are the jaw-dropping animatronic dinosaurs. These lifelike creatures steal the spotlight with their realistic movements and earth-shaking roars, leaving guests of all ages in awe. Each dinosaur is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, designed to mirror its prehistoric counterpart, making you feel like you’ve truly time-traveled. Meteor Showers As if that’s not enough, the restaurant treats you to a mesmerizing meteor shower spectacle every 20 minutes. Fiery lights and effects paint the scene, adding to the enchantment. With the roaring dinosaurs and dazzling meteor showers, your dining experience here becomes an unforgettable journey through time, engaging your senses in ways you never imagined. It’s a treat for you and a mesmerizing adventure for your little ones.

Interactive Paleo Zone

While you wait for your food, your little explorers can have a blast in the Interactive Paleo Zone at the Dinosaur Cafe Disney Springs. It’s like an educational playground that brings the ancient world to life in a fun way!

  • Dino Fossil Digs: Picture your kids with tiny shovels and brushes, playing archaeologists as they dig into sand to uncover dino fossils. It’s a mini dino dig adventure right at your table.
  • Treasure Panning: Think of those old movies where folks hunt for gold. Here, your young adventurers search through sand and water to find hidden treasures and dino relics. It’s like discovering dino gold!
  • Interactive Displays: These aren’t your typical museum exhibits. They’re like animated storybooks with cool facts about ancient predators. Your kids can learn about different dinos, what they ate, where they lived, and more, all while having a great time.

Exploring the Menu at T-Rex Disney Springs

Time to dig into the best part of this dino-themed dining experience - the food! You’ll find a menu filled with tempting appetizers, pastas, salads, burgers, seafood, and more. Can’t make up your mind? Start with the Prehistoric Pop’n Shrimp - crispy popcorn shrimp with a tasty cocktail sauce. And don’t miss the family-favorite Lava Nachos - a mountain of tortilla chips loaded with chili, cheese, pico de gallo, and jalapeños. For the main course, the Bronto Burger is a colossal delight, stacked with crispy bacon, cheddar cheese, and all the fixings. If you prefer something lighter, try the Paleozoic Chicken Sandwich with grilled chicken, Swiss cheese, avocado, and bacon. The seafood here is fantastic! Enjoy the crispy and flavorful Fish and Chips or dive into the Shrimp Scampi - succulent shrimp sautéed in garlic, white wine, and lemon butter, served over linguine. If you’re craving hearty and unique, go for the pork sandwich with slaw and seasoned fries. You can also savor Italian classics like the Prehistoric Pasta - creamy fettuccine Alfredo with sautéed chicken, broccoli, and mushrooms. And trust me, the portions are generous and incredibly tasty, especially dishes like the meatloaf. T-rex disney springs Kids